Dubby vibes by ‘Die Autisten’ from Germany… yummy!

1. Lucidflow: How does a creative day look/feel like for you?

we think we can tap into our creative self wherever there is silence. maybe in this moment where we able to listen music with a deeper focus. maybe in this moment at 6 am when the sun comes up on morning, maybe at midnight when can get not sleep. creativity can not be planned.

2. Lucidflow: How do you hinder yourself in being creative?

we think the most hindering in creativity is when your out of balance. working every day and things like this stop our deepest thoughts. we need time for experiences deeply or painful- that can lead us to great art.

3. Lucidflow: how do you support yourself in being creative?

listen to music, magazines, traveling, go out and meet people. be open for everything new.

4. Lucidflow: How did you come across Lucidflow?

Mirza Zadeh – Crack of Dawn – Klartraum Cinematic Extended Mix – Lucidflow

5. Lucidflow: Tell us one of your greatest wishes:

living from music, be happy and travel all over the world

6. Lucidflow: If you had an infinite amount of time and money what would you do:

sex drugs and techno music

7. Lucidflow: Anything else you would spread to the Lucid world?

stay true to your soul!

Social network links:
1. facebook.com/DieAutisten
2. soundcloud.com/die-autisten
3. beatport.com/search?query=Die+Autisten


01 Anton Kubikov – i just don’t know

02 Riley Reinhold – the next and the next / Salz remix

03 Vorosh – wasser course laugh

04 Velvet Elvis – jim speaks to sarah

05 Meet – nowhere boy

06 Britta Arnold – chicken curry

07 Tim Scala – keep up

08 Angebot – press over what you want

09 Derek Marin – banksy

10 Recondite – petrichor / Thin Man remix

11 Mirza Zadeh – crack of dawn / Klartraum Cinematic Extended Mix

12 Souki – cannot

13 Information Ghetto – forest vision

14 Buran – woo york

15 Albena Flores – camden