Lucidflow welcome the boss of the incredibly prolific Little Helpers – Butane aka Andrew Rasse – and his production partner in crime of recent – Riko Forinson aka Federico Forino – to the family.
If you have somehow missed out on the Little Helpers phenomenon, the artists featured on the label include Visonquest’s Ryan Crosson, Sol Asylum’s Julie Marghilano, Lucidflow alumni Eddy Romero and Hernan Bass, Candenza act Digitaline, bPitch Control and Get Physical favourites Smash TV, and the chart topping Rui Da Silva. Let’s just say this – Little Helpers shares a strong affinity with both every discerning DJ’s rekordbox and Lucidflow’s deeply danceable sound.
As for Riko, when he’s not working with Butane, he is happily haunting the Top Ten Beatport Label Chart for Lucidflow for his ‘Braid’ track, as well as featuring on the world renowned Balance imprint.
The pair launch off with ‘Voice On Tape’ – a thoroughly dance floor orientated moment that features a super subby kick with a little shimmy, a little dash of funk to get the shoulders swaying. Swirling effects are joined by dub chords that layer and builds until it unconsciously locks your circadian rhythm to the tempo in the most satisfying fashion.
Accompanying this is ‘Rocking’ which is deeper track, like some sort of futuristic coffeehouse jazz. Aquatic chords patter like the concentric circles of rain hitting a puddle, with a field recording of the clink of cup against saucer and vibrant conversation lingering as a textural undercurrent.
Lucidflow owners Nadja & Helmut step in for a Klartraum remix at this point, turning in a self-described “gloomy” version of ‘Rocking’ which, from the first pad, absolutely delivers on ominous atmosphere. The pair’s expert staging is at work here – the cutlery clinks now echo far inside a distant cave, the wooden rimshot sets itself up right on your eardrum and pings around your eyeball, and the aquatic nature of the original is taken down several degrees until it becomes frosty and cavernous.
Nadja Lind then steps up for a solo reworking of ‘Voice On Tape’, taking the opportunity to chew the original into an infectious and nagging groove delivered with a little snarl.

‘Swinging Ribbon’ will be available from all the usual stockists on 20.5. Beatport first, 3.6.