Lucid_Sounds_Vol_9 Lucidflow
support:¬†Gez Varley G-Man (gmr records ,ostgut records): “super cool…. YES !” (will play) Justin Berkovi: “Man. I love this. Sunburst!! Summer!! Just listened to 100 dull fucking techno promos and this immediately jumps out at me – real music, thank god!” (will chart) (will play) Vince Watson (): “Luminary rmx is fucking beautiful….my pick on this EP” (will play) Oliver Schories (der turnbeutel Parquet Ostwind MGF): “sunburst find ich richtig fein!” (will play) Mikkas Djuma Sound System (Get Physical): “Love the Nadja Lind remix! ” (will play) Makossa (Radio fm4 Vienna): “i like orig. most” (will play) Hernan Cattaneo (): “very good support” (will play) Robert Miles (Salt Records): “Nadja Lind’s is the best mix. Thanks” (will play) Orde Slam (SomaParagraph): “cool EP – will spin for sure” (will play) Luciano (Cadenza): “Thanks for the music, downloading for Luciano” (will chart) Graeme Reedie (Silicone Soul): “great stuff as ever :) many thanx” (will play) Satoshi Fumi (Moodmusic,Plastic City,Klik,King Street Sounds etc.): “love both mix of Luminary and Sunburst.will play!” (will play) Robert Owens (many labels): “cool tracks” (will play) Gez Varley G-Man (gmr records ,ostgut records): “full support… NICE ” (will play) Matthias Kirsch (JazzRadio 106.8 Berlin and “Heavy stuff. Extremely mouth watering and hypnotic. ” (will play) Breiten (): “Nice deep house on this one .. Klartraum Remix is the one for me, thanks again! ” (will play) Orde Slam (SomaParagraph): “cool cool cool – another set of tunes – thanx” (will play) Valdemaras Reverse (): “Goneby is real monster, full support from myself Reverse.” (will chart) (will play) Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe Connect Four): “From the soul is cool, will try it..” (will play) Dan Drastic (Moonharbour): “Groovy tracks” (will play) Andy Baxter (Pacha, Cafe Mambo Ibiza): “Wicked release” (will play) Vince Watson (): “5th Cycle is the one for me!” (will play) Alexx Wolfe (): “so good thanks” (will play) Carlos Sanchez (Supernature 8bit) (DJ Carlos Sanchez): “great ep!! 909 lover sounds good… thanks!” (will play)