While Lucidflow obviously owes a debt to the classic dub techno template, it’s worth remembering other influencing genres on its sonic template. One such sound is that of micro house. Popularised by labels such as Perlon and artists like Akufen, its mid-2000’s is more the due a bit of a renaissance. This is where UK born artist Johnny Deep is stepping in for the latest release on the label. Johnny cut his teeth in the southern hemisphere, helming a multitude of radio shows in Australia before being chosen to front the Ministry Of Sound shows in the country, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez and garnering support from Doc Martin during his career.
The ‘In Too Deep’ EP keeps to the straight and narrow.
‘Maribou’ pairs rump shaking beats and bass with intricately placed staccato elements, whether it is the flutter of percussion, vocal fragments or hints of melody. It is micro to its core. ‘Ugly Duck’ initially keeps to the same template, choosing to take its time to unfurl. Once it does, it is via dewy synth pads and flecks of keys.

Title track ‘In Too Deep’ then makes its showing. It’s conceit is to weave together shards of robo-funk in all its micro-filled glory. Elements of dub weave in to the carefully assembled warm groove, and little salvos of 8-bit accent to provide just that little bit of sparkle.

Finally ‘Gladiator’ finishes off the EP in determined mood, while all the previous themes of staccato sampling remain present, there is just a sense that this is a much more driving track. It is the subtle shift in tempo, the darker mood, the more considered bassline that helps craft this sense of urgency, the seriousness in tone highlighted by the brief piano respite that exists in the middle of the track.