release 12.12.2009

Silicone Soul (Craig Morrison) : !many thanks, the new ep is cool, very trippy esp.the currywurst mix and helmut mix is well deep! wooft! best of luck with it!”

Thomas Schumacher – “Bortha Herve is my fave. Dark and moody. For those after hour moments.”

Peter Kruder – “I like the Helmut Ebritsch Remix. Will play this.”

Technasia – “Helmut Ebritsch remix is my favourite.”

Agnes – “Yes this is providing new perspective, will play Hummingbird!”

Davide Squillace – “Brotha Herve…support!”

Tiger Stripes – “Really like the Curry remix!”

Christian Kausch – “Again a high quality release on Lucidflow! Support to all!”

Richie Hawtin – Downloaded.

Tony Rodriguez (Brothers’ Vibe) – “Will be on the Curry Remix for sure…. Ep all good!”

DJ T – Downloaded.

John Selway – “Im into the Helmut Ebritsch remix!”

Axel Bartsch – “All good in here. I love them all.”

Stephen Flynn – ( – “Currywurst Mix is nice.”

Bleed – (Debug) – “Review to follow.”

Orde Meikle (Slam) – “Cool – nice and groovy. I like Hummingbird the Helmut Ebritsch mix.”

Italoboyz – “Brotha Herve is quite nice, very minimalistic but funky, it rolls nicely.”

Bart Skils (District One) – “Deeeeep flow.. cool groovin’beats.”

Barem – “Helmut’s remix is very nice!”

Perc – “Curry mix is cool, thanks :-)”

Anderson Noise – “I will play Curry mix on”

Stephan Bodzin – “The curry remix for me!”

Paco Osuna – “Amazing tracks i love all of them.”

Christian Smith – “Brotha Herve is nice.”

Secret Cinema – “I will definitley play Hummingbird!”

Rhadoo – “Curry remix for me.”

Hernan Cattaneo – “The Helmut Ebritsch remix is excellent!”

Behrouz – “I really liked Hummingbird curry remix, It has a solid bass line and good groove. I will play it for sure.”

Pär Grindvik – “Cool and deep.. my pick is the Curry remix!”

Daniele Papini – “Support to Brotha Herve!”

DJ Hell – “Helmut Ebritsch mix is nice deep stuff! I will play it out!!”

Osunlade – “The Helmut Ebritsch mix of Hummingbird is dope dope dope dope dope dope!!”

Will Kinsella (RTE Pulse DAB, Dublin) – “Another nice on from Nadja. Very nice. I will play Helmut Ebritsch mix tonight. I played Maturity out last night before Heartthrob and it rocked the floor. Thought id mention that too :) Best of luck with this. Good work.”

Kédem (Paris One Radio) – “Brotha Herve and Hummingbird (Original Mix) for me!”

Karlos Sense (Ibiza Sonica) – “Great music. Wonderfull Lucidflow… kisses for Nadja from Ibiza.”

Roual Galloway – (Faith Fanzine/Radio) – “The Curry mix flows lucidly.”

Christopher Çolak ( Radio) – “One of my most favourite current labels is Lucidflow. This is top notch sound. Love this. Full support! I really dig the Original of Hummingbird!”

Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Hummingbird – Helmut Ebritsch Remix!!! Its fantastic for my radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio.”

Steve Parry (Juice FM) – “Helmut Ebritsch’s mix is tech-tasic. Good stuff!”

Riyaz Khan (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “A really into these – very dark, dense & murky vibes – CURRY remix is my favourite!!”

Louis Osbourne (RTE Pulse Radio/Dublin) – “I like the chunky clunkyness of the Curry Remix. But the original of Hummingbird is my favourite because it’s got da funk! Brilliant. Makes me want to wiggle.”

Tsugi Magazine France – “Nice and deep. I like the Helmut Ebritsch mix.”

Damien Almira (Trax) – “Really nice, Hummingbird seems the one for me!

Todd Burns (Resident Advisor) – “I like the Helmut Ebritsch mix…Thanks.”

Alex Kaddour (Canaries) “Yeahhh… cool pack!! Sexy and clever grooves!! I love this fresh rain in a desert of music… support it!!

Timid Boy – Trax Magazine France – “Really nice, Hummingbird seems the one for me!”

Matthias Springer [Eintakt]: Fine fourth release on LF, really great deepness, the curry mix is my fav !