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release date was 30.4.2011
After his great success “Cloud Bustin” Mirza-Zadeh’s now back on Lucidflow!
This time his “Crack Of Dawn” and “Sad Engine” are remixed by Klartraum label founder’s Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch.
German Robert Mirza-Zadeh has been creating music for 15 years. Starting out using the most basic of equipment, Robert evolved and found the atmospheric and groovy sound that he presents us with today. As Robert travels through the world he brings a recorder with him and captures myriad sounds and voices that enrich and add mesmerizing complexity to the tapestry of his music.
With ‘Crack Of Dawn’ we see the emergence of Robert Mirza-Zadeh as an artist exceptional depth and exquisite talent. The funk, the groove and the mood make these tracks swim gracefully though our heads at sunrise or sundown, melting into the Klartraum of the dance trance from Berlin to Barcelona, from New York to New Deli, from the depths of Robert’s heart to the expanse of our Mind. Find the groove…find the flow… dig the funk, dance and grow, sings… the gecko! ;-)

Early Support:
Estroe (EevoNext/Connaisseur): “Crack of Dawn original and remix are both great, original is a bit short so I will probably play the Klartraum remix. Extended mix is also nice, will put that one on my I=phone :-)”
Konrad Black: “Nice and deep…my favorite is the Klartraum mix of Crack of Dawn…thanks!”
Mark Bell (Shaboom Records): “Incredible!” (will chart)
UGLH (Supernature – 8Bit – Caramella): “Cool ep. Nice sound. Thanks.”
Terry Francis: “like all. cool”
Jalebee Cartel: “very nice release, some quality work”
Eddie Merced (): “Wow, what a rockin’ ep…this is quality material. Crack Of Dawn and Sad Engines are just solid… Crack of Dawn will be the track i will keep hammering on my sets. And of course Klartraum bringing their quality underground style and sound, the remixes are just wicked! :)”
Russell Deeks (n/a): “Really nice deep vibes! Is there a release date, please?”
Lewis Ryder (Bigger Deer Recordings): “Crack of dawn (Klartraum Extended Mix) for me! That has some great organic flow! Thanks, LR”
Tim Green: “liking sad engines klartraum remix the most here cheers!”
Maurizio Vitiello (bauns, rilis, loose, metroline ltd, orion, BU!, deeperefect & more): “always good stuff on Lucidflow… my fave Crack Of Dawn Klartraum remix :)”
Anton Tumas (subtract music): “Thanks! Great tracks. Sad Engines and Crack of Dawn perfect for a nice opening :)”
Claire Ripley: “Sad Engines is a beautiful track”
Andre Kronert, Neurotron (Night Drive Music, Ostwind, 3000 Grad): “Nice release…a beauty full of deepness. support!” (will chart)
Rob Small: “Nice release overall. Good grooves throughout. I’ll try it in my deeper sets… Rob Small – Monique Musique/Alive Recordings/Soulman Music”
Ede (Afrilounge): “I love it, great job! Regards Ede”
Makossa (Radio fm4 / Vienna): “solid, deep stuff”
Andrea Ferlin (sleep is commercial, contexterrior): “very nice pack as usual. full support”
Dom (Soma Rec.): “Crack Of Dawn and Sad Engines (Klartraum rmx) are defo for me. In the first one, lovin the mood…nice and deep! Sad Engines (Klartraum rmx), that drum is awesome…. I’m testing my new monitors and this track sounds SOOOOO GOOD!!!!! :D”
Andy Baxter (Pacha, Cafe Mambo/ Ibiza): “Very nice, but just a bit too deep for me”
Antonio Oliveri: “Klartrum’s Sad Engines is hot! Very nice and in-line release :)”
Orde Slam (Soma/Paragraph): “nice tunage – playing”
People Get Real (MagicBag, Join Our Club, Wax:On, MEANT): “sorry not for me this time..”
John P. – Westradio.gr: “Wonderful music…deep and atmospheric…i will support it on westradio.gr .. Thnx …John” (will chart)
Jose Maria Ramon (Monique Musique, tanzbar | kostbar, Khazuma, White Island): “sounds deep and very cool fantastic for airplay on Ibiza Global Radio full support”
Monty Luke: “alll tracks are nice! ”
Carlos Sanchez (Supernature / 8bit) (DJ Carlos Sanchez): “really nice ep! will play the original one and klartraum rmx… thanks!”
Carolina Luna: “thank you so much!! will chart crack of dawn & sad engines klartraum remix ” (will chart)
Martin (Noir Music): “Crack Of Dawn Original mix for me. Solid deep house. Thx”
Qmusse (Reisei Records, Loco records ): “Crack of dawn is the best for me. Gracias!”
Herve Dias (): “This stuff is right up my alley… impossible to choose a favorite here! lucidflow has followed up with another solid deep release which have become a trademark…full support”
Christopher Colak (): “Always into this sound and label. Again a fresh and unique release. Will play and support!”
DZeta N’ Basile (1Trax/Akbal/Loco): “Serious quality deepness! Klartraum mixes our fav of the pack ”
Michel De Hey: “yeah great release….again:)!”
Richard Seeley (Glue Music, veryverywrong Indeed, Rek’d, Zombie sound system): “Absoloutely love the originals which will fit perfectly into my warmer sets and the Klartraum remixes are heavy! Will play all I’m 100% behind this I love this sound! ;D”
Quintin Christian (): “Crack of Dawn is beautiful deep sonic artwork,loving both versions, the Klartraum remix is just a perfect energy delivery,great tunes! Sad Engines is also another great tune, so deep, loving the edit from Klartraum again,great bass line, melodies and groove, really feeling both of these! Great Release, keep them coming,much love!” (will chart)
Da Funk: “great release! really like sad engines & crack of down (klartraum remix). count me in for the full support!”
Diwex (Malicious, MMM, RadioCity, Liquid Grooves, Drops …): “Crack of Down – Klartraum rmx – massive deep symphony…”
Onur Özman (Rebirth, Night Drive, Onethirty, Clubstar): “Crack Of Dawn (Klartraum Rmx) – brilliant Track!”
Steve Kelley: “Loving Crack of Down!! Awesome…real deep grooves here!! :)” (will chart)
Chroma: “thx”
Paul Loraine (Lucidflow, Four:Twenty, Akbal): “WOW this is awesome, massive fan of Sad Engines what a beauty! Another corker from the Lucidflow massive! ” (will chart)
Artette (Etoka Records): “Excellent package as always! support” (will chart)
Sander Bekeschus (Eintakt): “nice work. like the original crack of dawn best.”

Matt Gatt (): “Quality release as always. Both original tunes (Crack of Dawn & Sad Engines) are slow burning tech players. Deep and emotional which hit all the rights spots. Perfect for warm up or after hours play. The stand out would have to be Klartraum’s remix of crack of dawn.
Certainly brings up the track to another level with the trademark stripped back percusssion and underlying sub-bass layered with the blissful melody. Perfect mix of deepness and groove. Will definitely be playing this out :) Matt :)” (will chart)
Robbie Akbal [Akbal Music] (Akbal Music): “Crack of Dawn is cool..will play it!”
Ruslan (Immersion Radio Show RU): “Beautiful deep package. Lovin all tracks. Thank you!”
Paris One (): “Crack of dawn Klartraum remix for us , finest deep sound Support from P1 Reverse” (will chart)
Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four): “really liking the first 3-4 minutes of the klartraum mix of crack of dawn, but the whole dreamy part that comes in doesn’t really fit my style. I’ll download anyway, maybe make a tool edit with just the cool beats..”
Let’s Go Outside (Slant, Soma): “Really digging both originals. Lovely.”
Kiko Martinez: “GREAT BASSLINE!!!” (will chart)
Dosem (Sino, Green, Suara, Eklektisch, CR2): “Quality stuff as always guys”
Jan Mir (Claqueur Records): “Deep, klackert, groovt… TOP !!! Crack Down Original und Sad Engines Klartraum Remix meine Favoriten !”
Dj Trinity (Pinksilver ): “Wow, what a release! Love every track and remix. ” (will chart)
Evren Ulusoy (I Records,Plastic City,Loco): “sad engines – klartraum remix for me here! Thanks.”
Matthias Springer (Diametral Records / electrosound.tv): “All tracks are really deep flowing, full support!”
riccicomoto (acryl music, IRMA records, PDR, fairlads digital, 5000 records, holophon, final house): “…thanx for the promo…great stuff… ..really like those warm & extraodinary soundscapes… …will play dem in my radioshow..!!!” (will chart)
Alex Kaddour (Lucidflow, Piekup, Idea, ): “Quality deep stuff! i definitely support this!! thanks for sending over”
Nadja Lind (Lucidflow, Darkroom Dubs, Out Post, We Love Space): “awesomely fat tunes. Was a pleasure to remix these diamonds!”