It’s Lucid Podcast week-end again with a treat by Beirut’s B018 resident Gunther. Enjoy the deepness and check his facebook page and the little interview he gave us. Thank you!

1. Lucidflow: How does a creative day look/feel like for you?

A Rainy Monday after a three days week end party :)

2. Lucidflow: How do you hinder yourself in being creative?

it’s very hard to play decent music in the middle east, few if not very rare are the clubs that produce proper underground nights ; also the clubbing system is very tough for DJs that want to build a career and to live only out of music.

3. Lucidflow: how do you support yourself in being creative?

Education and experience. I Go Out , play music, party, meet new people , experience , also a big part of my creativity is due to my huge collection of documentaries.

4. Lucidflow: How did you come across Lucidflow?

i am the type of djs that really search a lot for good music, i usually don’t follow labels and /or artists immediately, when i research i listen to all the new releases of deep house , tech house and techno on beatport…sometimes when the label is really good and respect its musical direction , i memorise the name so i don’t recall when exactly i came across Lucidflow but i know that i followed Nadja Lind and than Lucidflow since years already

5. Lucidflow: Tell us one of your greatest wishes:

to play in Europe

6. Lucidflow: Anything else you would spread to the Lucid world?

Beirut is Calling!!!

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1. Confused_Girl – Jonas Saalbach (Frank Hellmond Remix)
2. For One Hour – Agoria feat Scalde (Kosme Remix)
3. Sonar Dub – Audub
4. Zum Zwiebelmarkt – Ucleden
5. Hloop – Astronivo (El Txef A Remix)
6. Burst Of Emotion – Kaan Koray (Kastis Torrau, Arnas D Remix)
7. Like A Bitch – Beat Movement (Alex Mine Remix)
8. Dominate My Sensation – Tiefscharwz, Mama (Chris Wood, Meat Remix)
9. Skeleton – David Pulido
10. QR – Jimmy Van M, Miell (Facundo Mohrr, Sound Process Remix)
11. Eleven & Eleven – Alessio Mereu