Every single ‘Turning In Meditation’ wave is designed to gently guide you into states of deep relaxation, emotional release and inner peace, achieved through underlying binaural frequencies – frequencies designed to physically stimulate the human mind. This helps your body to naturally release its own de-stressing hormones, allowing you to breathe deeper, help your physical and spiritual body to rebalance and to recover quickly from the rigours of everyday life.

How does each binaural Turning In Meditation soundscape help do this? They assist you by:
deepening your breathing
relaxing your body and mind
stabilizing your immune system
easing your brain and nervous system
energizing your body after training, at work or during breaks
increasing creativity
deepening and enhancing your yoga and meditation practice
releasing fatigue
focusing your thoughts
helping you tap into your inner joy
getting you closer to your inner self
enhancing your capacity to study and learn

Some feedbacks:
Steve Rachmad: ‘When I felt sick Nadja’s Meditations helped me to recover.’

Anton T. ‘Been playing it so much on so many different occasions, it’s ridiculous…need MORE AMAZING!

Deepchild: ‘Ahh, Nadja Lind makes the best meditation tunes…’

Stephanie K.: ‘I’m in jungle fever again I’m getting hooked on jungle meditation. Highly addictive. I listened to the jungle experience when I felt really sad and depressed and afterwards I felt relieved and happy again and even caught myself laughing aloud. it calms me down and makes me happy!’

Christian K. ‘Just listened to your jungle experience meditation this morning. An extremely soft and nice sound carpet. In the first third I even had the feeling i was floating. Will definitely give this another go.’

Rodrigo C.: ‘I heard your Turning in Meditation compilation…its perfect…great job!! :)’