The latest Lucidflow release sees a change of mood and pace for the Berlin based imprint. Most associated with dub infused soundtracks, the pairing of Marcus Sur and Mark Jackus season the label with a liberal sprinkling of Komische musik on the ‘Glow’ EP. The friendship of the duo is one that spans 20 years, with a history of playing at the Gold Club in Essen.
Wilting detuned arpeggios, off-kilter chords that suddenly lurch out like a “jump scare” and a tempo that is squarely set to ‘chug’, ‘Glow’ is quite a departure for Lucidflow. However the beats are tight and driving, which gives it an early evening heater feel, constructed with orange embers and endearing warmth.
Companion track ‘Ashes and Snow’ is a nuclear winter in comparison, featuring frozen strings, analogue swells and crystalline scales. It is taut and sincere, something to maintain mid-set momentum and entrance you in its thrall.
Remix duties are handled by Serbian producer Dejan Milicevic. He tackles ‘Glow’ by shifting the key and fraying the edges a little. You’ll pick up the threads of analogue hiss, the urgency of groove infused hi-hats, and the rhythmic tumble that comes with focusing on syncopation and triplets.


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