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Martin Eyerer’s already featured this @ Kling Klong Radio Show: martineyerer

Nadja Lind (Lucidflow, Soma, Darkroom Dubs) STUNNING REMIXES! Thank you guys for your brilliant work!

Someone Else / Found Sounds / Tuning Spork yapacc rmx for me

Richie Hawtin M_Nus download for r hawtin

DJ T, Get Physical will download. thank you for good music!

Benna (Harry Klein) the remix from yapacc is my favorit. also the one from markojux is good

The Cheapers (Upon Y ou) will play the original and the yapacc rmx.! thx.

Phobic Really like the Yapacc remix, quality stuff as always

Dave Martin Technique / Immigrant Nice release – Yapacc’s mix is the pick for me. Thanks Dx

Terence . (:terry:) Freak N Chic cool ep.

Jet Project Yapacc mix hitting the spot for me.

Tyler Stadius Very nice mixes from Markojux & Yapacc. I’ll try these for sure.

Tim Green TG Yapacc’s mix is the one for me!

Tim Red Superfreq nice warped organic groove from the original and liking the optimism of Helly’s mix

Alland Byallo Liebe Detail, Floppy Funk, Dirtybird, [KONTRO Yapacc’s remix is awesome!

Paul (The Disclosure Project) (DPR,NDM,Acryl, Etoka, Elevation and others): “The yapacc remix is an interesting one, lots of subtle little noises going on in there.”

Shlomi Biton (Tunnel FM / Sense Fm): “Quality Remixes Great Work Guys, Helly Larson Is Definitely My Pick !!! ” (will chart)

Marco Duranti (UGLH): “Original and Yapacc rmx are really cool. Thanks”

Matthias Kirsch (Jazzradio): “The Yapacc Rmx works best for us. Perfect, hypnotic groove for Saturday nite programming in Berlin.”

cera alba (hot creatons): “Good release. Really like Helly Larson and Yapacc remixes :)” (will chart)

Evren Ulusoy (I Records,Plastic City,Loco): “Yapacc and Larson mixes are for me.Thanks!”

Jeff Fontaine (HouseRiders/UCP, iRecords, MileEndRecords, DeepWit, Acryl, Soul Industries, Stereo Tension…): “Very nice EP, Thank you!!! Full support…” (will chart)

Makossa (Radio fm4 / Vienna): “original & yapacc for me .. great deep vibes”

Mirus (Indigo Raw Recordings): “Yapacc remix is my fav on this one. thanks Lucidflow :)”

Alex Kaddour (Lucidflow, Piekup, Idea, ): “Original and Yapacc Remixes are great! Will play.Thanks ”

Claire Ripley: “I like the Yapacc remix most”

Paco Osuna: “nice one :)”

The Messenger (Soul Industries / i Records / Night Drive Music / Plastic City): “Loving the Helly’s Remix.Markojux Coast Mix is awesome also. Great release all together! Thanks for sending.” (will chart)

Gel Abril: “yapacc is nice tnx.”

awesome Dom (Soma): “digging the original and Yapacc Rmx”

Seth Troxler: “Downloaded for Seth Troxler, thank you.”

Bjoern Scheurmann (Fassade Records): “Nice tracks! Will test them on the floor!”

Lou Lamar (): “a nice set of grooves here… hard to joice :D”

BERNY (): “Really feeling Original Mix, thanx!”

Da Funk (Acryl Music, iRecords, Plastic City): “helly’s remix is very nice. will play!”

Francys Fran Cys: “lovin this release,cool stuff inside!”

Philogresz (treibstoff, ware, team, snork): “definitely yapacc remake!”

Calin Marian aka Catastrophic (): “Lovely remixes, definitely one of the best Lucidflow EP! Will support it on Tunnel FM ;)”

Herve Dias (): “Love them all top remixes! great release thanks ;-)”

Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four): “Yapacc is always on spot for me, also this time. Dope dope dope remix!”

Giuliano Rodrigues (G recordings): “I choice Helly Larson Remix. The original version is the best, strong, very deepdanceee. ”

Paris One (): “Excelent E.P As usual !

Zilvinas Navickis (Wave Sessions): “Original mix and Yapacc rmx will fit the wavesessions bill on perfectly! Keep up the good work!” (will chart)

Roman Rubique (United Radio Moscow): “wow wow wow!! Finally, I waited for the release of klartraum! excellent sound..a good surprise for the new year ;)” (will chart)

Ocean Gaya (Lovezone Rec.) (Lovezone Records, Plastic City, Acryl): “Wowo wow.. brillant dub happiness on this one ! Top remixes all along.”

Andrea Ferlin (sleep is commercial, contexterrior): “Yapacc & Markojux remix for me”

Ilias Katelanos (Lovezone ,Acryl ,Etoka,Pesto): “Excellent ep ! great original track and beautifull remixes Helly Larson remix is my fav though much respect to everyone thanx a lot” (will chart)

DZeta N’ Basile (1Trax/Tsuba/Real Tone/VIVa): “Yapacc rmx all the way for us! Solid release ;o)”

Deep Spelle (i Records/Lucidflow/DeepWit/UM Records/Soul Industries/ Lens Media): “Great pack! Helly Larson Remix & Markojux are my favourite! Lovely sounds”

Deepling (): “uuuuuuuhhhh …. what should i say about fallin in love ?” (will chart)

Scott Harrington (i! Records, Pack Up & Dance, Blockhead): “Helly Larson Remix for me here, full support”

Sasch BBC (8 Bit, Brise, Plastic City): “very nice! thank you for the good music!”

Paul Loraine (Lucidflow, Four:Twenty, Vitalik): “This is awesome, love the Yapacc remix! ” (will chart)

Severino Panzetta (horse meet disco): “Yapacc rmx is my fav …great vibe thanks ”

yapacc (perlon/apparel/wir/brise/fantastic friends): “good package with deep atmosheric stuff will bring some smiles into club ;) will chart the original. ” (will chart)

Markojux: “all tracks are great!! Yapacc did a great job.. ” (will chart)

Helly Larson: “nice ep! Thank you very much for cooperation! I like all mixes! ” (will chart)

Leenny (Lucidflow): “nice ep !! i will play a lot ” (will chart)

Dom the awesome Williams: “woha, hard to pick my favourite. it’s either the original or the yapacc rmx… super nice stuff!” (will chart)

Carlos Sanchez (Supernature / 8bit) (DJ Carlos Sanchez): “markojux and yapacc mixes are good! will try it out… thanks :-)”

Florian Schirmacher (FormResonance): “Yapacc, Markojux und Helly Larson Remixes are great! thx. florian ”

Jesus Pablo ( i Records / Lost My Dog / Something Different Records): “loving the Helly Larsen Remix… will use on show / sets…”

SHA Podcast: “Wow, I love the deepness of the original and the subtle build of the Markojux remix. The Yapacc remix is nice and dark with menacing stabs. The big one is definately the Helly Larson remix, just great, gives it a nice techno edge. Great package!” (will chart)

Matthias Springer (Diametral Records / “Cool package, the helly larson remix does it best for me, thx :-D”

John P. – “great release and awesome remixes… full support !!”

Omar Salgado (Foundsound, Lezzismore): “Really nice tunes. Yapacc and Original for me. Thanks”

Hall North (Soma, Fade, Cubism, Celestial, Tulipa, Endemic, 26TeaDrops International): “Stunning stuff as ever – remixes are great but its the original that stands out for me!” (will chart)

RADIO (Presenter): tight beats and productions. i like the atmospherics of the last two mixes the most – yapacc the most – support
Coverage: feedback (Editor): Not covering this one. Too unchanging, techhouse and functional for me.

East Village Radio (New YorK) (Presenter): Deep. Really feeling the original version. Thanks for this!
Coverage: feedback

House Nation Radio (Producer): Love the Yapacc Remix. Very Deep
Coverage: feedback
Paris One (Producer): Good Yapacc remix.
Coverage: Feedback

Ibiza Sonica (The Fix) (Presenter): Always slick from the Lucid lab. Hard to pick the best mix
Coverage: feedback

FM4 / ORF (Presenter): solid, deep stuff.
Coverage: Feedback

Rotationz (Top Radio) (Presenter): Markojux’s Coast Road mix sounds cool
Coverage: feedback

Beat @ Work (Beat 102-103) (Presenter): None for me Im afraid!

BudapestDeepCafe (Radio Avas FM) (Presenter): Thanks but this pack is too deep for me.

Radio Partygroove (Lost In The Sound) (Presenter): Yapacc rmx for me! Support
Coverage: feedback

Afterhours Radio Show 99.1 (Presenter): Helly Larson Remix is my favorite! But the rest of gems, sounds good for me too!
Coverage: feedback

Global Communication (Antena 3) (Presenter): Like the Yapacc remix, thanks for sending it cheers
Coverage: feedback

Colair (Play FM (Presenter): strong release! The Yapacc remix is excellent!
Coverage: feedback

ONLINE (Editor)
Coverage: News Piece Online
Freelance (Editor): Yes!
Coverage: Feedback (Editor): nice trippy sound!
Coverage: Feedback
The Guestlist Network (Editor): Helly Larsons Remix and Yapaccs are the ones for me.
Coverage: Feedback (Reviewer): Starting to warm to the Klartraum sound – Helping Witness lovely and rolling. Original just for me here.
Coverage: Feedback
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