We have another banging podcast for you from two great artists based in Manila/ Phillipines and they also took some time to do an interview with us where you can find out what the guys are up to… Thank you Pav and Ryan – you rock!

1. Lucidflow: How does a creative day look/feel like for you?

Pav – I never know until the day is over. I rarely wake up in the morning and say right I’m gonna nail a track today with a certain theme in my head. The creativity will just flow if it’s right…if it does turn out to be a creative day then I don’t want to go to bed but alas I have no choice because the day job beckons.

Ryan – Sober! :)

2. Lucidflow: How do you hinder yourself in being creative?

Pav – I am a lazy ass! I need a deadline. Without a deadline I don’t meet targets. Time management is key and something I am still learning after all these years ;)

Ryan –  When the day job gets in the way… And when I try too hard to create something even if I can’t find an inspiration! It’s just impossible. My mind just goes pffft!!! :)

3. Lucidflow: how do you support yourself in being creative?

Pav – I try and listen to what’s fresh and immerse myself in music from my favourite producers. I don’t really get creative ideas from looking at landscapes or watching the trees sway in the wind…Creativity will flow when it’s ready but I do need something inspiring and that is usually music or a good collaborator like Ryan Pamatmat.

Ryan – I always look at things differently and think how I can make something that already exist, better. I always like to push boundaries and test myself how far deep can I go. I try to innovate and always put a twist in everything that I do which makes it more meaningful once I create something out of it. The possibilities in electronic music are endless.

4. Lucidflow: How did you come across Lucidflow?

Pav – I booked Nadja to play at my club, TIME in Manila but before that she gave some solid support for an EP produced by Ryan on my label, Asia Music. I had known about Nadja for some time as she was doing some work with Darkroom Dubs but it was only towards the end of 2013 that I found Lucidflow.

Ryan – Through my best mate, Pav Parrotte and through Nadja Lind who supported one of my EPs “Awake” on Pav Parrotte’s label “Asia Music”.

5. Lucidflow: Tell us one of your greatest wishes:

Pav – Quit my day job, live in a nice quiet self designed home with a studio and a pool. Have my daughter to grow up knowing how to handle this sometimes awful world and for my family, friends and I to live happily ever after…… and to be stinking rich!!

Ryan – to touch people’s lives with music I create.

6. Lucidflow: If you had an infinite amount of time and money what would you do?:

Pav – Make music and travel…..easy options but the truth :)

Ryan – Quit my job and buy a beach house in the Bahamas… Build a proper studio and make more tunes!

7. Lucidflow: Anything else you would spread to the Lucid world?

Pav – Check out our label www.asiamusic.co – we deliver the finest House and Techno from Asia.

Ryan – Peace, love and music!

Social network links:
1. Facebook
Pav : facebook.com/PavParrotte
Ryan: facebook.com/Ryan.Pamatmat

2. Twitter
Pav: https://twitter.com/PavParrotte
Ryan: https://twitter.com/RyanPamatmat

3. Soundcloud
Pav: soundcloud.com/pavparrotte
Ryan: soundcloud.com/djryan429

4. Resident advisor
Pav: residentadvisor.net/dj/pavparrotte
Ryan: residentadvisor.net/dj/ryanpamatmat

5. Beatport
Pav: beatport.com/artist/pav-parrotte
Ryan: beatport.com/artist/ryan-pamatmat

1, Samu.l – Don’t Worry
2, Wade, Artslaves – Dub Emotion
3, Audiojack – Machine Code
4, Truncate – Focus
5, Lady Cadge – The African Awakening (Dub)
6, Cajmere, Dajae, Doorly – The Way
7, Uone – Space Mind Tricks (Marcus Meinhardt Space Mind Tricks)
9, M.in – I DOn’t Dig This Feat. D-Lee (The Glitz Remix)
9, Tale Of Us, The Das – Fresh Water
10, Claude VonStroke – Eye I Eye