Shadowy figure Reckreator is the latest name to join the Lucidflow family. Little is know about the Hamburg resident – formerly from Melbourne, Australia – other than their penchant for building their own synth setups from scratch. You can tell there is a playful experimentalism in ‘Rise’ & ‘Flow’ that comes from the fluid mind of someone adept at tinkering with bespoke setups.
Where ‘Rise’ is an exercise in density with texture, ‘Flow’ is reminiscent of the peak minimal of the naughties. Hypnotic, precise combination of elements that are numerous, yet short and punchy, meaning that the soundstage is never crowded. Think of it as standing in an entirely darkened room as pinpricks of light flicker quickly around you, a 360 degree panoramic sensory lightshow, subtle and intimate.
‘Flow’ will be available from all the usual stockists on beatport 12. Nov. / all shops 26. Nov.)