LF016 – Klartraum – Push Yourself EP by lucidflow

release date 28.2.2011
Klartraum’s Push Yourself EP is unashamedly rough around the edges. This raw, grimey edge sees a trio of basement anthems drop on the pair’s own Lucidflow imprint. Full of precision engineering and minute details the EP reflects a never ending Berlin afterhours session.
Lenny is a bouncy number that opens up a whole bag of tricks over its duration. First digging itself into a dark hole with a shuffling rhythm, a cheeky synth lifts the mood before crunchy bass is deployed to snap the floor into step. These elements casually drift together to create a teasing finale that will keep the floor guessing to the last.
Dignity is a dirty, dark, brooding and spacious track for never ending underground adventures. Constantly building, the warm low end’s gentle insistence pushes against the hips while skittering percussion gives momentum to it’s majestic pulse.
The marching, mechanical feel of Push Yourself with its tight drum programming will get people out of their seats, unaware of what is to come. With the dancing set in motion, intoxicated vocal snippets swarm around the low end to create both a twitchy funk and tripped out effect. The constant pulse dominates the track before a dusty brass sample appears from nowhere to confirm that things are by now thoroughly unhinged.
Each track on the package takes hold of the senses in a different way, twisting them so that time becomes an afterthought. The EP’s texture, where rough shards of percussion are woven smoothly into lush washes of melody works both mind and body. Unhurried yet absorbing, a casual intent in each cut slowly disengages reality and slips into another world of hedonism where anything is possible.
Konrad Black: “Loving Dignity…Thanks!”
Toni Rios: “Push Yourself for me nice track for my warmup”
Concrete Jungle (DARKROOM DUBS): “Lenny is fab! loving the deep pads!”
Evren Ulusoy (I Records,Plastic City,Loco): “Very cool vibes here! Solid.” (will chart)
Patrick Lindsey: “going for push yourself”
Michel De Hey: “another fine release! 1+2 4 me!”
Valentin Huedo / Ibiza Sonica (Extremly House Music, Music for dreams, Cafe del mar): “I like this sounds, kind of minimal deephouse, will try and see, thanks”
Martin (Noir Music): “On first listen i Like Dignity, could work for me. need to listen a few more times. but this ep is on the right lines for me. Dark n dirty.”
Dj Trinity (Pinksilver ): “Fantastic release, will play all 3 tracks! I think Lenny is my favourite, but really love the funkiness of Push Yourself. Can’t seem to get enough of the Klartraum sound.” (will chart)
Jerry Abstract (Shitkatapult, From 0-1, Slant, Semisexual, Dragons Eye): “Smooth :-)”
Daniel Campoverde / Ecuador (): “PUSH YOURSELF minimal sound love it… nice sounds ,modulation..awesome work guys!! Thanks for the tracks!!! :)” (will chart)
Daniel Campoverde / Ecuador (): “LENNY wow.. awesome work! the way the track builds up is beautiful! sound design/panning uuuuffff :) sounding good to me” (will chart)
Daniel Campoverde / Ecuador (): “warm sound.. this is perfect! lovely progression … feels like you will get what you want but you have to get lost in the groove to discover the real progression..I love it!!! DIGNITY” (will chart)
Evren Ulusoy (I Records,Plastic City,Loco): “Very cool vibes here! Solid.” (will chart)
Arnaud (Input Selector) (Elevation Recordings): “great ep, will play it!”
Dom the awesome Williams: “woot! lenny is right up my alley: serious groove shit that doesn’t take itself too serious! the schweineorgel-synth is just great! killer, just entered my playlist.” (will chart)
Artette (Etoka): “great stuff guys! will play & chart” (will chart)
Marc de Pulse: “little too oldschool sound for me, but frickling and cool anyway :-)”
Will Kinsella (Ceoltronic Radio): “Wow. Lenny is really great. Something very strange about it, Love it. Will feature the EP on Ceoltronic Radio tonight. Thanks a lot”
Kiko Martinez: “nice bassline, works for me” (will chart)
Tim Green: “great release. lovely music! groovy groovy ;) will play out for sure. thanks for sending :)”
Dosem: “Push Yourself is interesting vibe”
Dom (Soma Records): “I do love “Push yourself”!!! But admit that “dignity” does its job :) 4/5″
Let’s Go Outside (Soma Records, Slant): “Very, very nice release. 3 for 3.”
Da Funk: “dignity for me! nice!”
Qmusse (Reisei Records, Loco records ): “Dignity is the one for me. Gracias!”
Silky: “Dignity and Lenny are great! Love the synth pads! Nice work. Another great track fro Klartraum! Will be playing for sure! ” (will chart)
Maurizio Vitiello (bauns, rilis, loose, metroline ltd, orion, BU!, deeperefect & more): “thx for the files… cool sound as always! Lenny is the one for me but all tracks are well done and architected. will support! :)”
Rob Small – Monique Musique/Beef Records/Soulman Music:”Thanks for sending. ‘Dignity’ is the one I’ll try out here. The groove is good. ‘Push Yourself’ also sounds good. Nice work.”
Pito (Biatch Corp Recordings): “Push yourself is nice with a fun use of vocals!”
Pablo Fierro: “Dignity!! but all the pack is great!! thank you for send.”
Makossa (Radio fm4 / Vienna): “not exactly my kind of style”
Onur Özman (Rebirth, Night Drive, Onethirty, Clubstar): “love Dignity. a dark hole into deepness.”
Chris Lamb (Soma): “Soopercool house music :)”
Christopher Colak (): “Lenny is my track. It is the new offering here. Push Yourself is the classic Lucidflow style minimal maddness which I adore. And overall this EP is again awesome. Lucidflow keeps on being one of the most unique sounds around.” (will chart)
Herve Dias (): “Beautiful crafted EP!! Precision engineering and awesome vocal snippets with a deep twisted groove and dark funk is the right name to describe what i am feeling.love it!! Klartraum always pushing further!! “Push yourself” for me, well “Lenny” to.LOVE IT”
riccicomoto (acryl music, IRMA records, PDR, fairlads digital, 5000 records, holophon, final house): “…another high quality release by klartraum…marvelous “clear” grooves for the “deep night dancefloor”…my personal favorite is “DIGNITY”…but also those other tracks gonna mova ya butt…;)…will play dem in my sessions…!!!” (will chart)
Nic Fanciulli: “DOwnloading”
Jose Maria Ramon: “yes! sounds really cool specially “Dignity” full support from Ibiza Global Radio”
Paul (The Disclosure Project) (DPR,NDM,Acryl, Etoka, Elevation and others): “Dignity is the one I like the most here, thanks for sending”
City Soul Project (i! Records, Pack Up & Dance, Blockhead): “Dignity is off the hook!” (will chart)
Andy Baxter (Pacha, Cafe Mambo/ Ibiza): “Always the deepest beats”
Pawas: “groovy as usual !!!”
Andrea Ferlin (sleep is commercial, contexterrior): “Very nice pack love it!!!! Dignity is my fav”
Markojux: “I really like all the tracks – love the clunk, dub vibe. will play and support – lovin ya work. :-)” (will chart)
Antonio Oliveri: “Good job. Love Lenny´s jacking groove and mood!”
Arnaud (Input Selector) (Elevation Recordings): “Great release, will play it this weekend!”
Matt Gatt (): “What an amazing ep. Klartraum never fail to raise with bar with forthcoming releases and push yourself is no exception. All three tracks are great, but dignity would be the pick out of the bunch for me. Perfect low slung grooves with with the signature tight percussion that Klartraum are well recognised for. Its deep, but carries enough energy to roll along nicely. Lenny is fantastic, and demonstrates a sound which is so hard to pin down in this day and age. It is musical in its essence, tight locked groove with fantastic layering of melody and vocal snippets. Push Yourself is bouncy as F**K. This is a weapon of a tune to make the dance floor shuffle 10/10 for this release. I will definitely be playing and charting this ep Well done guys, for creating such a great sound which is a pleasure to play out and make people dance cheers Matt :)” (will chart)
Scan Mode (): “Yooo !! Superb tracks as always! My fav is Dignity! Love this track,and the Lucidflow’s sound :)” (will chart)
Laurent Blondeau ( LO ) (energie records): “nice atmosphere on dignity, definitely for me !!” (will chart)
Marco Duranti (UGLH): “Cool sound. Great Ep…! Thanks.”
Nadja Lind (Lucidflow, Soma Records, Darkroom Dubs): “AWESOME ROCKIN SHITTT =)))” (will chart)
Alex Kaddour: “Awesome pack!! Deep and groovy, perfect for my sets!! Like them all, charting for next Feb. and will play them 4 sure!! Full support!!” (will chart)
Paul Loraine (Four:Twenty): “Another great release from Klartraum, Lenny is my fav here… support in my December live mix for Capture FM, thanks for your great music” (will chart)