Nadja Lind’s high flying 2017 continues with pace. A busy studio schedule is paired with heading up the Lucidflow imprint, punctuated with countless journeys to perform DJing duties around the globe. There is no rest for the wicked, though, as she takes up position on Lucidflow release #143 with a sweet and effective three tracker.
While obviously known for her heavy dub leanings in both a production and A&R capacity, we forget the debt owed to the precision house techniques as made popular by esteemed sources such as the Perlon and [a:rpia:r] imprints. On ‘Teufelssee’, we get to see this to full effect, all spun through Nadja’s keen eye for dancefloor rocking beats.

The title track leads by example, every staccato element intricately placed and generating movement through the subtle shifts in emphasis – be it the near mechanical churn of the bassline, the off-kilter circuit bent effects or the layering of percussive elements.
Going up a notch in intensity, ‘Kobold’ goes full throttle with a two minute stuttering percussive intro. From there, we drop into some mutant funk with whip cracking finger snaps. It’s a wild ride – part madcap dash through a city with sirens blaring, part death defying ghost house rollercoaster.
Finishing off, ‘Unwesen’ uses lullaby melodies that flourishes into a fountain of emotion, providing a fitting send off for the release. It’s a perfect track for an after the storm moment, releasing tension and rubbing sore muscles in all the right places.

Hitting the racks on 16th October 2017, make sure you get on board with this.

Other Feedback

Marco Carola (): “downloading for marco carola, thanks ”

Giuliano Rodrigues (Flowing Movement Music): “Kobold :D” (will chart) (will play)

Jason Ireland (): “love this ep,will be playing..kobold for sure,thank you great job!:)” (will play)

Nick Clarke (Eggworm Tokyo): “the heat.”

Patrick Lindsey (): “Teufelsee is top notch..nice one Nadja ;)” (will play)

Solomun (): “” (will play)

Mauro Picotto (Alchemy): “Thanks for the tunes” (will play)

Lucas Hulan (Microna, Nightphunk): “Awesome EP full support !!” (will play)

Maceo Plex: “Downloaded for Ellum DJs Maceo Plex / Shall Ocin, thanks for the music!”

Andy Baxter (Pacha, Cafe Mambo/ Ibiza): “proper cuts” (will play)

Phonique (): “den Teufel für mich :-)” (will play)

Brendon Moeller (): “These trax are jam hot! Teufelssee is my fave!”

Spettro (ELEVATE, Get Physical): “Teufelsse – funky groove techno! love it.” (will play)

Claire (): “This entire release is a solid deep trip percussive dub-driven dance floor killa! Every track has its own personality and is equally mesmerizing in its own way. Definitely gonna play this one a lot! ” (will play)

D. Diggler (too many, i forgot!): “great spacey stuff from nadja again…love all tracks!!” (will play)

Hernan Bass (): “good style in the track 01 and is for me, support” (will play)

DJ Franksen (plastic city, treibjagd records, sinnmusik, embi music ): “the title track is my fave here for the earth-laden percussions. and quirky sounds. will defo try it down the club!” (will play)

Sossa (): “nice release full support”

riccicomoto (LUCIDFLOW / Ibiza Global Radio / Retrospective Zoology / double7music): “thanx for sending…finest tekno at its best…;) will play….!!! ” (will play)

Anton Tumas (Subtract Music / Balance Series): “Tefufelssee, YESS!” (will play)

Rebecca (xlr8r): “Nice release! Will try.”

johnny mack (Deep House Radio): “Wicked tunes Nadja! Outstanding production as always.” (will chart) (will play)

Gabriel Le Mar (Liquid Sound Design (LSD(, Praxxiz): “coole tracks, “Unwesen” ist mein Lieblingstune, cooler flow & groove!” (will play)

atish (): “Digging Teufelssee and the bright/airy Unwesen.”

Eddy Romero (Expmental/ Little Helpers / Lucidflow / Deeperfect): “1 and 3 are great thanks Nadja !!” (will chart) (will play)

Steve Parry (Selador): “deep and chunky” (will play)

Jay Hill (King Street Records, Static Music, FM Elle): “my friend showing the world a new side of techno executed at it’s finest! Teufeslssee has nice chuggy bassline that will keep the dance floor bouncin! really enjoying all the interesting spectrums in Unwesen. hands up ! ” (will chart) (will play)

Robin (): “Really digging Unwesen a lot.” (will play)

Pele Corral (desperadoz): “again a great release. unwesen is my favorit !!” (will chart) (will play)

Farrin Collins (): “SCHICKT! Sehr abgefahren und geil <3 Die 3 ist mein Favorit!" (will play) Misk (): "airplay in altroverso" (will chart) (will play) Marc Mac (Soundcollective/ It Runs Deep/ Frequency Radio Show): "Big beats love Teufelssee.. cheers" (will play) Matteo (): "like psy-trance 20 years ago ...." Satoshi Fumi (Moodmusic,Plastic City,Klik,King Street Sounds etc.): "Teufelssee for my set!" (will play) Supagroove (aka Mark J) (Ahoren Music): "brilliant stuff, like all 3, but playing unwesen for sure" (will play) Legit Trip (): "" (will play) Helmut Ebritsch (Many): "wizzie wuzzie wazziiiie :-P" (will chart) (will play) Teknobrat (Karma Loft, Karma Dance, Restructured Records, Sounds Of Juan, Kulture Room): "Nadja Lind - Teufelssee Lucidflow LF143" (will play) Stefan Weise (Wolf Trap, Lucidflow): "Lovin this! Nice and dark and gritty. Just my thing :-)" (will chart) (will play) Ronin (Beirut in the mix): "Oh yes!! xx" (will chart) (will play) Frankie Deep (): "Great Tracks...Thanks a lot!!!! " (will play) dubiks (): "I will Play and chart" (will chart) (will play) Hart Thorson (): "Nice mix of tunes here Nadja! Will definitely play Teufelssee." (will play) Joanish (): "Love it!! Unwesen!!!" (will play) Lee Guthrie ((Click Therapy/Wiggle/Cubism/SDA)): "Real nice pack, teufelssee my pick. thanks :) " Qu-Zen (): "" (will chart) Daz (): "Unwesen is a nice track. " (will play) Jack Jenson (): "nice!" (will play)