Klartraum – Indian Spirit

Marco Duranti (UGLH): “Good vibes thanks” (will play)
Franco Bianco (Multivitamins, Hypercolour, Dilek): “Great release! Full support and thanks for the music! :)” (will play)
Robert Owens (many labels): “great group of tracks” (will play)
Estroe (EevoNext/Connaisseur): “very nice deep comforting stuff. Aaron and Indian spirit are my fav’s” (will play)
Hernan Cattaneo (): “great stuff full support” (will chart) (will play)
AKA AKA (Burlesque Musique / Stil vor Talent): “Aaron is ja ma geil Melos stehen euch!!! Wird samstag getestet ” (will play)
Dan Drastic (Moonharbour): “love Spiral Dynamics and The Void” (will play)
Alexkid (Rekids, Desolat, Freerange): “Spiral Dynamics is really my fav. Groove Based! Boom.” (will play)
This is why we dance: “Aaron would make the perfect set-opener! Very cool as ever from Klartraum, and also as ever, for ‘chart’ read ‘review'” (will chart) (will play)
SHA Podcast: “Nice deeper tones, cooooool! ” (will chart) (will play)
Chris Rayner (Golden Needle Records // Whartone Records // Stained Music): “NIce stuff. Will play this weekend” (will play)
Breiten (): “It rained all night long, and it’s 9 grad outside.. Thank you for sending some warmth my way. Aaron is deep bliss..- amazing Sprial is perfect for my warmups and after hour sets! love this music! The Void is super cool, the last half is great! ” (will chart) (will play)
Omar Salgado (Foundsound, Lezzismore): “Really nice tunes… love it… Thanks” (will play)
Carlos Sanchez (Supernature / 8bit) (DJ Carlos Sanchez): “lovely deepness here! loving the whole ep… big up for klartraum!! thanks” (will play)
Francys Fran Cys (Composite,Resopal,Highway,Time Has Changed): “nice work, loving the atmos here spiral and indian spirit are my favs, thx!” (will play)
Steve Parry (Selador): “quite liking the void.. nice for early sets” (will play)
Augusto Siles (Afterhours Radio Show 99.1): “very nice stuff will play The Void for sure. Love the way the track flows. Spiral Dynamics is also cool” (will chart) (will play)
Victoria (Shanti): “Oh, thats lovely release! In Sochi is +25, sunchine, still swimming in the sea!!! And it’s a magic soundtrack!” (will chart) (will play)
awesome Dom (Soma): “Loving “Aaron”…. 3.5/5” (will play)
Lou Lamar (): “Great Release, Thank You” (will play)
Calin Marian aka Catastrophic: “Cool tracks guys, but my pick here is The Void! Thanks, will support on Tunnel FM ;)” (will chart) (will play)
Deepling (ReadyMixRecords): “Thanks to Berlin… thx for thes stunning dubtunes. I fell in love. ” (will chart) (will play)
riccicomoto (acryl music, IRMA records, PDR, fairlads digital, 5000 records, holophon, final house): “…marvelous sound-structures…relaxed and reduced to the essential…high quality with the typical character of klartraum…” (will play)
Silky: “Spiral Dynamics is BADASS!! Love it. Very cool groove on The Void! Great release! Thank you” (will chart) (will play)
Helly Larson: “great ep ! my fav. is -the void- thanx for sending ” (will chart)
Lukasz Napora (Progrezo Records): “all the tracks are nice but “Indian Spirit” definitely wins” (will play)
Mirus (Indigo Raw Recordings): “Great stuff thanks!” (will play)
Dj Laurent N. (): “Another nice release & great stuff here. With always a Top atmosphere. Will play & FULL SUPPORT !!!” (will play)
Yaroslove (Pro-Tez,Baile Music, CoolTool Rec): “Yay for indian spirit !! thanks” (will play)
Ilias Katelanos (Lovezone ,Acryl ,Etoka,Pesto): “Excellent tracks ! full of colors and emotions thanx a lot ” (will chart) (will play)
The Messenger (Soul Industries / i Records / Night Drive Music / Plastic City): “Excellent! Smooth and groovy all the way. The Void is favorite. Full support.” (will chart) (will play)
Makossa (Radio fm4 / Vienna): “nice, deep stuff ” (will play)
Quintin Christian (): “Beautiful sounds!” (will play)
Giuliano Rodrigues (Another Chance Records): “Love Aaron :D o/” (will chart) (will play)
Frequencies.it: “very nice sound”
Matteo Pitton (Eintakt / Diametral): “Wow! dreamy and relaxing, but always in line with the Klartraum style! i like a lot “aaron” and “the void”, nice one helmut and nadja! support” (will chart) (will play)
Aaron und Anna (Eul Of Love): “hallo meine lieben und geulten schnuckies. aaron ist für mich einer eurer größten tracks, nur mal so vor ab. the void gefällt mir gut und dann indian spirit und spiral dynamics. ich weiss nicht ob die reihenfolge so sein soll wie in der promo. wenn ja find ich den switch von aaron auf spiral nicht so. mein vorschlag für die reihenfolge wäre the void, aaron, indian spirit, spiral. aber ich bin da kein kenner, es ist ne reine empfindungssache. liebe euch meine hearties <3”
Cristian Gandini (Sonic FM): “excelent!” (will chart) (will play)
John P. – Westradio.gr: “Great tracks! Will play and support on west radio! Thanks” (will play)
DJ Trinity (Pinksilver, Moodmusic, Manual Music): “Beautiful release. Especially loving ‘The Void’ Lovely deepness as always Lucidflow!” (will chart) (will play)
Joe Silva (Balanced, Tango, Thoughtless): “Aaron is going in my deep tech sets. Thanks!” (will chart) (will play)
Funtom (Tom Krizic) (Deep Site Recordings, DE Radio): “Another original and groundbreaking EP from Klartraum, full support” (will play)
Simon Whight: “Downloaded for Simon Whight via the communication medium of carrier pigeon.” (will play)
Hall North (Soma, Fade, Cubism, Celestial, Tulipa, Endemic, 26TeaDrops International): “Another fantastic release guys!! I love everything here! As usual with Lucidflow Promos I’m struggling to pick a favourite, but if I must – I’d say The Void is the one I’m most likely to play – a great set-starter!! Cheers!!” (will chart) (will play)

Are you enjoying your Indian Summer? We’re not. It’s raining. To accompany this season of pressing your nose up against rain streaked glass, looking out at the weather as it approaches near Ark conditions, Lucidflow have a little aural duvet to wrap yourself up in. Klartraum have some Indian Spirit to compensate for this lack of Indian Summer. For those who are not well versed in the Lucidflow head honchos work, this EP—containing four tasty morsels—is a perfect introduction to the Berlin based duo’s deep and textured works.

Looming ominously on the horizon, like an oncoming monsoon, Indian Spirit’s harmonic wind chimes blow over billowing low end textures, with wisps of electronic piano drifting across the moody grey atmosphere.

Rolling in just shy of a mammoth twelve minutes, The Void takes its time in unfurling its secrets onto you; melancholic pads providing a fabric for meandering keyboard solos to weave through, gradually letting the bassline rise in emphasis from melancholia into optimism.

Keeping in this soundtracky vein, Aaron’s string plucked motifs are accompanied by the meditative tones of Stephen H. Wolinsky, guiding and teaching as you shimmy and weave in your own little bubbles.

Every family has a black sheep and Spiral Dynamics is the fervent baa-monster in this little flock. More Japan than India, Ryuchi Sakamoto-esque detuned Shamisen twangs play around a bubbling percussive backdrop. This particular black sheep deserves an extra special cuddle from you, so pay it the attention it deserves.

Those Autumnal blues won’t be going anywhere soon, but LF037 certainly provides the soundtrack to curl up into some introspective and reflective moments in life. Get the heating on and enjoy.