The Klartraum project has been taking a well-earned rest since the 4 x 12 extravaganza of the Enneagram project. While Nadja and Helmut have kept up their studio presence with their relentless remix output, Water Forest marks the first EP that the duo have put out in quite some time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and it is clear to see that the duo have lost none of their sparkle.
The EP leads off with Beautiful which lives up to its name. While driving, continually progressive, it lives on the dreamy side of the aural spectrum, casting dappled sunlight on the dancefloor rather than thunderstorms and concrete. This one comes certified by Circoloco DC10 over the summer, where Klartraum entranced the dancefloors.This isn’t to say that the duo cannot steel themselves when the need arises, as i-Dentity (Yin Version) takes a darker tone before building into orchestral arpeggio, like the approach of a Baroque steam train.Breaking the ten minute barrier is something Klartraum have started to embrace in recent times.
Schwerelos is a murky and evolving epic dub. Imagery comes quickly: Underwater caverns, desolate sonar pings, ghostly figures that live in your peripheral vision.Also breaking past ten minutes, Water Forest also signifies a shift in structure. Crafted live with a Moog, Volca and TR-8, it lets its mood undulate over a full fifteen minutes. Certainly one for those familiar with Klartraum to check as it is a definite curveball in their catalogue.Water Forest hits the virtual shelves soon and is certainly an EP to digest in its fullest. Don’t skip it.