Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch return as Klartraum for release #164 on Lucidflow, one that sees the prolific production duo head deep into space opera territory on ‘Weltenwandler’. You may recognise the title track already from when it featured on their 10 years of Lucidflow celebratory vinyl issuing. For those who missed out, this is a second bite of the apple and a chance to get lost in the gently undulating melody. The key moment here are the small moments where the key shifts ever so slightly, revealing a master plan in scene setting.

Next up we have ‘Rim Satar’, which fully embraces pulpy eighties sci-fi with the–frankly–epic space pad that hangs over the top. Huge, textural, and near on dominating if it was not for the sharp percussion that pinpricks like distant stars. Finally, ‘Urgrund’ rounds off the trilogy, playing fully to the opera aspect with frozen orchestral instruments and choirs drifting through space, cryogenically frozen in everlasting reverb. 

‘Weltenwandler’ releases on 6th May and will be available from all the usual digital stockists.

Other Feedback

Sammy W and Alex E (): “great release, will give it a go” 

Giuliano Rodrigues (Flowing Movement Music): “Rim Satar and Urgrund amazing :)” (will chart) (will play) 

Paul Loraine (Rhythm Cult): “Weltenwandler is brilliant! ” (will chart) (will play) 

Spettro (DI.FM, ELEVATE, Get Physical): “Rim Satar is amazing! the chord progressions take me to another dimension” (will play) 

Matteo Pitton (Eintakt / Diametral): “the title track is my favorite!” 

Sheldon Drake (): “luscious!!” (will play) 

Supagroove (aka Mark J) (Ahoren Music): “these are cool!” (will play) 

Joe Dismal (): “Nice and deep. Reminds me of old Global Underground. Perfect for my late/early sets” (will play) 

Richie Hartness (): “Excellent stuff” (will play) 

Deepinradio (): “Cool deepness” (will play) 

Jean-Jerome (Karmic, S&S, Instinctive, MBMH, Serial, Pumpz, Iconyc, and much more): “Weltenwandler only for men thanks!” (will play) 

Hall North (Soma, Fade, Wiggle, Cubism, Tulipa): “Absolutely stunning as ever guys!” (will chart) (will play) 

Jor-G (Hypnotic Room,Tehnofonika Records,Vlosfer Records,UMR): “Great deepnes,ambience and spiritual atmosphere at all the tracks..Thank you! ” (will play) 

Stefan Weise (Wolf Trap, Lucidflow): “Nice dark dub techno business here!” 

Gale Talk (): “Klartraum are among my favorite dub-makers. Weltenwandler operates in another dimension, I just freak out when I listen to it.” (will play) 

Jam El Mar (Jam & Spoon): “Nice tracks here – like always…. ” (will play) 

testlabel – Preview: “test feedback” (will chart) 

Nadja Lind / Klartraum (Lucidflow, Soma, Toolroom): “I am overjoyed we finally got back doing our thing and explore our creative Klartraum realms and dimensions again” (will chart) (will play) 

Helmut Ebritsch (Many): “” (will chart) 

Laurent Diouf (Wreck This Mess): “another wtm’s playlist is coming soon…;)” (will play) 

Chris Zippel (): “!!! coolio! Rim Satar” (will play) 

Jay Nortown (): “Amazing tracks ! Thanks.” (will play) 

Ilias Katelanos (Lovezone ,200 Records , I Records Acryl ,Etoka,Pesto): “Great ep ! beautiful soundscapes and grooves !” (will play) 

dreamAwaken (): “They r so gd! Lovin that dark chord progression on Rim Satar, very unsettling!!” (will chart) (will play) 

dubiks (): “” (will chart) (will play) 

Richie Hawtin: Downloaded (will play)

Gez Varley / G-Man (gmr records ,ostgut records): “nice music ” (will play)