Author: Helmut Ebritsch & Nadja Lind

DCD011 – Nadja Lind – Best Of

Agoria – “Cool tools, thanx!”
i-DJ Magazine UK – “Good stuff, have reviewed!”
De:Bug Magazine Germany – “Up for review.”
Smokin Jo – “Some excellent tracks here. Very cool.”
John Selway – “Maturity has, well, Maturity. Cool groove and some nice changes in the
arrangement, definitely the most interesting and developed of all the tracks.’
Ivan Smagghe – “Soundspooning is the one for me.”

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LF021 – Klartraum – Unique Shadow + Remixes by Terry Francis and Steve Rachmad

Ewan Youandewan — original stands out for me. thanks
Laurent Garnier — Great mix by STEVE – Funky as hell as always
Jay Tripwire — Terrys mix is the 1 for me.the rest are too tracky and the beats are too jacky for me.
Lars Sandberg — Funk D Void / Soma — great release, Steve nails it!!
Kris Wadsworth — Poker Flat / NRK — i love steve’s stuff. good release you guys. orig and terry’s are great too. ; )

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