A stand-out release from last year, Mark Jackus and Marcus Sur combined to great effect on ‘Glow’. Taken from that release, ‘Ashes & Snow’ is put through the remix machine by a pair of Lucidflow heavyweights – relentless production machine D. Diggler and former LFO man Gez Varley aka G-Man.
If you need a refresher, ‘Ashes & Snow’ was one of those delightful atmospheric progressive workouts, a builder that wrapped itself in gorgeous analogue arpeggios and squelchy filters, rising to breathless crescendos and dropping into deep thoughtful mood. For those of a certain age, definitely the sort of cut you would expect to hear haunting the intro section on the first CD of a Global Underground mix from its peak glory days.
D. Diggler ups the ante by taking the track into full on driving prog territory, keeping with the knack of building undulating layers of arpeggio, percussion, and synth washes, but taking it to a new level of psychedelia. For fans of classic James Holden in his nineties dancefloor heyday.
With the companion tracks working on omni-layers of audio, Gez Varley aka G-Man drops into dub mode for his remix. Swinging, stuttering beats meets the mood of the original if it were being run through a mangling cassette deck. Somewhere underneath, you can hear the gentle undulation of the original, but it is being squeezed firmly by sinewy muscle into staccato rhythm.