Weisses Licht return to Lucidlow for release #150, with the pairing delivering on their motif of widescreen, full spectrum deepness to the letter. ‘Kinetic’ is comprised of four tracks with enough depth to make you feel like you’ve donned a VR headset and stepped into an entirely new world.
The title track has a broad landscape of texture that encompasses the entire sonic landscape. You visualise this as a stage where the percussion, low twanging bass stabs and dappling waterfall texture take up roles as appropriate. You’ll pick out elements in the upper right register, some in the lower left, others flanking the centre, with a sample from a lecture dominating centre stage as it reads out over the sole breakdown.
‘Deep Down Below’ then into classic Lucidflow territory. Resonant washes, beat arrangements that has intricate programming and crystal clear clarity, and warm inviting melodies the hypnotically tug at your consciousness.
More intense, ‘Circuit’ cuts through the deepness with sparkling 909 hi-hat work. This is counterbalanced by orchestral flourishes. It is the sort of material you’d find appropriate if you were flying through space with stars streaking into colours as lightspeed whisks you into the unknown. It is reverent and enigmatic.
Finally, ‘Detachment’ opts to eek out a considered structure. The intro is carefully unwound, percussive and centred around a low organ bassline. Everything drops halfway through to let some shifting chords before resuming course. It is one of those tracks that is a perfect post-gear change moment for when you want to maintain energy and momentum.
The ‘Kinetic’ release will be available through the usual digital outlets on 26.03.2018.


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