Contact / Licensing / Booking

General contact:
contact [at]
Booking G/A/S:
bookings [at]
Licensing Department Lucidflow, Sofa Sessions, im-moral, Supergroove Records:
licensing [at]

Contact / Demos

Thank you very much for sending us your music.

IMPORTANT FOR YOU (READ THIS FIRST) or your music will not get listened to:

  • don’t copy! Be creative and build your own unique beats and sounds!
  • only 320kb MP3’s downloadable files (NO other formats)
  • make sure your demo matches the label’s style
  • 3 – 5 tracks (no more no less)
  • name files + ID3 tags: track title, your name, your email
  • send us your beatport + facebook + soundcloud links
  • only send final/finished tracks. We will NOT give any feedback.
  • no mass-share
  • we do NOT! accept demos via email, skype, facebook, big file transfer nor any kind of chat. please respect this.
  • 1. fill in your email and info incl. your beatport + facebook + soundcloud links
  • 2. upload your file (drag & drop)
  • 3. close the window
  • -that’s it!

  • We kindly ask for your patience! We listen to every demo and do our best to get back to you within 4 weeks.

alternatively you can send a PRIVATE Soundcloud set link to demo[at]lucidflow-records[dot]com – in case we want to release your music we will reply otherwise we won’t reply here.

Thank you :-)