Month: September 2017

LF145 Alexis Tyrel – Trouble in Paradise (out on 06.11.2017)

Prominent Dutch producer Alexis Tyrel is the next face to guest on the Lucidflow imprint with ‘Trouble In Paradise’, slotting in as the 145th release on the label. Also known simply as Gideon, he has been releasing on his own label ‘Lessismore’ and it’s child label ‘Anticlub’. Outside of this, guest appearances have been impressive, gracing the likes of Nervous Records, Knowone, Motech and Sino over the years. His trademark has been that of percussive, melodic techno, and this appearance sees him take to the Lucidflow template with ease.. Opener ‘Alternative Route To Paradise’ is driving and takes off...

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Sofa Sessions 014 Legit Trip – Ne Dostupen (23.10.2017)

Welcome again to Lucidflow’s sublabel Sofa Sessions with a new talent on board: Legit Trip from Moscow with his debut three tracker EP ‘Ne Dostupen’: 1 – Ne Dostupen 2 – Pod Utro 3 – Utro Thanks for playing, supporting, charting! Kind regards and meow Other Feedback Miguel Garij (Ibiza Global Radio): “Great tracks here. Support, gracias” (will play) Christian Moster (DRadio): “.” (will play) Ronin (Beirut in the mix): “Big hugs, love this one” (will play) malchevsky (): “Lovely tunes, all 3 of them :) ” (will play) Paul Moore (GER) (Lucidflow, Malicious Smile, Unscene Records): “Ne Dostupen...

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LF144 Igor O. Vlasov – Island of Hope (23.10.) #5 on Beatport Top 10 #minimal #deeptech

Russian producer Igor O. Vlasov has been on the slow burn for a while now. With releases hearkening back to the mid 2000’s, he heads up release number 144 on the Lucidflow imprint with a quartet of rough-hewn dub sounds. Title track ‘Island Of Hope’ demonstrates this with a keen dance floor focus, starting off the deep dub groove with a clicky kick, before rolling in a heavier set of percussion over the top. This creates a distinct gearshift in preparation for the melodic touches and acid line that drifts in over the top. ‘Catacombs’ is similar in intent,...

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#4 Beatport Top 10! LF143 Nadja Lind – Teufelssee (16.10.)

Nadja Lind’s high flying 2017 continues with pace. A busy studio schedule is paired with heading up the Lucidflow imprint, punctuated with countless journeys to perform DJing duties around the globe. There is no rest for the wicked, though, as she takes up position on Lucidflow release #143 with a sweet and effective three tracker. While obviously known for her heavy dub leanings in both a production and A&R capacity, we forget the debt owed to the precision house techniques as made popular by esteemed sources such as the Perlon and [a:rpia:r] imprints. On ‘Teufelssee’, we get to see...

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LF142 Klartraum – Time Void (Void Universes Pt. 3) (2.10)

There are benefits to owning your own label. Besides being able to sign friends and newcomers alike, while heading up Lucidlow, Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch have also been able to exert creative control over their Klartraum project to their own exacting specifications. Their last studio album ‘Enneagram’ was a conceptual piece that spanned four releases over the course of the year. Now their fourth album ‘Void Universes’ sees a similar concept, inspired by the teachings of Stephen Wolinsky, with each a quartet of releases themed to each one of the aforementioned universes. We’ve had ‘Energy Void’ and ‘Space...

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