LF022 – G-Man & Nadja Lind – G-Catz EP by lucidflow

Review Mixside: http://www.mixside.com/g-man-nadja-lind-%E2%80%93-g-catz-2011-lucidflow/

Kenny Larkin – Detroit – Very nice release! Will support

Shlomi Aber – Ovum – loving meow , will play…

Sebo K: “great release ! meow is the winner for me !”

Orde Meikle- Slam / Soma – support as ever

Ali Shirazinia – Dubfire / Deep Dish – Downloading for Dubfire

Richie Hawtin – M_Nus – download for r hawtin

Laurent Garnier – deep and moody – great ep

Alex Tepper – Drumcode / Viva / Futureshock – NIce E.p, all tracks are cool for me

Todd Shillington – Konrad Black / Wagon Repair – Bombs!!! Thanks!

Kris Wadsworth – Poker Flat / NRK – Gez is one of my faveorite producers of all time. Screw the LFO reference, I came into his music as G Man. Period. I love this release. Such a refreshing group of tracks. Its a real escape from the little baby Ableton pseudo-house crap thats everywhere like a disease…if you guys got WAX…get at me, I want to be able to play this one. 110 percent support from Detroit. ; )

Patrick Lindsey: “meow is nice :) memories coming back :P but overall a nice EP! full support!” (will chart)

D’julz: “quality techno as always from the g ma” (will chart)

Matthias Springer (Diametral Records / electrosound.tv): “WOW really cool release, my favs are Purr & Catmap!!”

Rick Bull- Deepchild / Freerange / Trapez / Resopal – Super A-Grade dub-house. Wonderful!

Vince Watson – Bio // Planet E // Tresor – ball of fur for me…its got the energy.

Dicken Lean – Confetti Bomb/OCH (Autoreply, PAL SL) – all four tracks wicked..Purr is heeeaavy! can really hear Gez’s touch in Meow.

Gonno – Perc Trax / Merkur Schallplatten – I trust the works of G-man, and this release is pretty good as well. Meow is my favorite.

Ed Davenport – Liebe*Detail – purr is great. a bit hectic but im willing to overlook that as the vibes are great.

Chris Fortier: “solid all around, with catnip especially”

George Lanham – loving this deep, chord techno. Meow is brilliant

Estroe – Connaisseur – Ha ha, nice titles guys :-) I’m into Ball of fur the most, thanks

Xhin Lee – Stoboscopic Artefacts – Meow is my fav here.

Arnaud Le Texier- Safari Electronique – Detroit influence ;-)) I like

Christopher Spero – Glimpse – Awsome EP guys will play Meow for sure. Thanks X

Danny Howells – Dig Deeper – Superb … and I’m always a sucka for anything cat related too.

Paco Osuna – Plus 8 / Shake / Mindshake – Meow for me very nice one

Terry Francis – Fabric – like these . there all cool.

Joachim Spieth – Kompakt – GREAT TRACKS

Lucien Nicolet – Luciano / Cadenza – Thanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L

Joseph Keevill (Saytek): “Love these sounds , i only play live so can’t support but feeling the vibes :)”

Steve Rachmad: “nice collab guys!! meow is my favorite here.”

Mark Bell (Shaboom Records): “Love the catnap cut! x”

Terry Francis (Klunk & Zilly, Fabric):”love the titles !! like them all purr my fav. very nice!”

Chris Liebing: “Downloading, thanks”

Ulysse (motoguzzi / edit-select / liebe*detail): “Thx for sharing, great release, love them all !!!” (will chart)

Dubfire: “Downloaded”

Omar Salgado: “I love Ball of fur and Catnap. Really nice tracks.”

Soukie & Windish (URSL, Hi Freaks, Norfolk, 200): “old school with new notes”

Tom Krizic (Groove Site): “This release is awesome not only because I’m a cat lover, it is something very special and refreshing on the market, really guys this is outstanding. Meow is my favorite from this selection must say. Much respect to you guys and Nadja who is one of the most kindest and nicest people I’ve meet in the industry, much love goes to you from Funtom!” (will chart)

Ocean Gaya (Lovezone Rec.) (Lovezone Records, Plastic City, Acryl): “Solid and deep groove as expected from the team work. Purr and Catnap for me.”

riccicomoto (acryl music, IRMA records, PDR, fairlads digital, 5000 records, holophon, final house): “…thanx for sending… …marvelous soundz…as allways…;)) …will play some of dem in my radioshow… ”

Ali Khan (kokoro): “”ball of fur” is my favorite of the pack. i will play — will fit well as a energy boost in some of my dubbier sets. thanx”

John P. – Westradio.gr: “great tracks…full support..thnx”

Paul Loraine (Lucidflow, Four:Twenty, Vitalik): “On first listen Ball Of Fur stands out the most for me, but as with all of Lucidflow release the chances are I’ll be playing all 4 trax’s here… Thanks girls and guys x” (will chart)

DJ Franksen (suara, bcbtec, plastic city, komm mit musik, soap and many more): “catnap is nice and will get my airplay. whole ep is back to the old school and nice in its fresh for today sound consistency. all hail the g-man!”

Hall North (Soma, Fade, Cubism, Celestial, Tulipa, Endemic, 26TeaDrops International): “A lovely release yet again from Lucidflow!! ‘Ball of Fur’ is Top Cat for me! FULL SUPPORT” (will chart)

Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit Recordings): “I’ll take a catnap first then I’ll be meowing all over the place!! Nice one, thanks.”

Alex Kaddour (Lucidflow, Piekup, Idea, ): “Great as always!! My fav here is “Purr”. Will play this! Support! Thanks for sending.”

Onur Özman (Rebirth, Dutchie, Night Drive, Onethirty, Clubstar): “Catnap is for me… Nice release, I like cats.”

Karlos Sense / Ibiza Sonica (): “Catnap for me..support sure in my next gig. Thank you so much. ” (will chart)

Andre Buljat: “super nice work from g man and nadja” (will chart)

Philogresz (treibstoff, ware, clone): “catnap goes with me flow, funk you ;)”

The Messenger (Soul Industries / i Records / Night Drive Music / Plastic City): “Meow is great,love the whole thing, the rythm, the arrangement, the sounds and the name..”meeoow”..:) will support it!”

Andrea Ferlin (sleep is commercial, contexterrior): “Meow for me” (will chart)

Carlos Sanchez (Supernature / 8bit) (DJ Carlos Sanchez): “nice ep guys! love the whole ep, but ball of fur is the one for me… thanks :-)” (will chart)

Christopher Çolak (): “‘Catnap’ and ‘Purr’ are really sounding as a collaboration. Best parts from both G-Man and Nadja Lind productions collide and the result is tasty for sure. But I mostly like ‘Ball of Four’. Very dubby and rollin’ smooth!” (will chart)

Markojux: “great release – gman and nadja – what a mix. Thanks will play.”

G-Man & Nadja Lind
‘G-Catz EP’
Revered electronic music veteran Gez Varley AKA G-Man teams up with Lucidflow label boss and Klartraum producer Nadja Lind for a superb 4 track EP of stripped organic techno come house….
Gez Varley AKA G-Man has been a key player on the electronic music scene for over20 years, recording as LFO in the late eighties and early nineties for Warp and going on to build a solo career recording forthelikesofForce Inc, K7, Wir and ofcoursehis own GMR Records. Varley became acquainted with Lucidflow label owner and Klartraum producer, Nadja Lind when she recently took on remix duties for the G-Man classic ‘El Jem’. The two hit it off musically and a collaboration was soon on the cards, leading to the recordings of this first EP, entitled ‘G-Catz’ (apparently the pair are both big fans of feline company).
The EP opens up with the wonderfully heady ‘Purr’, a stripped yet organic sounding slice of techno that is reminiscent of classic Basic Channel. A subtle pulsing loop runs over taught percussion and swirling FX creating a deep hypnotic vibe that is truly sublime.
Next up we continue the cat the medtitling with the excellent ‘Meow’, a tightly produced piece of techno/house fusion that builds a solid groove around tough drums,‘purring’ keystabs and monophonic bass, simple, understated and quite brilliant.
The third cut sees Varley and Lind deliver the brilliant ‘CatNap’, a beautifully paced piece of rolling deep techno that uses subtlety and restraint to produce a marvelous piece of electronica that has a tripped out, heads down feel.
To finish things off the duo turn a little darker with ‘Ball of Fur’, a mesmerizing piece of techno with a slightly menacing air, yet the same deft touch of production that makes this whole EP so outstanding, pure quality!
Apparently Varley and Lind have another EP in the pipeline, and if this is anything to go by then we are truly in for a further treat.These recordings were all written and recorded remotely, with the two producers bouncing tracks back and forth between their respective studios, but it is clear that there’s a real musical chemistry here; long may it last!
‘G-Catz’ by G-Man & Nadja Lind is released on Lucidflow on 9th September 2011.