how does a creative day look/feel like for you?
Helly: Just need enough sleep and the creative process will be perpetuate itself
Enrico: …always beginning with a good espresso…then working out some beats and the journey begins…never know where the sound will lead me to…and that is what I really enjoy…

how do you support yourself in being creative?
Helly: Extensive breakfast, walk at the river “Spree” and an ice cold beer!
Enrico: I try not to force anything, try to just let it flow…

how do you hinder yourself from being creative?
Helly: Electrical power outage
Enrico: with too many projects at once…and deadlines…

how did you come across Lucidflow?
Helly: Nadja Lind and me met someday at a gig. We clicked immediately and from then on have been collaborating.
Enrico: Helly Larson introduced me…and we both did our first collaboration with Lucidflow (Bronco Del Noche EP)…

tell us one of your greatest wishes:
Helly: One of my biggest dreams is to work with real musicians and create a distinct sound.
Enrico: …one day in outter space… [;)]

anything else you would spread to the Lucid world?
Helly: Go n dance!
Enrico: life is beautiful…enjoy…