Release number 148 on the Lucidflow conveyor belt of awesome beats goes to the accomplished Terje Saether. The accomplished Oslo based musician boasts a glittering appearances roster to date – with Darkroom Dubs, Hope Records, Connaisseur, Parquet and Savoir Records amongst the very recognisable imprints where he has guested. With introductions aside, and while retaining a modicum of modesty, the ‘Fallout’ EP is what we’d call a bit of a sparkler.
It leads off with some delicious melodic techno in the form of ‘Angular Momentum’, which shimmies and sways as melodic dub resonances and prominent leads dance over the top. It is driving, it is deep and it is Lucidflow through and through.
Following this is the title track ‘Fallout’ and it lives up to its post-apocalyptic namesake. Out goes the carefree attitude of ‘Angular Momentum’ and we switch to a much more of a locked in groove, all beating to the unrelenting rhythm of a dystopian tribal drum. Ever-present in amongst the layers of atmosphere, the half heard vocal snippets, is a third beat dub stab that somehow dominates your circadian rhythm. The littlest details somehow have the greatest impact.
Lightening the mood with a broken beat is ‘Microthermal’ which brushes away the storm clouds of ‘Fallout’ with emphatic god-rays bursting through from above. It’s an early set mood changer, quickly moving from a light touch early on into a much more driving intent thanks to the introduction of a four on the floor beat halfway through. Pensive and contemplative, its unresolved melodies will build tension in any set.
Finishing off the package is the deceptive ‘Tungtvann’. It works in parallels, with double-time elements sitting against half-time. All at once you’re hearing drum’n’bass grooves and the languid gait of dub. It is tantalising and adds a fully flavoured finish to the EP.
‘Fallout’ will be available on 22nd January from the usual digital stockists.

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