Take off with Chris Lattner’s excellent and tasty dj mix.
Thank you very much for your music and taking time to answer some questions, Chris! :)

how does a creative day look/feel like for you?

Hmmmm…..I can’t even say as i don’t think i am very creative.
When i make some tracks i just start somewhere and the rest is try and error…so not what people call a creative process. My tracks happen by accident.

how do you support yourself in being creative?

I have to force myself to sit down in the morning and start to work

how do you hinder yourself from being creative?

as i already said i don’t think i am creative. my tracks are pure maths…not more and not less.
and maybe 25 years experience in djing.
so nothing has a negative effect on my creativity as there is none

how did you come across Lucidflow?

i’ve known nadja a while now….dont even know how and when we met….

tell us one of your greatest wishes:

my greatest wish is health for my family…thats it

anything else you would spread to the Lucid world?

i am pretty happy with my life so i don’t have any other wishes