E The E’ stands for Enneagram, which is a way to classify which personality type you belong to. In other words, it describes which lens you see your reality’ and in which stage of your personal development you made this decision.Now the collection has converged into a whole album as promised, the cover art segments merged into one full colourful Enneagram designed by Aaron Bolte.

selected feedback:
Orde Slam (SomaParagraph): “great tunes – Klartraum stylee – love it – thanx”
Hernan Cattaneo : “really good will play”
Vince Watson : “Sweetness for me!” (will play)
Tim Xavier : “solid package here! nice and deep.”
Thomas Schumacher (Electric BallrommNoirPets) : “Flight to Berlin is beautiful!”
Alex Dolby : “cool deep techno!”
Marko Nastic : “Solid release! Fight club live mix is great!”
Pig & Dan (Cocoon) : “Drama queen is cool”
Sasha : “Dark Space Night sounds cool”
Josh Wink (Ovum Recordings) : “Like the deep sexy Drama Queen Track!” annie hall detroit underground : “nICE 1. Thanks”
Terry Francis (Fabric, Wiggle): “like all but cinematic mix my fav” (will play) Andrew Grant (Circoloco)”Tree Of Life is good…. perfect for after hrs” Graeme Reedie (Silicone Soul) : “lovely ep as ever from lucidflow , skyfall is ace thanks”
James Teej (Rekids) : “checkin mirage and tiger ride, cool”
Jay Tripwire : “Love it..Tiger ride and Mirage kill it..sick ass shit…”
Danny Howells (Dig Deeper) : “Loving the Klartraum releases .. always solid as **** and utterly fabulous in a club environment. Thanks!”
Graeme Clark (The Revenge) : “‘Lovely stuff. Thanks.”
Tensnake : “‘love klartraum thank you”