066 – a lucky number Lucid Podcast today! And after many amazing deep and slow dub sessions today Marcel Janovsky from Cologne has something different for you on the plates. I personally have been loving his Treibstoff Recordings label and productions since I started collecting vinyl. Put your dancing shoes on and press start! :)
Thank you Marcel for your Lucid Podcast contribution and for answering my little interview:

1. Lucidflow: How does a creative day look/feel like for you?
I need to feel free so that i can do what i want without any limits.

2. Lucidflow: How do you hinder yourself in being creative?
Sometimes i need to sort things out (stuff in my office, my studio, my computer) to clean my head and sometimes i lose the point then about what i acctually wanted to do.

3. Lucidflow: how do you support yourself in being creative?
Tricky question! I have no formula that works properly. A good day starts with a good morning.

4. Lucidflow: How did you come across Lucidflow?
Nadja came across me :-)

5. Lucidflow: Tell us one of your greatest wishes:
A future as good as my past has been up to now. I am a lucky bastard.

6. Lucidflow: If you had an infinite amount of time and money what would you do:
I´d try to make the best out of it.

7. Lucidflow: Anything else you would want to spread to the Lucid world?
Since the last couple of month i realised that sometimes you should lay back and be happy with what you have, the people you know and the love you get. Seeking for „more and bigger“ is not the way. Some weeks ago i had a conversation with a guy in a club who knows me from Djing (he is also a producer). He asked me why i do not produce more so that i can get more gigs and travel the world. I told him i am a DJ and not a producer, i´ve played a lot all over the world already and i don´t need to put myself on fire, doing tracks and studiowork just to get international gigs. I am very happy to play a lot in my hometown where i have many fans, super crowds, my residency, my own partys and my family is here. This already makes me very happy.

Social network links:
1. www.facebook.com/marceljanovskydj
2. https://soundcloud.com/wir-network/sets/marcel-janovsky-dj-sets-1
3. www.wir-booking.com/artists/marcel-janovsky