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*Laurent Garnier : superb vibes , superb atmospheres , deep funky music. This is a beautifull album al round– Will play of course
*Ivan Smagghe Black Strobe: usually love their stuff. will check closely
*Dubfire / Deep Dish: nice album , thanks!
*Seth Troxler: Downloaded for Seth Troxler, thank you.
*Luciano / Cadenza: Thanks a lot! L
*Paul Loraine (Lucidflow, Four:Twenty, Vitalik): “Step into the Lucid world of two of the best producers in the world right now! 10/10 this is orignal and I love it” (will chart)
*Graeme Reedie (Silicone Soul): “great stuff folks , love it all :o) ” (will chart)
*Franco Bianco (Multivitamins, Hypercolour, Dilek): “Klartraum always ROCKS!!! Something Wrong is FUCKING AMAZING!” (will chart)
*Orde Slam (Soma/Paragraph): “love this – quality quality – great stuff guys – respect – Orde”

Hernan Cattaneo (): “very good! full of really good stuff”

Marco Duranti (UGLH): “Great music….Thanks….!:)” (will chart)

SHA Podcast: “Wow, excellent. Secret Moon is destined to be a big track. Kazantrip has great menacing underground vibes. Amazonas-Santiago is a merry dance of a track, definite dancefloor pleaser. Orchidee is an epic, great way to finish. Really good album overall. ” (will chart)

John P. – Westradio.gr: “Great album by Klartraum! will support all tracks! Thanks Lucidflow” (will chart)

Paris One: “Nice LP, but not for me !”

DJ Misk (): “playlist and support in altroverso radio”

Shlomi Biton (Tunnel FM / Sense Fm): “some really dope tunes here all sound so HQ, Dling & will support em Thanks.” (will chart)

Andreas Barth (formResonance): “I love this organic and warm, analogue Klartraum sound – the deepness and the sampling and and and… Perfect production – as always! My favourites: “Universe” and “Map of Truth”! (ABarth, PhonanzaFM, HH – http://www.phonanza.de/)” (will chart)

Hall North (Soma, Fade, Cubism, Celestial, Tulipa, Endemic, 26TeaDrops International): “INCREDIBLE STUFF! Words fail me – simply not enough superlatives!! Love everything here!” (will chart)

ja.sha (please keep this updated :) ): “diving dancer … map of truth … orchidee – i love your music klartraum forever”

Ivan Draco (): “Kazantrip makes me wanna quit my job and hit the streets:)” (will chart)
Ivan Draco (): “Upon further review I find it hard to choose one song. This album takes my breath away. Goosebumps.” (will chart)

Daniel (Pinksilver): “Very nice album release by Klartraum, diverse and rolling. ‘Kazantrip’ is my no.1 track and will showcase on my Kiss FM Radio show.”

Mirus (Indigo Raw Recordings): “Great stuff! thanks”

Giuliano Rodrigues (G recordings): “Sure i will play…because this is the firt feel in, the firs word, to say what is house and tech house. We can find deep sounds with strong beats on Klartraum Group. Sometimes we can hear dark sounds and light sounds. Everything you can find on Klartraum. Is all about the moment. Your moment. :D Love every fragment. :D”

press release:
As the world catches on to the music and live performances of Klartraum duo Nadja Lind & Helmut Ebritsch, the pair look to the release of their deep yet wonderfully eclectic second album ‘Secret moon’…
Berlin based Nadja Lind & Helmut Ebritsch have been working together for over five years now, but it is in the last twelve months that the duo’s Klartraum project has really come to prominence. Both Nadja & Helmut have a solid musical history recording for the likes of Darkroom Dubs, Soma & Morris Audio yet it is through their shared musical output that they have really captured the imagination, producing deep and moving electronic music that fuses elements of techno, house and electronica.
Out of the studio the duo have taken their sound on the road, performing as Klartraum live at London’s Fabric, the infamous Ukrainian festival Kazantip and Goa’s renowned Shanti club to rave reviews and rapturous response. In the coming months they will also be appearing at dates in Australia and across Europe.
‘Secret Moon’ is a rich and diverse collection of tracks that reflect Klartraum’s journey since the release of their debut LP, ‘Evolution’ in 2011. From the opening atmospheric ambient recording of ‘Berlin Intro’ it’s clear that this is not to be a straight-laced ‘club’ album but rather a body of work that ebbs and flows through styles and sounds with little regard for genre. Downtempo cuts such as the breakbeat based ‘Something Wrong’ or the off kilter ‘Universe’ add a depth and variety to the mix yet Klartraum’s production skill and musical sensibilities work to make the album work as a whole. There is a deep hypnotizing feel to this whole album, keeping you locked into the experience as the album progresses. Tracks such as the epic ‘Secret Moon’ and the sublime ‘Sell Your Soul’ have an almost cinematic feel to them; drawn out, spacious and mesmerizing. Klartraum’s 2011 debut was a real achievement but ‘Secret Moon’ takes things to the next level with a strength and energy that is tempered with an audible maturity of production.
Nadja Lind & Helmut Ebritsch have their own way of creating music, making much of both their spiritual leanings and their hands of approach to ‘jamming’ out tracks live. Whatever it is that drives them it certainly works, for Klartraum are rapidly becoming an act that cannot ignored, making great music and taking it to the world via their passionate live performance. Long may it last!