Lucidflow warmly welcomes a new member to their artist roster – Jon Donson from Switzerland!

Expect some seriously pumping housy tunes on this three tracker EP.
LaCle is deep shit in usual high-end Lucidflow quality. Enjoy!
We’d be delighted to get charted by you

Marco Carola (): “downloading for marco carola, thanks” (will chart)
Nadja Lind / Klartraum (many): “love it. Will drop this at Tresor next week!” (will chart) (will play)
Stacey Pullen: “cool thanks” (will play)
Orde Slam (Soma/Paragraph): “cool grooves – will try out this weekend – thanks guys” (will play)
Estroe (EevoNext/Connaisseur): “Winou is my pick of the three, will try!”
Hernan Cattaneo (): “very nice support!” (will play)
Vince Watson (): “I prefer Winou out of the 3…” (will play)
Dan Drastic (Moonharbour): “Synkope is great.” (will play)
Peter Lewis ( “excellent dubby vibes,loving the German vibes at the moment.will be dropping tracks 2 and 3 on my radio show tonight” (will chart) (will play)
Cristian Gandini (Sonic FM): “excelent music here!! thanks.” (will play)
Quintin Christian (): “well thats certainly increased my heart rate, thanks for the sonic trip!Lacie is a bomb!Winou is also sick, will play both ” (will chart) (will play)
Mirza-Zadeh (): “” (will chart) (will play)
Andrea Ferlin (sleep is commercial, contexterrior): “winou for me thanks” (will play)
Simon Whight (Data Transmission / Inverted Audio / Ibiza Voice): “Adding to my review consideration stack!” (will chart)
Mary Jane (CURATEURdelMUSIQUE): “thanks for sharing” (will chart)
Monty Luke (Planet-E): “thx for this download” (will play)
Mirus (Indigo Raw Recordings): “nice thanks” (will play)
DZNB – DZeta N’ Basile (1trax/Act Natural): “We’ll try Winou, some nice grooves there!” (will play)
Alexi Delano (AD limited, Plus 8): “Will play for sure, really nice EP!” (will play)
Brett Jacobs (): “supporting laCle & Winou, nice tracks !” (will play)
Ocean Gaya (Lovezone Rec.) (Lovezone Records, Plastic City, Acryl): “Nice one ! The Lucidflow fat sound strikes again ; )” (will play)
Onur Özman (Rebirth, Brown Eyed Boyz, Dutchie, Night Drive, Onethirty, Clubstar): “Nice contemporary sounds – support!” (will play)
Matteo Pitton (Eintakt / Diametral): “nice stuff, very dancefloor oriented – thanks for sending and merry xmas!”
Andy Baxter (Pacha, Cafe Mambo/ Ibiza): “Very cool” (will play)
Breiten (): “LaCle and Winou are very nice.. nice and slow, deep, groovy, support! ” (will chart) (will play)
Gez Varley / G-Man (gmr records ,ostgut records): “nice release as always with Lucidflow .” (will play)
Deep Spelle (i Records/Lucidflow/DeepWit/UM Records/Soul Industries/ Lens Media): “Nice pack, i think Winou is my pick. Thx” (will play)
Deepling (ReadyMixRecords, EmptyWhiskeyFlaskRecords, Electronical Reeds): “Thx a lot… Wonderful” (will play)
Evren Ulusoy (I Records,Plastic City,Loco): “nice one! syncope is the fav.thanks~”
Jeff Fontaine (HouseRiders/UCP, iRecords, MileEndRecords, DeepWit, Acryl Music): “Winou for me, tx!!” (will chart) (will play)
Shlomi Biton (Tunnel FM / 2B Continued / Electronique Digital): “Winou stands out for me, thanks for the music!!!” (will play)
Sasch BBC (8 Bit, Brise, Plastic City): “quality stuff. thank you” (will play)
Marcel Jochmann (Opossum Records): “Winou is the one for me, will drop this one in the deeper hours. Thank you for sending” (will play)
Russell Deeks, This Is Why We Dance (n/a): “Superb stuff!” (will chart)
Calin Marian aka Catastrophic: “Cool sounds here, will support. Thank you” (will play)
Grünbox: “Solid deep :) Synkope’s my fav. Really nice one, Lucid!” (will play)
Alexx Wolfe (): “Winou is amazing !!” (will play)
Elias Merheb (): “LaCle and Winou For me thank you” (will play)
Tim Benjamin (): “very fine release, thanks” (will play)
Alex Tea (Citylow Records,Save The Blessed, Catwash, Robsoul,Skylax): “Nice ep… Winou for me! thanks” (will play)
Red Pig Flower (): “super nice….!!” (will play)
Killerrr (): “Cool Ep ! thanx”” (will play)
Dj Laurent N. (): “Winou track is TOP for me : love it. Will play & FULL SUPPORT.” (will play)
Mark J (radioactivity productions, progress recrods): “lovely will play (lucidflow flow flow!!)” (will play)
The Messenger (Soul Industries / i Records / Night Drive Music / Plastic City): “Winou is really nice!!” (will chart) (will play)
Alex Kaddour (Lucidflow,Vicario Musique, Three Fingerz Musique): “Ace! Dope ep! Winou is my winner here, but all tracks are really good. Thanks” (will play)
Funtom (Tom Krizic) (Deep Site, Headset, BTTF UK, 5 and Dime): “winou is really nice track, will play for sure” (will play)
Extra Music New (): “On promo chart” (will chart)
Nosak ( (Disclosure Project recordings): “”LaCle” track for me is just the perfect tune! thanku guys! always great deep house quality sounds !” (will play)
Jorge González – Road to the next sound ( “Nice.” (will play)
Andres (): “Awesome, loved all 3 tracks” (will play)
Kostas White (): “nice ep overall,Lacle will play!!” (will play)
Pele Corral (desperadoz): “nice like always, thx a lot ;-)” (will play)
Misk (): “great! playlist in altroverso radio” (will play)
Severino Panzetta (horse meet disco): “I like Synkope track” (will chart)
Miroslav Digital FM (Digital FM): “Great EP! TNX DFM” (will play)
Tsugi (Tsugi): “LaCle for me”
Matthias Springer (Diametral / Eintakt): “Winou is my pick, will play thx” (will play)
Jason Pepperell (DEEPSOUL MAISON (Juice 107.2fm) ): “I’ll see what I can do”
Mixside: “Great stuff !!! Thanks !!!” (will chart) (will play)
John P. – “great tracks! will play on west! thanks” (will play)
Ilias Katelanos (Lovezone ,200 Records , I Records Acryl ,Etoka,Pesto): “Very nice tracks ,Winou is my pick ! thanx” (will chart) (will play)
Der Joe (35 Grad Records): “Winou for me, nice “afterhour track”” (will play)
365mag Amsterdam (): “Deep & Hypnotic! Great after hour material!” (will play)
Victoria (Shanti): “” (will chart) (will play)
Hervé Dias (): ” Amazing deep funk groove release !! sick sick!!” (will chart) (will play)
Steve Sculpher ( “yes solid release great work full support thanks ” (will play)
Philipp Straub (Intec): “The second tune sounds very familiar… This must be a sample from a well known record that I also played some years back. But still nice done” (will play)
Giuliano Rodrigues (Flowing Movement Music): “Synkope is perfect ;) \o/” (will chart) (will play)
Patrick Testor (high strings rec., lucidflow, lofi stereo,): “thank you, very nice…..synkope and winou!!!” (will play)
Francys (Aeon, Souvenir, Soulfooled, Poker Flat): “la cle for me thx”