Lucid Sounds Vol. 3 – A Fine And Deep Sonic Flow Of Club House, Electro, Minimal And Techno by lucidflow

20 deep lucidflow tracks + a special dj mix from nadja lind in one package

Support for Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine – Eat The Frog, Double Swinged, Get You! and Eat The Frog Helmut Ebritsch Remix

Funk D’Void: ‘Loving Double Swinged, big props to LucidFlow!!’
Jozif (Wolf + Lamb / Trapez): “jesus, ur on fire – just stuck on, double swing in the office (resident advisor) it’s BADDDD” – CHARTED RA!
Luke Allen (Four:Twenty): “This is Awesome, Love it”
Robert Cashin (Hypercolour): “Get U is great”
Richard Seeley (Rekids / VVWI) “Double and Get You”- 2 really strong tracks, would play both”
Arnaud Le Texier – “Get You is definitely the one here!”
Varoslav – “Nice ep and rmx! Great grooves!”
John Selway – “Another great Lucidflow!!
H.O.S.H. – “I am into the reduced production style offered on Get You! Wish it would be open
air season already for this. Perfect sound for a big PA.”
Let’s Go Outside: ‘Absolutely love “Get You!”. Beautiful piece. Nice release across the board.’
Combinator: ‘Get You! is for me, groovy!’
Terry Francis: ‘helmuts mix for me’
Tedd Patterson – (Cielo/ NYC) – “Get You! is really cool stuff!!!”
Pawas – “Super release as usual!!”
Ralf – “The best Lucidflow ever.”
Till von Sein – “Eat The Frog is solid stuff!!”
Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Absolute quality – top marks – playing Get You!”
Jona – “Double Swinged is my favourite here. Nice groove!”
Andy Baxter – (Pacha & Cafe Mambo) – “Always the best deep house. Get You! in the playlist!”
Christopher Çolak – (Dinamo.FM / Acik Radio Istanbul) – “I adore this label! Distilled bass you can get from nowhere, tasty than vodka! Yum!”
Andrew Grant – (DC-10) – “Eat The Frog…nice deep funk ”
Hector – “Really dig this ep, thank u!!”
Axel Bartsch – “I like Helmut´s remix most. Get You is beautiful till the break, just don´t like the vocals from there on.”
Michel de Hey – “Great label, fav on this one is the Helmut remix, excellent groove!”
Marco Carola – “Double Swinged is a nice track!!”
Seth Troxler – “Love the Helmut Ebrisch mix!!”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Cool tracks, I’ll try the Ebritsch remix.”
M A N I K – “Eat The Frog is dope. thanks!”
Maceo Plex / Maetrik – “The Helmut mix for me!! Will support.”
Alex Picone – “I like the remix of Helmut…cool!!!”
Club Madnezz Holland – “Helmut Ebritsch Remix…cool underground.”
Karlos Sense – (Ibiza Sonica) – “Full support from Ibiza Sonica Radio… Nice and great package… Thanks again for you music..”
Axel Boman – “Nice remix by Helmut Ebritsch!”
Cirillo – “Filthy long & deep afterhours stuff.”
Ptoile – “Get You! Nice track. Like the vocal sample.”
Kiko Martínez – (DocePulgadas RadioShow) – “Nice sounds on Double Swinged!”
Paris One Reverse – “Sweet deep techno as usual with Lucidflow!”
Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Wow!!! Nice sound here!!! Full support from Ibiza Global Radio.”
Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Good release – Helmut Ebritsch remix is fresh!”
Tsugi Magazine France – “Double Swinged is cool one.”
Scan Mode – (ClubbingSpain/DJMag Spain) – “Get you and Helmut remix are great,delicate melodies and precious vocals are simply amazing,lovin’ all Lucidflow stuff,incredible label!”
Kev Obrien – ( – “Love the dreamy deep vibe on all the Lucidflow releases..this is blissful!”
Alex Kaddour : Double Swinged & Get You for me!! will play…
Fallhead : thank you very much. it is a great release ! my fave is “Get You !” full support
Evren Ulusoy : Helmut remix for me here.Get you is also nice !
Ocean Gaya (Lovezone Rec.): Solid release in the Ludiflow eccentric style ! My pics : Get You and Eat The Frog Helmut’s edit. Keep the good work.
Steve Kelley: Loving Eat the Frog (Helmut Ebritsch Remix). Wicked grooove!!! Supporting!
Le Vinyl: double swinged for me thx :)
Matthias Springer: the frog and get you are the ones for me, really great atmo, full support!
DJ LulxiaI: already enjoy Nadja and Helmut work, because of strong bass, groove and minimalism and this new project with Paul Loraine…comes with a prog touch…its beautiful! Inspiring! :o)
Maurizio Vitiello: another great release on lucidflow… thx! my faves are the remix from Helmut and Get You! :)
Paul (The Disclosure Project): double swinged and helmuts remix are the ones that appeal to me the most here, thanks for sending
Silky: Love this release! Great work! Amazing remix from Helmut also! Supporting and playing for SURE!
Dr. Motte: Eat The Frog (Helmut Ebritsch Rmx) for me please °L°
Solee: good productions as usual! very deep & housy…unfortunately nothing for me to play in my sets. thanks anyway!
riccicomoto: …a really great release…congrats..!!! …love dis kind of deep dub n´jazzy stuff… …all tracks are great… …will play the hole release during my radioshows…
The Messenger: Very nice release.Hard to pick a favorite from this one.Suppose we’ll play them all.Will be charted too. Greatly done!
People Get Real: the Helmut Ebritsch remix is brilliant, lovely and dubby. Nice chopping of the vocal in the first minute as well.
Onur Özman: Lovely Package. “Double Swinged” hat me deeply.
Andre Buljat: ‘get you is the one for me here! nice job guys : )’ (will chart)
Eddie Merced: ‘Thanks for sending me this package… I’m loving it, nice deep sounds this is an awesome EP all around… Double Swinged is just dope!! Can’t wait to play it! :)’ (will chart)
Qmusse : ‘Nice tunes! Double swinged is the one for me. Muchas Gracias!’ (will chart)
Arnaud (Input Selector): ‘Already have the promo thanks to Paul, played Eat The Frog last night, great EP! Cheers, Arnaud’
Richard Seeley: ‘Helmut Ebritsch remix is a killer! Excellent work ; ) ‘Get you’ floats my boat too! All round great ep 9/10!’ (will chart)
Pablo Fierro: ‘Great Stuff!! Great Label!! Thank you for send..:)’
Antonio Oliveri: ‘Like Helmut Ebritschs´ remix’
Patrick Lindsey: ‘helmuts remix is awesome.. will chart!’ (will chart)
DZeta N’ Basile: ‘Strong package, will definitely support! Fav mix ‘Get You’ Thanx’ (will chart)
Sander Bekeschus: ‘I guess, I know what vocal that is :). Sounds really like “klartraum”. Straight percussion, no experiments. Like the mello of eat the frog, and the sound. Love also the Chord on Helmut´s Remix. Double swinged in definitely an earworm, especially that voval, betted in deep chords. Also love the chord on GET YOU, the female vocal is good for clubs, but maybe a little annyoing after listening to it a couple of times. Maybe I would like all of the songs a little more, if they would have a little less minimalistic attitude. Thank you for sharing!’
DJ Luca Ricci: ‘Thank you I’m downloading for Luca Ricci. ‘
Markojux: ‘i love the dubby nature of your tracks.. these i will play and support. much thanks.’
Andre Buljat: ‘get you is the one for me here! nice job guys : )’ (will chart)
Eddie Merced: ‘Thanks for sending me this package… I’m loving it, nice deep sounds this is an awesome EP all around… Double Swinged is just dope!! Can’t wait to play it! :)’ (will chart)
Laurent Blondeau(DJ Lo): ‘eat the frog is my favorite, nice feeling, will play LO (superfreq)’ (will chart)
Soukie & Windish: ‘Soukie & Windish: quak! good release, we like that’
Martin: ‘Nice n deep, I like the Ebritsch remix from this package the most.’
DZeta N’ Basile: ‘Strong EP, our fav must be Eat The Frog. Thanks for sending it’ (will chart)
Tom Maddicott: ‘Lovely house – will def play double swinged out’
Arnaud (Input Selector): ‘Already have the promo thanks to Paul, played Eat The Frog last night, great EP! Cheers, Arnaud’
Richard Seeley: ‘Helmut Ebritsch remix is a killer! Excellent work ; ) ‘Get you’ floats my boat too! All round great ep 9/10!’ (will chart)

Support for Klartraum – Growth Remixes from UGLH,Silky,Onur Özman and Paul Loraine

Kenny Larkin – “The remix by UGLH is slammin! Top shelf stuff!”
Paco Osuna (barcelona) – Growth (Silky Dub Mix) – 4/5 – “download thanks”
Orde Meikle(Slam) – Growth (UGLH Remix) – 4/5 – “cool grooves”
h.o.s.h.(diynamic hamburg) – “onur oezman mix is great!”
Luciano(cadenza records) – Growth (Onur Ozman Remix) 5/5 – “Onur is the one”
Peter Kruder(g-stoned) – “Love the Paul Loraine Mix and the Onur Ozman Mix. Will play this. Please send me WAVs. Thanks.”
Patrick Bateman(Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four) – Growth (Onur Ozman Remix) – nice and deep
Jose Maria Ramon(Ibiza Global Radio) – Growth (UGLH Remix) 5/5 – “groovy!!! nice works support from Ibiza Global Radio”
Omar Salgado – “I love UGLH remix. I will play it. Thanks”
Richard Hawtin – Growth (UGLH Remix) – downloaded
Franco Bianco (Multivitamins, Hypercolour, Dilek) “Waw… one of my favourite labels is BACK with this astonishing release, IDEAL for the sunset now on this side of the planet! ;) Loving this release!”
Paul Church(hove) – “super gear”
jose wated – “silky dub my favorite”
Colin Mmcbean – “uglh for me all the way ……………………”
Todd Burns(resident advisor) – Growth (Paul LoraineRemix) – Thanks. We will let you know if an RA writer pitches a review.
Gower Ramsey(T Bar London) – “like the old school feel of the uglh, laidback but groovy classic house, nice
Lee Holman (Ferox,Nightvisionrecords) – “nice housey grooves here! UGLH rmx is theone for me from here ! :)”
Jaumëtic(Barcelona) – “UGLH remix is great, i love it”
Djebali(Paris) – “like paul loraine remix a lot, other seems good too… downloaded for further inspection, thanks ;)”
Igor Cold (Proton Radio): “Growth (Paul Loraine Remix) is fantastic edition!”
Renato Cohen(Brazil) – Growth (Silky Vocal Mix) 5/5 – “Yeah! Some serious beats! Good stuff”
Alexi Delano – Growth (Paul Loraine Remix) 4/5 – “NICE!!”
Paris-One – “I love Klartraum! It rooooocks!”
Andrew Grant(DC-10/Barraca/Spain) – “Growth (UGLH Remix) 4/5 luv the soul!!”
Chloe Harris(seattle) – “these are all really nice. ill have to try them out to see which is best on the floor.”
Matteo Apedicati(Great Stuff / Tuning Spork) – “nice tracks.. thanks”
Ronan Portela (Unlock Recordings) Buenos Aires – “ughl remix rocks! Thanks =)”
Light IDR Venue: InfraDigrecords Publication: 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 4/5 
Excellent pack my favorites are UGLH rmx and Paul Loriane rmx!! and I will chart those in december full support!
Funkatron Venue: Seta Label Publication: 
Growth (Onur Ozman Remix) 
4/5 Loving the whole EP !!!
Tuncay Celik Venue: My Publication: 
Growth (Silky Dub Mix) 5/5 very nice sound, nice grooves… thanks
Razz Venue: Mexico Publication: 
Growth (Silky Vocal Mix) 4/5 
I love this EP … the house tunes makes me crazy !
Benoit C Venue: Paris Publication: Tsugi + 
Growth (Onur Ozman Remix) 
nice pack
Dualton Venue: VIVa MUSiC / Frappant / Cologne Publication: 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 4/5 UGLH for me. THX
Chris Simmonds 
Venue: Houseproud TV, Cross Section Music 
Growth (Onur Ozman Remix) 
4/5 Class, nice package will support!!
Matt Masters 
Venue: Various/ Freerange Records Radio Show 
Publication: / 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 4/5 Really nice guys. Will support
Roual Galloway Venue: Faith/Shrunken Head – London Publication: Faith Strobelight Honey 
Growth (Paul Loraine Remix) 
Markojux Venue: Kiss FM Melbourne Publication: Pinksilver Music 
Growth (Silky Dub Mix) 4/5 Silky Dub Mix – Keep ups!
Kazuumi Ishii Venue: Chiba, Japan Publication: 
Growth (Onur Ozman Remix) 
I dig the Onur Ozman remix alot.
Venue: Kenpo Recordings/AngelsOfLove/Naples 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 4/5 
Silky vocal and UGLH mix for me! Thanks
Philipp Ort 
Venue: Black&White Orange Records, Resopal Schallware, 
Growth (Silky Vocal Mix) 4/5 
Great package with deep sounds and funky beats!! UGLH, Paul Lorraine and Silky Vocal Mix for me! Will play and support! Thx
Simon Lawler for Steve Lawler 
Growth (UGLH Remix) will download and pass on
Len Ivoice Venue: Ibiza Voice Ibiza Publication: 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 5/5 
UGLH remix is a bomb track, defo play this! Lovely track!! 
Onur Ozman remix is super cool too, nice and stripped down but still moody! 
THX xx
Venue: Blaq Records / Mexico city 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 4/5 
great housey ep! hard to choose one but the one i like the most, growth (ughl remix) 
thanks for sending
Growth (UGLH Remix) 4/5 All are great. nice work guys
Stefan Koopmanschap – 
Growth (Onur Ozman Remix) 
Nice house music, especially the Onur Ozman remix
Someone Else( 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 
not sure yet.
Nadja Lind/Klartraum (Lucidflow,Soma, DarkroomDubs) 
Venue: Berlin 
Growth (Paul Loraine Remix) 5/5 
Very hard to say which is my fav. All interpretations are very unique and very beautiful!!! SIMPLY LOVING ALL OF THE MIXES :))
Javi Bora (2020Vision) Venue: Spain 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 4/5 
Solid pack. I will play UGLH Remix. Great remix
Tony Rodriguez Venue: Brothers’ Vibe 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 5/5 
Blazer! Will DEF play…Tks!
Erich Bogatzky Venue: minimood / Berlin 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 4/5 
very nice release!
chris fortier Venue: nyc, field trip + various worldwide – 
Growth (Onur Ozman Remix) 
paul loraine and oner mixes cool. nice and funky
Fer Ferrari Venue: 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 4/5 
UGLH for me!! thanks
Growth (UGLH Remix) 
ALL of these sounds really nice. thanks. :)
ISRAEL VICH Venue: Lima,Peru 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 4/5 
Tuncay Celik Venue: My 
Growth (Onur Ozman Remix) 
Nice groove… Love the Rhythm.
Rob Mello Venue: various 
Growth (Onur Ozman Remix) 
Great package with some great mixes. Love the Silky Vox too. Cheers
Paul Loraine Venue: 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 5/5 
Great package!
Rennie Foster, Rebirth / Dirty Works / Subject Detroit / F-Com (Tokyo, Japan) 
Growth (Paul Loraine Remix) 4/5 
Mirco Violi Venue: Italy 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 
nice uglh remix
andrea ferlin Venue: sleep is commercial records 
Growth (Silky Dub Mix) 
silky dub mix for me thanks
Randall Jones Venue: USA,, 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 
I like the UGLH mix….deep and low slung. will run this jawn worldwide for sure!
signal deluxe Venue: mexico blaq records/ trenton records 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 4/5 
growth uglh remix is the one for us here, nice house music, thanks
Yaya (Desolat) Venue: Turin/Ibiza 
Growth (Silky Dub Mix) 
Deep and melodic, nice! Thank you.
Noah Pred Venue: Thoughtless / Toronto 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 4/5 
All mixes are good – nice deep stuff. Will play!
Growth (UGLH Remix) 
nice and deep… diggin’ it
Venue: Tenerife 
Growth (UGLH Remix) 4/5 
nice stuff
Manuel Sofia (aka MOS) 
Venue: Buenos Aires – Natura Sonoris, Noizen 
Growth (Silky Vocal Mix) 4/5 
Silky Vocal & UGLH Remix are very good. Will play.
TJ / Igloo Mag 
Venue: Toneshift 
Growth (Silky Vocal Mix) 4/5 
The UGLH mix has traversible layers with transitions galore. Paul Loraine focuses nicely on the vocal rendering and has an attention for detail. Ozman grabs hold of the funk from the start and is the standout in this set.
Beta Boy (Freaks Radio Show), Freaks Radio Show / Noize Radio / Greece, 
Growth (Onur Ozman Remix) 
Growth – Onur Ozman remix is the best for me. Great flow. Lets groove
Chris Lamb SOMA Venue: SOMA Rec 
Growth (Silky Dub Mix) Silky Dub Mix is where it’s at.

DJ feedback on Klartraum – Connected and Angelo

Bushwacka! – “Lovely and deep and melodic..”
Peter Kruder – “Love Connected. Will play this.”
Andrew Grant – (DC-10) – “Angelo for me!”
Graeme Reedie – (Silicone Soul) – “Both tracks are just lovely.”
Tedd Patterson – (Cielo/ NYC) – “2 great tracks.”
Terry Lee Brown Junior – “Love it! Very sensual package…full support!”
Michel de Hey – “More than cool label! Again 2 great tracks, both equally good!”
John Selway – “Connected …smooth, spacious energy.”
Lee Curtiss – “Nice deep cuts here! Angelo is cool!”
Sasse – “Connected for me – ace groover!”
Chris Ç- (Dinamo.FM / Acik Radio Istanbul) – “Love these people and this label. Excellent EP again.”
Jimmy P – (Pulse Radio / Berlin) – “ACE! 2/2 Loving it.”
Victor – (DJ Magazine Spain) – “Great underground deepness, Connected is just lush, very very nice. Angelo combines darker sounds with jazzyer keys. Very nice.”
DJ Mag Italia – “Up for review.”
Maetrik – “Wow…Loving both tracks…Angelo is my fav i think.”
The Timewriter – “Connected is one of the best productions I’ve heard in months. Excellent skills. Also feeling Angelo though. Full support.”
Graeme Reedie (Silicone Soul): “This is sounding lovely, great swing with the rhythm – head nodding foot tapping goodness”
Paul Loraine (Trapez): “Klartraum have a gift, it’s a very rare gift they possess… it’s the gift of music people can truely connect with! I salute you x”
M A N I K – “Some interesting sounds here. Def like this as its not your typical junk. Connected is high quality! Support from NYC.”
Jona – “Beautiful music, i will play Connected.”
Orde Meikle (SLAM, Soma) – “Another 2 cool trax – sounding great!”
Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Really deep and cool!!! Full support from Ibiza Global Radio.”
John Digweed – “Connected is good for me.”
Russ – (iDJ magazine) – “Angelo is nice and dreamy.”
Alex – (iDJ Magazine) – “Deeeeeeeep and warm. We like. A lot.”
Kev O – ( – “Need a submarine for these things theyre so deep. Wow! Angelo has distinct epic feeling to it which reminds of Laurent Garnier’s Man With the Red Face’. Excellent!”
Andy – (Raveline) – “To be reviewed in the next issue.”
UNER – “Amazing groove in Connected! … I will play it for sure!”
Feygin – “Really like Angelo track.. great melodies and sounds.. good music all around! More please!”
Karlos Sense – (Ibiza Sonica) – “Awesome Deep Sounds.. Great for always.. I love this label.. is a mix that Deep, House, Techno and Dub.. it’s perfect.. Congratulations.
Steve Parry – (Juice FM) – “Connected is wicked.”
Paolo Mojo – “Good deep business. Angelo has some nice funk to it.”
Arnaud Le Texier – “Classic deep house but Angelo works.”
Axel Bartsch – “Indeed a good one again but who can tell if it´s the best so far. I like the more housey, groovy approach, brings in a little bit more but shaking.”
Gorge – “Nice vibe in Angelo.”
Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “Connected is growing on me!”
Dave Seaman – “Connected is very cool.”
Jody Wisternoff – (Way Out West) – “Angelo is beautiful!!”
Roual Galloway – (Faith Fanzine/Radio) – “Angelo!!”
Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Pulse, Dublin) – “Beautiful as always. Thanks Lucid. Will feature on Ceoltronic Radio.”
Guy J – “Angelo for me, full support.”
AFFKT – “Really nice tracks, groovie and with much Soul. Love it!”
John Graham (Quivver) – “Very nice, Connected is the one for me! Cool as f**k!”
Pawas – “Both tracks are up my street…. lovely groove!”
Steve Rachmad – “Both tracks are very cool. I’m a little bit more for Angelo though :-)”
Ralf – “Deep and elegant..Will play Angelo.”
David K – “Cool release, i like Angelo, perfect to start a sunny day!”
Jimpster – “Liking Connected a lot! Should be able to give this a good rinsing.”
Dosem – “Angelo is super nice!!”
Andy Baxter – (Pacha & Cafe Mambo) – “Both tracks really nice warm up stylee!”
Samuel L Session – “Can see Angelo work very late/early,,,”
Nuno dos Santos – “Angelo is great! Will play this in the beginning of the evening. Perfect buildup track!”
Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Nice ones – both tracks are excellent!”
Kiko Martínez – (DocePulgadas RadioShow) – “Really nice job! Great Klartraum!”
Scan Mode – (ClubbingSpain/DJMag Spain) – “Angelo for me! Will play!”
Tsugi Magazine France – “Connectedis efefctive and nice!”
Adam- (DJ Magazine) – “Really love the skipping funked up vibes of ‘Connected’. Quality stuff!”
Alex Kaddour (Lucidflow, Piekup, Einamleins-Musik): Excellent Ep!! Another Ace from Lucidflow!! Both tracks are a mind trip, with a rolling super groove!! Full support. Thanks for sending over
Mr Jones / The disclosure project / JP & Jones: Digging LF013, both tracks are nice but Angelo pips it for its musical notation and feel. I Like!

Paul Loraine (Trapez) – “Beyond Illusion is more than just music, it is a piece of ART!!! thanks for sharing! x”
Anthony Collins – “Beyond Illusion is cool.”

Remo – (Be @ Space) – “Very cool tracks on this release, Get To Real and I Don’t know are my favourites, will play and support.”

Peter Kruder – “I like Beyond Illusion here. Nice Harmonies. Will play this.”

Gel Abril – “Intresting stuff, Get To Real is my choice.”

Martin Eyerer – “Get To Real is deep and sexy!”

Ivan Smagghe – “Seems like cool deep stuff. Will test See Beyond.”

The Timewriter – “Get To Real for me here. Cool Track. Will play.”

Craig – (Silicone Soul) – “Sweet ep – been enjoying Beyond Illusion a lot!!!”

Hector Romero – “Beyond Illusion is rocking – really feeling it!”

Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “Beyond Illusion a real grower.”

Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Very nice sounding ep – See Beyond is my fave here!”

Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Pulse, Dublin) – “Wow. Very nice. Beyon Illusion is beautiful. Full support from Ceoltronic.”

Karlos Sense – (Ibiza Sonica) – “Get to Real it’s Lovely… I will be play in my sets sureeee… Great work!!!”

Makossa – (Radio fm4 / vienna) – “See Beyond sounds nice to me.”

Kev O – ( – “I Dont Know is some serious dubbed down house!”
Orde from Slam/Soma Records – just like to say I love the new track “Beyond Illusion ” – fucking superb
Be in my sets for months to come. Respect Orde
Nuno dos Santos – “Beyond Illusion is very nice!”

Werner Niedermeier – “Beyond Illusion is my pick. Love the pads. Nice atmo. Well done!”

Rhadoo – “Get To Real is def the one for me..”

Mihalis Safras – “Beyond Illusion is clear-sounding like a crystal! TOP!”

Dosem – “Very good vibes from Lucidflow like always. Quality mixes, super concept. Beyond Illusion outstands from the others.”

Guy J – “See Beyond is a beauty, great release.”
Federico Grazzini – (Zoo Project Ibiza) – “Super quality music.”
John Digweed – “Beyond Illusion is really nice.”

Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Great EP – been playing Beyond Illusion for months. Still be there in months to come – Excellent.”
Pig – (Pig and Dan) – “Nice electronic groovy stuff quite dub infused and funky will definitely play some of it earlier in my set.”

John Selway – “Sounds excellent as usual, into all the tracks. Very nice chord progression in Beyond Illusion.”

Chloe Harris – “I Don’t Know and Beyond Illusion for me. Great stuff. Nice and deep good low end.”

Dubfire – “Deep stuff here!!”

Rocky – (X-Press 2) – “Beyond Illusion is nice, the rest is so so.”

Eelke Kleijn – “Wonderful EP. Loving all tracks.”

Pawas – “Great EP… Beyond Illusion is my pick.”

Florian Meindl – “See Beyond is nice and dubby.”

Samuel L Session – “Well made minimalistic house!”

Ralf – “Beyond Illusion is great!”

Stuart McMillan – (Slam) – “See Beyond is nice for the warm up.”

Arnaud Le Texier – “Get To Real not bad! Will try it.”

Gregor Tresher – “Sounds good, Beyond Illusion and Get To Real are my picks, will play.”

tINI – (Desolat) – “I Don’t Know could work for me.”

Andrew Grant – (DC-10) – “BOMBS!!!”

Liapin – “Like See Beyond, nice dubby vibe!”

Chris Çolak – (Dinamo.FM / Acik Radio Istanbul) – “Lucidflow is the imprint that makes my blood shaking with each track they release. Their futurist rhyme and pumpin’ grooves makes them one of my current favorite labels. With this release they are bigger in my mind. Timeless tunes! Lucidflow is ‘Beyond illusion and beyond all contemporary conventions.”

Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Love it!!! Get To Real sounds quality. Full support from Ibiza Global Radio.”

Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Nice ones – See Beyond is gorgeous!”

Steve Parry – (Juice FM) – “Beyond Illusion is very cool and different. See Beyond is great. Get to Real is cool too.”

Scan Mode – (ClubbingSpain/DJMag Spain) – “Nice package. Good techno tracks!”

Tsugi Magazine France – “Get To Real is a nice one.”

DJ Responses for Mirza-Zadeh – Cloudbustin, City Lights, Don’t mess with Chicago, Autumn

Andy Cato – (Groove Armada) – “Lovely release very deep and beautiful.”
Nathan Coles – (Wiggle) – “Deep as you like and I do!”
Joris Voorn – “Lovely sweet tracks!”
Funk D’Void – ‘Really nice deepness on Don’t Mess With Chicago.”
Craig Morrison – (Silicone Soul) – “More beautiful deepness from Lucidflow… Allez Allez!”
Russ Gabriel – “Really good ep. Like all four!”
Wally Lopez – “Nice deep beats..will play Cloud Bustin.”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Nice stuff!”
Guy J – “City Lights for me.”
Liapin – “Nice deep sound! Will play Cloud Bustin!”
Alex Niggemann – “Nice warm up music here. Don’t Mess With Chicago my pick.”
Gregory D – (Fish Go Deep) – “City Lights for me. Will support!”
Rocco – “Dont Mess with Chicago ” is the one i will play for sure! City Light & Autum are perfect for atmospheric vibe!
Alex Wolfenden – (Café Mambo/We Love…) – “Sick grooves! Full support from me.”
Stefano Fontana – (Computer Musik Italy) – “Don’t Mess With Chicago is spinning in my head….”
Remo – (Be @ Space) – “Cloud Bustin and Don’t Mess with Chicago are the one I prefer more but a great release in general which follow up the quality of the past releases on Lucidflow. Support!”
Andy Baxter – (Pacha & Cafe Mambo) – “Super slick deepness. All over it!”
UNER – “Good house music here… awesome release!”
Samuel L Session – “Well done this, cool grooves for cooler moments!”
Deetron – “I love the laidback and dreamy atmosphere of Autumn!”
Master-H – “Humm deep,City Lights & Autum for me will play it loud ”
Laurent Garnier – “Nice mellow Ep. Will play City Lights.”
DJ W!LD – “Will play Don’t Mess With Chicago.”
Danny Howells – “Some great tracks here, perfect for early evening, thanks!”
Desyn Masiello (SOS) – “City Lights the strongest here.”
Axel Bartsch – “Very nice once again!”
The Timewriter – “Nice and smooth tracks here with my favourite Being Autumn.”
Greg D – (Fish Go Deep) – “Dont Mess with Chicago is the one for me.”
Andrew Grant – (DC-10) – “Deep grooves! Support!”
John Digweed – “Cloudbustin is good for me.”
Dosem – “The whole EP is really good, deep and atmospheric. Great work!”
AFFKT – “Good flow, will try them.”
Osunlade – “Quality ep!”
Terry Francis – (Fabric London) – “Don`t Mess With Chicago is very cool.”
Bushwacka! – “Lovely deep stuff. Love City lights.”
Arnaud Le Texier – “Summer deep house Autum is my favorite!”
Brothers’ Vibe – “Cloudbustin is SOLID! Will DEF play…”
Craig Richards – (Fabric London) – “Groovy deep house for the early part of the evening. Nice to hear a record without a fucking trumpet in it.”
Chris Ç – (Dinamo.FM / Acik Radio Istanbul) – “Love this label. Excellent summer EP. I mostly like CLoud bustin. And I feel more house in this one. Still and always Full support!”
Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Pulse, Dublin) – “More nice Lucid stuff ;) Will feature on Ceoltronic Radio tonight.”
Karlos Sense – (Ibiza Sonica) – “Elegance & very cool for me.. Full support like always…”
Stephan Hinz – (Dinsdag Radio Germany) -”Nice release. Like the deep vibe.”
Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Very nice sounds indeed – really feelin’ Cloud Bustin’ + City Lights! Full support…”
Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Deep and sweet music here!!! Fits perfect in my radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio. Full support.”
Steve Parry – (Juice FM) – “Nice deep house vibes, will use early doors.”
Kev O – ( – “City Lights! Super emotional, entire EP is nice… loving the deep and moody undertones.”
Russ – (i-DJ magazine) – “Ace deepness! Will support!”
Tsugi Magazine France – “Don`t Mess With Chicago….like its nice!”
Ryan Crosson – “Cloud Bustin and Autum could be nice openers. Thanks.”
Lee Curtiss – “Nice and deep james. Will play!”
Chris Lattner – “Cool, relaxed warm up tracks.”
Phonic Express – (RTE Ireland) – “City Lights is a solid tune for my warm up sets. Cool bassline. Will play it out.”
Nico – (APE Radio/ Holland) – “Love these summery vibes, full support from APE Radio!”