Prominent Dutch producer Alexis Tyrel is the next face to guest on the Lucidflow imprint with ‘Trouble In Paradise’, slotting in as the 145th release on the label. Also known simply as Gideon, he has been releasing on his own label ‘Lessismore’ and it’s child label ‘Anticlub’. His trademark has been that of percussive, melodic techno, and this appearance sees him take to the Lucidflow template with ease.
Opener ‘Alternative Route To Paradise’ is driving and takes off as it introduces its synthetic orchestra touches over the breakdowns. Drama is at the fore here with no airs of pretentiousness.
Following this ‘Goodday In Paradise’ is unsurprisingly full of cheerful vibes. Easily cruising along, it’ll have you throwing back to the good old days of flinging cash into an Outrun arcade machine and imagining you are speeding along the US coastline. It is full of foamy pads, pastel melodies and is absolutely sun kissed.
Finally ‘Shark Catcher’ goes for full on hypnotism with its syncopated stabs and 3/4 flourishes. It’s driving yet still dreamy, and the dynamism in production is utterly engaging.

‘Trouble In Paradise’ is available on 30th October 2017.