Nadja Lind Since New Year´s eve in 2003, when Nadja Lind started her career, the disarming djane has been touring through the continent with stops in almost every country in Europe, namely the Streetparade in Zurich/Switzerland 2005, Space Ibiza World Tour in Soelden 2007 numerous gigs in Italy (Blue Room Rome, Tuyo Club Torino…), Germany (Sage Club Berlin, Monza Club FFM, Mannheim, Munich, Rostock, Freiburg…), Austria, Spain etc. Her profession even led her to India, where she was doing several gigs in 2004 (Delhi, Hyderabad…) and then again in 2005 (Delhi, Noida, Jaipur…). Nadja combines her keen sense of music with remarkably inspirational djing-skills, and she recently even started producing her own tracks with striking success. She managed to publish several netlabel-releases on Night Drive Music, Pulsar-Records, deepindub & Kubism Records and has several tracks and remixes in the pipeline to be released at Persistencebit-records and Evolved Records London. She has become an enthusiastic advocate of netlabel-music and is capable of delivering mixsets containing free netaudio-music only. Nadja is perfectly acquainted with all facets of electronic music, she favours techhouse-, deep-, minimal and house. Under the pseudonym “KLARTRAUM” she has produced in collaboration with Screech since June 2006. Their first release “Klartraum EP” has already been published at night drive music and they have performed live sets as well. Their 2nd and 3rd ep is about to be be launched at 2600 records and night drive music. Also you can find Klartraum on vinyl at night drive music ltd. 002 together with Neurotron, Eloi Brunelle and Jeff Bennett. Helmut Ebritsch Screech is a born musician and started producing music on a c-64 with Chris Hülsbeck’s “Soundmonitor”. He totally fell in love with electronic sound and non-heard sound structures. Later he joined the Soundtracker-Scene on the Amiga Computer. But soon he switched to add Synths to his equipment. He then used the Octalizer Tracker to add Midi to his tracks. The Studio evolved over time and then he founded the Art Attack Studio together with Dusty Wires and MC Chagall. In 1997 “optophone”,berlin released three eps. The projectname was the realname and so it was released as “Helmut Ebritsch”. The first House Release was released in the year 1997 with the projectname “Factor E”. Screech also started to release on the label “organic records” (Helmut Ebritsch, Candy Dope). Several releases later Screech started to join the first internet label “” with a project named “Supergroove Records”. Seemingly coming from nowhere Supergroove Records shot to the top of the house charts on since April 2000 and has remained at the top ever since. Until the end of in the year 2003 SGR got around 1500000 Downloads and Plays. Several tracks are licensed to other Labels like Juice Recordings(USA), Le Bien Et Le Mal (Germany), Horny State (Germany), Virgin (Germany). Screech moved to berlin and joined forces together with Harry Seldom on Organic Domain Records (Dub Taylor / Tigerskin Label). He also did a remix for Definition Records – The Ascent – Meiler – Screech Remix. In cooperation with Nadja Lind he dreams a dream of clear,emotional,deep music as the project : “KLARTRAUM”. Klartraum Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch dreaming together. we are here to bring you something from consciousness – dreamphase induced minimal grooves :) brain wave stimulation deeper consciousness float astral music revelations reperfection of imperfection stellar interconnection beats parallel awareness streams hypnotic groove yoga Hatikvah what is gonna happen the vibe comes? Is it spiritual? Is it house? is it the flow, on which you are part of? Maybe it is friendship, openess and an awareness of learning. This is what Florian Schirmacher and Helmut Ebritsch are doing. Learning from each other, sharing their happiness which is coming closer, if you enter the songs of Hatikvah. Each song is a confession to a friendship, where everybody could be part of it. On this flow it has to be house music. And because of this it is spiritual. We share the joy, playing together. Getting the grace that conciousness will guide us to let the music play. “Modern Times” a deep swinging vibe, “its more than sunshine, it`s parralel and hints, where it all begins…. I great Chicago!” “Introduce me” a shaky track, with all its sweetness. A grand opening for the spiritual floor. “a brilliant handsome boy” the people in chicago love it. “Let it gonna be so true…” “beneath” a soft funk track, back off to underline the lyrics: “take this ocean with you, the motion in you, take the sunshine.” florian schirmacher just number one with a cadenza release at the german club charts, is singing and doing the one half of the production at hatikvah. The remixes of his song „On the bridge” by Larry Heard inspired him to work further on becoming an instrument. Helmut Ebritsch has 20 years of expierence in music writing and producing. He released several vinyl and digital releases worldwide. Label excerpt : Organic Domain Records, Night Drive Music, Le Bien Et Le Mal, Juice Rec, Definition Rec