Talented X Brazas are back on Lucidflow’s chilled out sublabel Sofa Sessions:
Another four tracker deep and relaxing treat… let’s get swept Far Away!

Other Feedback
Sheldon Drake (): “Closer is wistful, 50% less sugar…nice open atmosphere” (will play)

dubiks (): “I will chart” (will chart) (will play)

Frankie Deep (): “Deep!!! Very nice!!! Thank you!!!” (will play)

PlayEmotions (): “Nice music, I will broadcast on my radio” (will play)

Pele Corral (desperadoz): “” (will chart) (will play)

soundstorm-radio.com (): “Nice, thanks!” (will play)

Tim Benjamin (protonradio): “great stuff, thanks” (will play)

Matteo (): “Flowers ***** many thanx” (will play)

Michael Stukes (MysticVibes): “Luv tha vybes…” (will chart) (will play)


Jay Hill (Superfreq, Unknown Season, King Street Sounds): “Divine sounds in here so soothing to the mind & soul. ” (will play)

Nino (): “playlist in altroverso” (will chart) (will play)

Jean-Jerome (Karmic, S&S, Instinctive, MBMH, Serial, Pumpz, Iconyc, and much more): “Sounds like…Detroit! I love that kind of vibes, thanks!” (will play)

Dava Di Toma (): “Nice Deep chill Tracks,thanks ;)” (will play)

Eric Shans (3bridges Records): “Love it, perfect sounds for summer!” (will chart) (will play)

Ilias Katelanos (Lovezone ,200 Records , I Records Acryl ,Etoka,Pesto): “beauty ! all the way !” (will chart) (will play)

Spettro (Pioneer DJ Radio, ELEVATE, Get Physical): “Yes! Come On is incredible! ” (will play)

Rebecca (xlr8r): “Will try! Thanks for the music.”

Sofa Sessions – Preview: “perfect summer vibes from the bros!” (will chart)

johnny mack (): “Nice 4 tracker and feeling them all however, digging the playful acid bassline on “Running” the most.” (will chart) (will play)

Radio show Soundtraffic – DJ RIM-K (): “Nice ep !!!” (will chart) (will play)

Deepinradio (): “So nice!” (will play)

riccicomoto (LUCIDFLOW / Ibiza Global Radio / Retrospective Zoology / double7music): “thanx for sending…nice tracks..very elastique and relaxed…perfect for my afternoon sessions…” (will play)

Blackprint (): “Fantastic productions, top work ” (will play)

DJ MARY FLAVORS (Radioradio Canada): “Love track 1, the flow and energy of it makes you want to spring into summer! ” (will play)

Marc Mac (Soundcollective/ It Runs Deep/ Frequency Radio Show): “4 Of The Finest Tunes I’ve Heard This Season … Top Quality Release Sofa Sessions: 10/10 Keep Em Coming… Mark Mac” (will chart) (will play)

Joe Silva (Purespace): “Thanks! Running is my fav.” (will play)

Miguel Garij (Ibiza Global Radio): “Niceee. Support, gracias” (will play)

Felix Forsten (different): “opening and closing sound” (will play)

Gabriel Le Mar (Liquid Sound Design (LSD(, Praxxiz): “nice and smooth album, lovely tracks” (will play)

Miss Disk (): “dreamy & melodic! great stuff!” (will play)

X Brazas (): “””