Lucidflow presents their second compilation with the works of Silicone Soul, G-Man, Ocean Gaya, Klartraum, Nadja Lind, Helmut Ebritsch, Carlos Sanchez, DJ Ray….

Lucid Sounds Vol. 2 – Also delivers a great dj mix from Nadja Lind and a Liveset from Klartraum

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All the tracks got fantastic dj reviews…

see the whole list ;) now -> thanks to all djs for the plays and the great support…

LF006 – Klartraum – Mainzelgroove

Magda – “Mainzelgroove is good.”
Marc Antona – “Another great sound from Klartraum :-)”
Konrad Black – “Nice and Moody! I love it! Truc Que J’aime!”
Dubfire – “Feeling ‘India Express’. The others are a bit too glitchy for me. Thnx.”
Slam – (Orde Meikle) – “Great producers – love their stuff – yesssss! Mainzelgroove.”
Timo Maas – “Fucked up, but cool!”
Anderson Noise – “Truc Que J’aime, Love it!!”
Luke Slater – “Bretts deep. Interesting!”
Sian – “Lead track is nice and wobbly..”
Misstress Barbara – “Really like Mainzelgroove and Truc Que Jamie.”
Miss Kittin – “Mainzelgroove, good little tool for beginning!”
Paco Osuna – “I like, very cool EP.”
Basti Schwarz – (Tiefschwarz) – “Nice one. Like India Express. Will play it loud.”
Stephan Bodzin – “Mainzelgroove is a brett!!”
Michel de Hey – “Dark cool shit!”
Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Ireland) – “Yeah I like this. I will definitely play it on the show this week. Nice EP. Solid stuff from Lucid.”
Chris Colak – (Dinamo FM/Acik Radio Istanbul) – “Cool stuff as always!”

LF007 – Nadja Lind – Voyage

Tobi Neumann – “Nice Nadja! Voyage i will test on the beach!”
Andre Galluzzi – “Voyage I’ll play at the next warm up :-)”
Laurent Garnier – “Voyage ….lovelyyyyy , superb atmosphere Will present on the radio and will play in clubs Niiiiiiice.”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Very good deepness all over.”
Timo Maas – “Sunspots….Deeeeeeeep!”
Craig – (Silicone Soul) – “I love this – pure immersion into sound! Really dubby will play!”
Layo – “Strandzeit….mmmm, nice deepness..”
Behrouz – “Great package, really like Voyage. Full support.”
Bleed – (Debug) – “Review to follow.”
Livio & Roby – “Cool bits! We support Helmut remix.”
Adam Beyer – “Pancake is nice stuff, chilled out.”
Troy Pierce – “Interesting tracks, liking Pancake.”
Tania Vulcano – “Nice Voyage…beautiful…”
Terry Francis – (Fabric) – “Great EP!”
Darko Esser – “Voyage is the one for me, great piece of music!”
Anderson Noise – “Sunspots is very good!!”
Samuel L Session – “Nice this, all tracks has something.”
Marc Antona – “Yet another great Lucidflow record.”
Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Voyage is very nice – will support – cool shit!”
Axel Bartsch – “Voyage is beautiful!”
Osunlade – “Its all about Voyage!”
Karlos Sense – (Ibiza Sonica) – “Autentic Trip… Very goood! Full Support from me in Ibiza.”
Christopher Çolak – ( Radio Istanbul) – “My most favorite current label and my most favorite among the female producers and DJs is back on track. Can’t wait to see her live in istanbul. Her sound is divine!”
Kiko – (DocePulgadas RadioShow) – “Voyage…mental and hypnotic, special for my lounge gigs!!”
Steve Parry – (Juice FM) – “Sunspots is superbly insane!”
Guy J – “Voyage original for me.”
Butch – “Strandzeit sounds nice.”
Sis – “Strandzeit is nice.”
Desyn Masiello (sos) – “Pancake is rocking.”
Coyu – “Strandzeit is a very good track!”
Andrew Grant – “Keep up the deep work!!!”
Tedd Patterson – “Very sexy package of deep. Thank you!”
Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Pulse DAB, Dublin) – “Excellent! Loving this. Will feature all tracks on the show. Deep Soul….”
Diversions- (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Another dope release from LUCIDFLOW! Voyage and Sunspots are killers!!”
Roual Galloway – (Faith Fanzine/Radio) – “Swaying music for dinner parties – deep!”
Tsugi Magazine France – “Helmut Ebritsch Remix is a cool one.”
Giorgio – (DJ Mag Italia) – “Considering for DJ Mag Italia – May 2010!”

LF008 – Klartraum – Pain Relief with Remixes from Silicone Soul,G-Man and Ocean Gaya

Miss Kittin – “Love Klartraum in general, very nice release and remixes for spring, Original and Ocean Gaya my favorite.”
Chloe Harris – (Bedrock) – “Fantastic EP. I really love the Original and Ocean Gaya’s groove. The Silicone Soul is going to be a great use to me!”
Steve Parry – (Juice FM) – “Original is a wicked deep little moddy number. Silicone Soul mix is very cool. Hmm. The Ocean Gaya mix is great too…!”
Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Another KILLER release from the folks over at LUCID FLOW – Original and all reworks are da bomb!!!”
Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Strong release – all cool tracks – original just shades it for me – mighty dark.”
Karotte – “Silicone Soul remix is a good dark techhouse tune for the morning hours. Will play this.”
Sian – “Silicone Soul mix is wicked!”
Paco Osuna – “G-MAN remix is for me.”
Andrew Grant – (DC10/Barraca) – “G-man mix is DEEEEEEEP!”
Marc Antona – “Original Mix….in the bag again…. ”
Sharam – “That old reliable Basic Channel vibe. Nice deep package. Silicone Soul followed by G-man for the prime time floors.”
Rocky – (X-Press 2) – “Good Silicone Soul mix for me.”
Club Madnezz Holland – “Silicone Soul mix is a nice deep track.”
Stefano Fontana – (Computer Musik Italy) – “I like G-Man pain remix.”
The Phonic Express – (RTE Pulse, Dublin) – “Silicone Soul always feature in my playlists/charts. Here they really deliver on remix duties. Driving stuff. Love it.”
Terry Francis – (Fabric London) – “G-MAN Remix is nice.”
Gabriel Ananda – “Beautiful sounds and athmospheres. Like it!”
Stephan Bodzin – “What a lovely deep & atmospheric journey on the Original.”
Axel Bartsch – “I´m always looking forward to listening to the new lucidflow release when Adam drops it in and i have never been disapointed so far. So not this time. Great release. Original and the Silicone Soul remix are my favs but gez does it too.”
Ryan Elliott – “Always love some G-Man!!”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Original and Silicone Soul mix, top release!”
Anderson Noise – “G-MAN mix is very good!!”
Nhar – “As usual, i really dig into Klartraum’s music. Original and Silicone Soul remix are the ones for me. Beautiful.”
James Zabiela – “Pain Relief…This is great Progressive House.”
Fergie – “Wicked mix from the silyboys ”
Gel Abril – “Top remix from mr G-Man.”
Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “Silicone Soul mix is OK.”
Guy J – “Great release , hard to choose favorite , good luck!”
Smokin Jo – “G-Man pain remix was my fav. Good peak time track.”
Norman Nodge – “For me its the g-man-remix. Tight stuff!”
Perc – “G-Man remix is ace! Thanks.”
Desyn Masiello (sos) – “G-man mix works for me. Will support.”
Danny Tenaglia – “G-MAN..thanks!!”
Andy Baxter – (Pacha) – “As DARK as ever this label, will be supporting the Silicone Souls Remix.”
Cirillo – “G-man and Silicone mixes deep and cool.”
Stuart McMillan (Slam) – “Really like the Silicone Soul mix.”
Valka – (Paris One Reverse) – “Original & Silicone soul mix are excellent! The whole release will be playlisted in the Exclusive Promo Show on P1 Reverse!”
Roual Galloway – (Faith Fanzine/Radio) – “The subtle sounds of Silicone Soul for me.”
Christopher Çolak – (Dinamo.FM/Acik Radio Istanbul) – “This time lucidflow is some proggy. But always incontingent on my lists. Excellent to see the master G-Man on the line. Alread in my playlist. This is big and humbke base sound. Ace.”
Kiko – (DocePulgadas RadioShow) – “Dark, epic, deeper and warm tracks! Whole package quite interesting. Supported by DocePulgadas RadioShow.”
Karlos Sense – (Ibiza Sonica) – “Full support to LucidFlow.. is one of my favorite labels.”
Jez – (iDJ Magazine) – “Like it. Have reviewed in iDJ. Prefer the remixes to the original especially the G-Man one.”
Christian – ( – “Original Mix Lovely as always!” – “LOVE IT !! All tracks have their own identity..awesome!”
Tsugi Magazine (France) – “Cool mixes.”
Clubbingspain – “Great release!!”

LF009 – Klartraum – Inner Sky

Chloe Harris – (Bedrock) – “Beautiful mellow stuff. Lots of cool textures and layers. I like the vocal snips also. Good job.”
Terry Francis – (Fabric London) – “Like it. Good EP. Essential Qualities for me.”
Pablo – ( – “Sometimes a electronic tracks is convert in fantastic and melodic songs… this is example of this.
Pawas – “Growth is a smooth groover… very melancholic in a way….like the whole EP..”
Matthew Dekay – “Innersky…Nice tune, will definitely try this one out!”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Growth is excellent.”
Axel Bartsch – “Innersky is the winner here. Dissociation is also good.”
Guy J – “Growth for me.”
Anthony Collins – “Growth….nice basseline.”
Perc – “Solid deep house business.”
Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Great producer – strong EP.”
Ivan Smagghe – “Fine deep techno indeed.”
Paco Osuna – “THANK YOU, I like the EP.”
Dosem – “Whole Ep is magnificent, I loved Growth… deep emotional and well produced… perfect for warm ups.”
Andy Baxter – (Pacha Ibiza/Café Mambo) – “As deep as ever, with amazing quality.”
Craig – (Silicone Soul) – “What a lovely EP… really feeling Growth & InnerSky deep deep deepa!”
Miss Kittin – “Super sweet like I like it!”
Misstress Barbara – “Not quite the sound for my sets but love the package. Really deep!!”
Jody Wisternoff – “Growth…Spellbinding!!!!”
John Digweed – “Dissociation is good for me.”
Anderson Noise – “Great release!”
Steve Rachmad – “Wow, Growth! Beautiful track!”
Konrad Black – “Essential qualities….Moody and weird…I like!”
Christopher Çolak – (Dinamo.FM / Acik Radio Istanbul) – “Sometimes a smile, a look or a tune makes your day in around all that boredom. The strange thing for Lucidflow is that for their releases this is consistent. They do the real fresh and unique style of contemporary dance music. Inner Sky will let you know the real base. ‘Wonky minimal dub techno’! Whoohoo!”
Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Growth is the one for my show ;) full support from Ibiza Global Radio.”
Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Awesome release – title cut is ace!”
Steve Parry – (Juice FM) – “Innersky is wicked.”
Kédem – (Paris One Reverse) – “Proper deep tech funky house: exquisite!”
Tsugi Magazine France – “Growth is a cool one too.”
De:Bug Magazine Germany – “Considering for review.”
Andrea Ferlin – “Inner sky is the one for me full support”
Maurizio Vitiello (Rome) – “Carlo likes a lot Growth!!! …a very good release again!”
Alex Kaddour – (Lucidflow, Einmaleins-Musik, Piekup Records) – “Biq quality deepness in the Ep!! My favs. here: “Inner sky” and “Essentialqualities”, will try them. Another great stuff from Klartraum.Thxx for sending over.”
Artette (Etoke Records) “WOW, great stuff here, extremely deep & moody vibes!!! congrats!”
Jobe – “Wonderful EP, Essential Qualities touched me particularly – Goose bumps! Great for the dance floor as well as for the mind ;)”
Carlos Sánchez (8Bit, Plastic City, Superfancy Recordings) – “i love all the tracks, in special the track “Innersky” is definitely my favourite ;). i’m really glad with the ep… i’m sure that will work very well! nice work!”

LF010 – Carlos Sanchez & DJ Ray – Last Call

Joris Voorn – “Straight up tech house from Carlos and Ray. Good stuff! The original works best for me.”
Karotte – “Carlos Sanchez & DJ Ray – Last Call is great. Love it.”
Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Carlos Sanchez & DJ Ray – Last Call EP – Cool grooves – will play this – supported!”
Axel Bartsch – “Another great release. Coming a little bit more pumpin and not so dubby like before. Well done! Helmut’s remix and Palmcove evo mix are my favs.”
Elio Riso – (Space Ibiza) – “Last Call is very good, support! 8/10.”
Terry Francis – “Very cool Evolution mix!”
Martin Eyerer – “Nice Helmut Ebritsch Remixes.”
Ralf – “Last Call original is the one for me.”
Wally Lopez – “Last Call …love it…support!”
Felipe Valnezuela – “Last Call – Original and Helmut remix for me.”
Mihalis Safras – “Really nice ep!!”
Stephan Hinz – (Dinsdag Radio Germany) – “I like the Helmut Ebritsch – Palm cove – Evolution mix.”
Roual Galloway – (Faith Fanzine/Radio) – “Will support Last Call.”
Across The Line – (BBC Ulster) – “Really like the Helmut remix of Last Call.”
Karlos Sense – (Ibiza Sonica) – “Very good Palmcove. Full support from me in my sets… Congratulations.”
Nuno dos Santos – “Helmut remix of last call is cool! Micro acid is also nice!”
Chaim – “Helmut Ebritsch – Palmcove – Evolution Mix is cool stuff.”
Seth Troxler – “The remixes are cool.”
AFFKT – “Helmut Ebritsch – Palmcove – Evolution Mix…Nice one, will play it!”
Brothers’ Vibe – “ALL good – will play.”
Andrew Grant – (DC-10/Barraca) – “Helmut Ebritsch Remix…deep with punch ”
Anderson Noise – “Last Call is very good.”
Jose de Divina – “Palmcove – Evolution mix is a good track.”
Oleg Poliakov – “I love Palmcove, will play it!”
Michel de Hey – “After hearing the Last Call original, I thought this is not the one, However 2+3+4 gave makes me want to shake my hips.”
Remo – (Be @ Space) – “Well done! An ep that confirms how good Lucidflow is!! Ebritsch Remix is my fav! Full support!”
Gorge – “Will play the original!”
Okain – “Really nice original mix.”
Danny Tenaglia – “Thanks will support this!!”
Club Madnezz Holland – “Last Call…love the bass!”
Valka – (Paris One Reverse) – “Last Call is so mmmmmmmhhhhh! Will definitely play, and more than once!”
Chris Ç – (Dinamo.FM / Acik Radio Istanbul) – “Very nice again and I love the remix version or Last Call. Ace goes on!”
Kiko Martínez – (DocePulgadas RadioShow) – “Helmut Ebritsch Remix…GOOD RHYTHMS!!!”
Steve Parry – (Juice FM) – “Evolution mix is cool, Helmut mix is good too, and i like Micro Acid mix.”
Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Deep and sweet!!! Fits perfect on my radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio full support!!!”
Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Pulse, Dublin) – “Solid as always. Love the consistency out of Lucid. Will feature on Ceoltronic for sure. Full support.”
Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Lovin the Last Call – Helmut Ebritsch Remix.”
Tsugi Magazine France – “Palmcove – Micro Acid Mix…like it!”

Stephan Bodzin
Favourite Track: Klartraum_-_Yipyipyip_Original_Mix.mp3
Rating: 5/5
great compilation. mostly quality stuff on it. will play minimum 4 tracks. love yipyipyip, athos!

Raúl –
Favourite Track: Klartraum_-_Yipyipyip_Original_Mix.mp3
Rating: 4/5 Great release!! Soon In

Todd Burns
Favourite Track: Klartraum_-_Yipyipyip_Original_Mix.mp3
Rating: 3/5 thanks, we will let you know if we decide to cover.

bleed Venue: debug
Favourite Track: Klartraum_-_Yipyipyip_Original_Mix.mp3
Rating: 4/5 review to follow

Marc Antona Favourite Track: yipyipyip
Venue: Lisboa
Rating: 3/5 Klartraum as good as always

Favourite Track: Klartraum_-_Yipyipyip_Original_Mix.mp3
Rating: 3/5
Thanks for these! Some good stuff in there. I like the yipyip track, this is the sort of stuff I like to play.

Tim Xavier, Berlin / Clink Rec / Limited400 Rec
Favourite Track: Klartraum_-_Yipyipyip_Original_Mix.mp3
Rating: 4/5 very very cool tracks!!! definately quality

Troy Pierce, m-nus
Rating: 3/5 ibrou and the yipyipyip track are cool IMO.

Favourite Track: Klartraum_-_Yipyipyip_Original_Mix.mp3
Rating: 4/5
Mount Athos and Yipyipyip are my preferite of this ep good sound & good vibe
Full support genny

Pipo, Brussesl
Favourite Track: Klartraum_-_Yipyipyip_Original_Mix.mp3
Rating: 3/5 yipyipyip hourra :D

Lee Holman (Ferox,Nightvision records), Wexford Ireland
Favourite Track: Klartraum_-_Yipyipyip_Original_Mix.mp3
Rating: 3/5
love yipyipyip,gipsy and playin ! will play for no territory radio! thank you! :)

Nico De Ceglia, Radio 1 / London
Favourite Track: Klartraum_-_Yipyipyip_Original_Mix.mp3

rosario internullo, bucharest
Favourite Track: Klartraum_-_Yipyipyip_Original_Mix.mp3
Rating: 4/5
great stuff i m just waiting to play this tracks nice groove!!!!

Alex Tepper
Favourite Track: Klartraum_-_Yipyipyip_Original_Mix.mp3
Rating: 4/5
Nice release. Mount Athos & Yipyipyip are the ones for me. Thanks

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