LF017 – Nadja Lind and Paul Loraine – Making A Difference by lucidflow

Fresh off the back of their “Eat The Frog” EP,
which found great support from the likes of
Funk D’Void, Seth Troxler and Maceo Plex.
Lucidflow chief Nadja Lind again teams up
with UK producer Paul Loraine on “Making
A Difference”. A track that will see them
confidently build on the success of their first
Less is most definitely more on “Making A
Difference”. A kick drum and snare rule the first
half, until the throb of the bass synth a slight
vocal, creatively change the dynamic.
From one label boss to the other. As fellow
Lucidflow owner Helmut Ebritsch lends his
magical touch. Harnessing the power of that
synth, Ebritsch creates a real warmth. Assisted
in no small part by the precious droplets of his
piano melody.
A stunning offering from the Lucidflow trio and
a strong addition to an impressive and rapidly
swelling roster of the releases.
Steve Bug – “The Helmut Ebritsch remix is nice!! I’m gonna play it!”
Deetron – “Very nice and lush grooves in the Helmut Ebritsch remix.”

Desyn Masiello – (SoS) – “Original mix for me, especially 2nd half. Really like it. Thanx for this!”
The Timewriter – “Helmut Ebritsch Remix is great!!! “
Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “The original is a bit of a grower…”
Karlos Sense – (Sonica Radio Ibiza) – “Very good Job my friends!!! Fantastic remix from Helmut Ebritsch.. Full support in my sets & show. Thanks.. Hope all best!!”
Diversions – (CHRY Toronto) – “Feelin’ the original here – cleverly simple & soulfully warm groove which gets it point across.”
Victor (DJ Magazine Spain) – “Very delicate house with a huge bass… awesome!! Me like, thanks!!”
Funk D’Void: “Serious Helmut remix! The whole package rocks…superior textures with crystal-sharp production. Congrats!”
Gel Abril: “original is really sweet tnx!”
DJ Yellow – “The remix of Helmut is really nice … will def play this!!”
&ME – “I really like the original. Good work guys!!”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Both mixes here are very good. Will be playing!”
Nick Warren – “Wonderful deepness throughout!! Full support from me!”
Dave Vega – “Original of Making A Difference is nice! Will support!”
Phonique – “Helmut Ebritsch Remix is very sweet!!!”
Jona – “Amazing release! Really love the Helmut Ebritsch remix!!”
Marcin Czubala – “Great ep!! It goes straight to my March chart
And.id – “Helmut Ebritsch Remix is cool for me. Will support!”
Peter Kruder – “I’m liking Making A Difference original. Will play this out!”
Joris Voorn – “Love Helmut’s mix!! Great grooves and deep feel..”
Craig – (Silicone Soul) – “Lovely release – deep like a subterranean mole… Helmut’s mix is
beautiful too, more lushness from Lucidflow!!!”
Andy Baxter – (Pacha & Cafe Mambo) – “Brilliantly deep as always.”
Luke Solomon – “Melancholy, but great! I like it.”
Christopher Çolak – (Dinamo.FM / Acik Radio Istanbul) – “Speechelssly im listening and
enjoying Lucidflow base and bass. Mint!”
Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Original is amazinggg! Wow! Full support.”
Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Pulse DAB, Dublin) – “Making A Difference sounds great. This is
house music.”
Stephan Hinz – (Dasding Radio Germany) – “Helmut’s mix is very nice. Will play in the show.”
Kev O- (datatransmission.co.uk) – “Lucidflow seems to be one of the most underrated new
labels around at the moment. Always serious business, and always DEEP! Top notch effort.”
Scan Mode – (ClubbingSpain/DJMag Spain) – “OH MY GOD! This guys are on fire! Big Big
Support for my friends on Lucidflow! Lovin’ this music!”
Russ – (iDJ Magazine) – “Top quality deepness.”
DJ Mag Italia – “Up for review.”
Tsugi Magazine France – “Helmut Ebritsch Remix is a cool one.”
Claire Ripley: “Nice deepness!”
AKA AKA (Burlesque Musique / Stil vor Talent): “Mental release with a nice remix by Mr. Ebritsch. We’re surfing the tides of our sofas!!”
UGLH (Supernature – 8Bit – Caramella): “Both original and remix are cool… thanks!”
Carlos Sanchez (DJ Carlos Sanchez): “def love it! will play helmut ebritsch remix :-) thanks!”
Sasch BBC (8 Bit, Brise, Plastic City): “really nice work, i like booth mixes. will play for sure!”
Kiko Martinez: “AWESOME BASSLINE!!!” (will chart)
Etoka Records: “Great music, beautiful vocals! Love the Helmut Ebritsch Remix ” (will chart)
Laurent Blondeau ( LO ) (energie records/bigger deer record): “helmut remix for me, nice groove.”
riccicomoto (acryl music, IRMA records, PDR, fairlads digital, 5000 records, holophon, final house): “…thanx for the promo…very nice release…marvelous soundz…full support…” (will chart)
Monty Luke: “DEEPNESS.”
Alex Kaddour (Lucidflow, Piekup, Idea, Act Natural…): “Awesome!!Lovin the groove and the sexy deepness!!Full Support!!” (will chart)
Markojux: “holy smoke – defo playing this.. bring you deep chill.” (will chart)
Evren Ulusoy (I Records,Plastic City,Loco): “Helmut remix is doing it for me.Thanks !”
Matt Gatt (): “The original is perfect heads down no nonsense groover. The perfect balance of stripped back percussion, rolling basslines and melody. It is exactly what I have come to expect from a quality label such as Lucidflow. Helmut’s remix does the business too, creating a deeper and more blissed out affair. Essential warm up material Will definitely be playing both versions out 10/10 for me :) cheers Matt Gatt” (will chart)
Paul (The Disclosure Project) (DPR,NDM,Acryl, Etoka, Elevation and others): “Thanks for sending this, I like the music in Helmuts remix, but I am not keen on the samples in this so I probably wouldnt play it.”
Dj Trinity (Pinksilver ): “Thank you for this lovely release, will play for sure! Another quality release from Lucid Flow.” (will chart)
The Messenger (Soul Industries / i Records / Night Drive Music / Plastic City): “Lovin’ both mixes.Greatly done!”
Gruenbox: “Nice!! smooth and groovy. Full support ;)”