Swedish artist dreamAwaken–aka Marcelo Storino Mortimer–has been prolifically releasing across a myriad of labels for some time now. If we casually threw out names such as Traum Schallplatten, Electronique, Open Records, City Life, LowBit, and Doppelgaenger, you will more than likely understand that these are entities that are tried and tested. His creations come from the remote Skogen Studio in Österbymo and the influence of the locality filters through into the music itself. Swedish music is often like curling up under a blanket next to a glowing fire, watching the elements do its best on the other side of a window pane. The ‘Trilithon’ EP proves to be no exception to this rule. 
  Don’t be under the misapprehension that this is chill-out material – a steady throb weaves its way through the tracks. The title track itself is dreamlike, with icicle melodies dripping through frozen vocal exhales. Despite the frosty trappings, it is warm and welcoming. This juxtaposition between moods carries on in ‘Kalipha’, where a rubbery bass-line shrinks and grows in intensity, while the sounds of wildlife and a choir play off each other, capturing the remote reverence that you can only experience in a town with less than a thousand inhabitants.
  Berlin comes to play when Lucidflow chiefs Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch step up for one of their widescreen live interpretations. Fresh from their live show at Passionskirche, they are absolutely in form in flexing their cinematic muscles. Their take on ‘Kaliphia’ is a full fat sixteen minute epic, designed to be epic in scope and emotion. Tonally, it flits between music for gothic cathedrals and a soundtrack for the imposing vistas of Washington State’s National Forests. Essentially, sounds that are for a very big canvas.
  Trilithon releases on 11th Feb. from your usual digital stockists. 


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Other Feedback

Mauro Picotto (Alchemy): “Thanks for the tunes” (will play) 

Marco Carola (): “downloading for marco carola, thanks ” 

Spettro (Pioneer DJ Radio, ELEVATE, Get Physical): “I’m in love with both Trilithon and Kalipha. Outstanding!” (will play) 

Nadja Lind / Klartraum (Lucidflow, Bandcamp, others): “fantastic deep sounds. had big time fun remixing kalipha. already in my playlists. <3” (will chart) (will play) 

D. Diggler (too many, i forgot!): “Big release! Trilithon is really great, rmx is a bomb too !! all thumbs up!!!!!!!!! ” (will chart) 

Jam El Mar (Jam & Spoon): “Love the Klartraum remix…Will support!” (will play) 

Richie Hawtin (): “downloaded for r hawtin” 

MANON_DJ (TerminalM/Desolat): “Trilithon bomb ! thx” (will play) 

Russell Deeks, This Is Why We Dance (n/a): “There’s a lot more of this kind of stuff about at the moment but Lucidflow still do it better than most!” (will play) 

Christian Moster (DRadio): “!!!” (will play) 

Eddy Romero (Expmental/ Little Helpers / Lucidflow / Deeperfect): “What a remix !!!! ” (will chart) (will play) 

Switchbox (Ellum // Open Records // Sprout // ): “A beautiful piece of music from my talented bro again.It harmonizes my actual state of mind perfectly. :) A happy hippy new year can start. Thanks for sending and good luck with this release.” (will chart) (will play) 

DJ Franksen (plastic city, treibjagd records, sinnmusik, embi music ): “megaschöne ep, werde trilithon airplayen, ganz sicher! stark!” (will play) 

Bruno Otranto (Monog Records): “Solid Ep of dreamAwaken! Trilithon is such a beautiful track, also digging Kalipha, will try them out. Thanks ;) ” (will play) 

Ivan Garci (Lucidflow,Vlosfer records(manager)): “What a releae,love all tracks,amazing sounds,thanks a lot.” (will play) 

Gabriel Le Mar (Liquid Sound Design (LSD(, Praxxiz): “beautiful tunes, especially Trilithon, will play for sure!” (will play) 

DJ MARY FLAVORS (Radioradio Canada): “Certainly dreamy indeed. Special sounds for aural delights! ” (will play) 

Richie Hartness (): “Beautiful stuff – the opener especially – will feature on High 5ives!” (will play) 

Jason Ireland (): “lovely ep, playing this bad boy, thank you :)” (will play) 

Deepinradio (): “Cool” 

Sammy W and Alex E (): “great release, will give it a go” 

Tim Benjamin (protonradio): “big like for trilithon, thanks” (will play) 

Supagroove (aka Mark J) (Ahoren Music): “trilithon is wicked! klartraum remix is another level… :)” (will play) 

Jay Hill (Superfreq, Unknown Season, King Street Sounds): “so enchanting!! ” (will chart) (will play) 

Jean-Jerome (Karmic, S&S, Instinctive, MBMH, Serial, Pumpz, Iconyc, and much more): “Great EP guys, will play it, thanks!” (will play) 

Helmut Ebritsch (Many): “supberb vibes” (will chart) 

dreamAwaken (): “Amazing remix guys!! Thx a lot” (will chart) (will play) 

Ilias Katelanos (Lovezone ,200 Records , I Records Acryl ,Etoka,Pesto): “excellent ep ! all the way !” (will chart) (will play) 

Simon Whight (Inverted Audio): “Fan of Last Night On Earth vibes? You’ll like this.” (will play) 

Marc Mac (Soundcollective/ It Runs Deep/ Frequency Radio Show): “dreamAwaken : Trilithon is amazing love this guys each track has a place in any deep set but Trilithon is a killer… top release..” (will chart) (will play) 

Vladimir (Stromkraftradio.com): “Downloaded, tnx!” 

Stefan Addo (e11even Presents): “liked the whole pack. Originals are so gorgeous. Full support here. Good Luck!” (will chart) (will play) 

Paul Loraine (Rhythm Cult): “Really love the 2 original tracks here! Thank you for the music x” (will chart) (will play) 

Laurent Diouf (Wreck This Mess): “another wtm’s playlist is coming soon…;)” (will play) 

Darius Motazed (): “Dynamic and interesting tracks. The tracks have an eerie yet welcoming element. Looking forward to getting these into rotation ” (will play) 

Gale Talk (): “Really good stuff, I love all tracks.” (will play) 

Giuliano Rodrigues (Flowing Movement Music): “Kalipha and the remix, is my choice. Love it.” (will chart) (will play) 

Radio show Soundtraffic – DJ RIM-K (): “Nice ep !!” (will chart) (will play) 

DJ Kaine (): “Trilithon and the Klartraum remix are sweet! Another great EP! Thanks” (will chart) (will play) 

Jack Jenson (): “Nice tracks!” (will play) 

Joe Silva (Purespace): “Love the sound on all three mixes. Great start to the new year! Thanks!” (will play) 

fips Radio (): “These different versions are very great. Quiet and relaxing, perfect sound selection/creation, “silent voices” etc.. These tracks deserve the “Lucidflow-proved” signature”.” (will play) 

Different Grooves (differentgrooves.com): “title track for me!” 

Johnny Mack (): “New year, but same top quality releases from Lucidflow and their artists. Great EP and can’t go wrong with any of these tracks depending on scene. Cheers! ” (will chart) (will play) 

Matteo Pitton (Eintakt / Diametral): “”Trilithon” is my favorite! grazie”