When we think January, there are two words that come to mind: Cold innit? Here at Lucidflow we have our sights firmly set on enduring this bizarre solid white rain that keeps falling from the sky, and getting through the part of the year where we don’t have to walk around a radiator strapped to our chests. With this in mind, we decorated the Agile-Mastering.com studio with sand, palm trees, pictures of pure blue skies and locked Nadja in—with a years supply of coconuts—until she emerged with another entry in the Lucid Moments series.
Just close your eyes to the opening hip hop strains of Gene Farris and feel the thaw kick in. From there we journey through the most seductive aquatic grooves, lapping against your eardrums like waves up the shore.
Serene moments from Lulu Rouge, Hatikvah, Charles Webster‘s take on Bliss‘ Wish U Were Here and Nadja’s own meditative series carry you gently into your own lucid moment.
Once you are caught up in the rhythmic churn, the mix current starts to pick up momentum as we skip through some Lucidflow favourites from Helmut Ebritsch, Klartraum and Aka Aka, but never losing the mellow groove signifies this compilation. We even have room to stick in some ambient moments from Scottish heavyweights Slam and the outstanding masters of atmospheric electronica, The Black Dog. Quality pedigree.
Take a moment turn the heating up, stick on some shorts, get the mood lighting on the go and indulge in a Lucid Moment. We guarantee that it is like sunshine for the soul.