Dark Matter Compilation – Fine Club Selection Of Deep And Minimal House, Electro, Dub And Techno by lucidflow

fine club selection of deep and minimal house, electro, dub and techno
Reviews for Pain Relief + Mixes:
Miss Kittin – “Love Klartraum in general, very nice release and remixes for spring, Original and Ocean Gaya my favorite.”
Chloe Harris – (Bedrock) – “Fantastic EP. I really love the Original and Ocean Gaya’s groove. The Silicone Soul is going to be a great use to me!”
Steve Parry – (Juice FM) – “Original is a wicked deep little moddy number. Silicone Soul mix is very cool. Hmm. The Ocean Gaya mix is great too…!”
Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Another KILLER release from the folks over at LUCID FLOW – Original and all reworks are da bomb!!!”

Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Strong release – all cool tracks – original just shades it for me – mighty dark.”
Karotte – “Silicone Soul remix is a good dark techhouse tune for the morning hours. Will play this.”
Sian – “Silicone Soul mix is wicked!”
Paco Osuna – “G-MAN remix is for me.”
Andrew Grant – (DC10/Barraca) – “G-man mix is DEEEEEEEP!”
Marc Antona – “Original Mix….in the bag again…. ”
Sharam – “That old reliable Basic Channel vibe. Nice deep package. Silicone Soul followed by G-man for the prime time floors.”
Rocky – (X-Press 2) – “Good Silicone Soul mix for me.”
Club Madnezz Holland – “Silicone Soul mix is a nice deep track.”
Stefano Fontana – (Computer Musik Italy) – “I like G-Man pain remix.”
The Phonic Express – (RTE Pulse, Dublin) – “Silicone Soul always feature in my playlists/charts. Here they really deliver on remix duties. Driving stuff. Love it.”Terry Francis – (Fabric London) – “G-MAN Remix is nice.”
Gabriel Ananda – “Beautiful sounds and athmospheres. Like it!”
Stephan Bodzin – “What a lovely deep & atmospheric journey on the Original.”
Axel Bartsch – “I´m always looking forward to listening to the new lucidflow release when Adam drops it in and i have never been disapointed so far. So not this time. Great release. Original and the Silicone Soul remix are my favs but gez does it too.”
Ryan Elliott – “Always love some G-Man!!”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Original and Silicone Soul mix, top release!”
Anderson Noise – “G-MAN mix is very good!!”
Nhar – “As usual, i really dig into Klartraum’s music. Original and Silicone Soul remix are the ones for me. Beautiful.”
James Zabiela – “Pain Relief…This is great Progressive House.”
Fergie – “Wicked mix from the silyboys ”
Gel Abril – “Top remix from mr G-Man.”
Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “Silicone Soul mix is OK.”
Guy J – “Great release , hard to choose favorite , good luck!”
Smokin Jo – “G-Man pain remix was my fav. Good peak time track.”
Norman Nodge – “For me its the g-man-remix. Tight stuff!”
Perc – “G-Man remix is ace! Thanks.”
Desyn Masiello (sos) – “G-man mix works for me. Will support.”
Danny Tenaglia – “G-MAN..thanks!!”
Andy Baxter – (Pacha) – “As DARK as ever this label, will be supporting the Silicone Souls Remix.”
Cirillo – “G-man and Silicone mixes deep and cool.”
Stuart McMillan (Slam) – “Really like the Silicone Soul mix.”
Valka – (Paris One Reverse) – “Original & Silicone soul mix are excellent! The whole release will be playlisted in the Exclusive Promo Show on P1 Reverse!”
Roual Galloway – (Faith Fanzine/Radio) – “The subtle sounds of Silicone Soul for me.”
Christopher Çolak – (Dinamo.FM/Acik Radio Istanbul) – “This time lucidflow is some proggy. But always incontingent on my lists. Excellent to see the master G-Man on the line. Alread in my playlist. This is big and humbke base sound. Ace.”
Kiko – (DocePulgadas RadioShow) – “Dark, epic, deeper and warm tracks! Whole package quite interesting. Supported by DocePulgadas RadioShow.”
Karlos Sense – (Ibiza Sonica) – “Full support to LucidFlow.. is one of my favorite labels.”
Jez – (iDJ Magazine) – “Like it. Have reviewed in iDJ. Prefer the remixes to the original especially the G-Man one.”
Christian – (Partysan.net) – “Original Mix Lovely as always!”
TheClubbing.com – “LOVE IT !! All tracks have their own identity..awesome!”
Tsugi Magazine (France) – “Cool mixes.”
Clubbingspain – “Great release!!”
Reviews for Klartraum – Mainzelgroove,Brett and India Express
Dubfire – “Feeling ‘India Express’. The others are a bit too glitchy for me. Thnx.”
Slam – (Orde Meikle) – “Great producers – love their stuff – yesssss! Mainzelgroove.”
Timo Maas – “Fucked up, but cool!”
Anderson Noise – “Truc Que J’aime, Love it!!”
Sian – “Lead track is nice and wobbly..”
Misstress Barbara – “Really like Mainzelgroove and Truc Que Jamie.”
Miss Kittin – “Mainzelgroove, good little tool for beginning!”
Paco Osuna – “I like, very cool EP.”
Basti Schwarz – (Tiefschwarz) – “Nice one. Like India Express. Will play it loud.”
Stephan Bodzin – “Mainzelgroove is a brett!!”
Michel de Hey – “Dark cool shit!”
Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Ireland) – “Yeah I like this. I will definitely play it on the show this week. Nice EP. Solid stuff from Lucid.”
Chris Colak – (Dinamo FM/Acik Radio Istanbul) – “Cool stuff as always!”
Reviews for Klartraum – Existence, Discounting
Konrad Black – “This is a breath of fresh air…in a Tsunami of bongos and ethnic vocals, this gem instills faith in me that there is music out there with a futuristic edge that isn’t hard as fuck still being made! Woohoo!”
Stephan Bodzin – “Very sophisticated tunes. Brilliant production! Will play existence.”
Paul Woolford – “An excellent EP, subtle & interesting – I’m instantly wanting to hear more & will be playing ‘Meditation’ at D-Edge in Sao Paolo tomorrow. Bravo!”
Joel Mull – “Lovely organic trippy funky deep tech tracks. Great label. All the releases has been top so far. Existence is my favourite. Thank you for the music.”
Laurent Garnier – “Will present ‘Discounting’ on radio!”
Steve Parry – (Juice FM UK) – “Existence is wicked, chunky and cool fills. nice. trust is good, i wouldnt play, but its very cool indeed. discounting production is wicked, really spacious and meditation is ace, i like this, phat and gritty. Top EP.”
Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Ireland) – “Hey guys. This is a really cool EP. great build up stuff. I will give this 100% support. I’m doing a 3 hour warm up set for Heartthrob in a few weeks so these will certainly get a spin there as well as my other gigs. perfect. thanks a lot. have a nice weekend.”
Chris Colak – (Dinamo FM Istanbul) – “One my newly favorite labels. I reviewed the first release and now here is the third. Lovely again. Electric groove it has inside. Great!”
Marc Antona – “I love Klartraum’s special unique sound ! More like this please….:)”
Matthew Dekay – “Seriously impressed and I don’t say that often. Love this release!”
Karlos Sense – (Sonica Radio Ibiza) – “Is a favourite label for mine from berlin…Lucidflow. I will make support allways… thanks..”
Technasia – “Existence is my fave.”
John Selway – “Feeling some expansive vibes going on here.”
Patch Park – “Discounting, very, very cool deep vibe. Nice!”
Bleed (Debug) – “Review to follow.”
Samuel L Session – “Trust n discounting are cool electronica like trax here. A bit like the warp records but with modern post minimal beats instead. Wont play this but will listen at home,,,”
Ewan Pearson – “I like Discounting lots!”
Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Dark minimal techno – interesting. Trust for me.”
Club Madnezz Holland – “Trust is pretty powerful!”
Riyaz Khan – (Diversions CHRY Toronto) – “All tracks work for me here – really feelin’ these – TRUST is wicked!”
Guy J – “Interesting one , Trust is for me , thnx good luck!”
Cirillo – “Psycholiquidtwisted… Existence!”
Arnaud le Texier – “Trust is nice! Perfect deep track.”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Existence is very good!”
Behrouz – “Liking bot the Existence and Meditation, thank you!”
Stacey Pullen – “Existence is a breath of fresh air, will support.”
Richie Hawtin – “Downloaded.”
Tsugi Magazine France – “Like it!”
Reviews for Nadja Lind – Saubille / Soundspooning
Craig Morrison – (Silicone Soul) – “Nadja sent me this over – beautiful productions with epic deepness fullest support!”
Carl Cox – “Thanks for these – not come across Nadja before but liking her sound big time.”
Lee Jones – (MyMy) – “Awesomely fat record!”
Funk D’Void – “Very cool grooves here, wow! Soundspooning!”
Ivan Smagghe – “Soundspooning is the one for me.”
Ewan Pearson – “Maturity and Saubille are great!”
Gregor Tresher – “Cool and deep sounding tracks. I like!”
Smokin Jo – “Some excellent tracks here. Very cool.”
Karlos Sense – (Sonica Radio Ibiza) – “Incredible sound dear Nadja… is very very nice, deep. I love it… rock up!!! Full support.”
Raveline Magazine Germany – “Reviewing.”
Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Multivitamins, Dilek) – One of the BEST releases of this 2009. You will find here sexy tech house, deep structures, techno and much… MUCH groove. Full support!
Patrick Chardronnet – “V.MAN, i like!!”
Martin Eyerer – “Interesting stuff. Havent decided yet but I think I will at least play one in my radio show!”
Paco Osuna – “I like Soundspooning a lot ,very nice flow.”
Tedd Patterson – “Nice EP. Nice variety of grooves.”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Excellent, really good stuff, all tracks are quality!”
Anderson Noise – “Big release!! Love it! Full support.”
John Digweed – “Saubille sounds really good.”
Stacey Pullen – “Groovy minimal soundscapes, will support.”
Secret Cinema – “Great tracks with an analogue feel…support!”
Misstress Barbara – “A bit to deep form my sets but love the tracks!”
Jimmy P – (Faith Fanzin/Radio) – “Really into Dub At Ease – strides the gap between pure techno ad the dancefloor nicely.”
Steve Parry – (Juice FM UK) – “Soundspooning for me.”
Chris Colak – (Dinamo FM Istanbul) – “This DJane is really talented and has a freshly sound. I love this EP!”
Will Kinsella – (Ceoltronic/RTE Ireland) – “This EP is great. lots of different vibes in there but all tied together with the same stripped down funk. Really like it.”
Karlos Sense: “thanks for the new release. It’s a pleasure for me make support in IbizaSonica and my sets.”