Releasing next on Lucidflow is a package featuring four new names to the label; Nicke, R.MA, Groovetique and Juardo. Little is known about this quartet of Swedish producers but what is undeniable fact is their ability to lay out some serious percussive grooves.
Leading off the ‘Dansa’ EP is Brooklyn Swag, featuring Nicke, R.MA and Groovetique on production duties. Already a staple in Lucidflow co-owner Nadja Lind’s sets, it is 100% tracky material. The kick punches hard, driving a simple breakbeat that sits underneath it, while a low bass line writhes down low and a held airy tone drifts up above.
The following three tracks feature Nicke, R.MA and Juardo at the controls. Like ‘Brooklyn Swag’, low end also plays a significant part in title track ‘Dansa’, with the every first and third kick rumbling with a long tail. Structurally, it is all about building and shifting the percussion. A simple held chord adds an extra dimension halfway through but it is the sleight of hand manipulating the beats behind the scenes that provides all the momentum.
A mechanical heavy clunk underpins ‘Petrumode’, moving with clockwork precision as a half remembered Mediterranean melody filters in and out over the top. From there we move into the jungle of ‘Tattare’, the sense of the unknown exotic encompassed by the mutant organic bass line and wildlife chatter.
Truly for the groove enamoured, ‘Dansa’ hits the digital shelves on 12th Sept.2016.

mastered by Agile-Mastering

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Other Feedback

Michel De Hey: “thanks”

Giuliano Rodrigues (Flowing Movement Music): “dansa is amazing. Good job here.” (will chart) (will play)

Marc Mac (Soundcollective/ It Runs Deep/ Frequency Radio Show): “Deep Dark Sounds Here Guys.. Love Tattare and its dubbie strong tones ” (will chart) (will play)

Russell Deeks, This Is Why We Dance (n/a): “Liking BS best here” (will play)

johnny mack (Deep House Radio): “Always class tracks from this label and this release is another example. Some tasty tracks here! ” (will play)

Deepling (ReadyMixRecords, EmptyWhiskeyFlaskRecords, Electronical Reeds): “Love the darkness, thx!” (will play)

Hervé Dias (): “Great release! Nice dark grooves! Thanks” (will chart) (will play)

Sharon Schael (): “I’m really enjoying Brooklyn Swag, nice track, I will play it for sure!” (will play)

Claire (Constant Circles): “Liking the mimimal grooves on both Brooklyn Swag & Dansa. Great early hours tunes.” (will play)

Gunnar Stiller (): “brooklyn swag for me!! thx!”

Nadja Lind / Klartraum (Lucidflow & many others): “YESSS! Already played Brooklyn Swag at Magdalena Berlin and in Croatia last weekend. Sounding fantastic. Thank you guys for the great minimalistic groovers and welcome to Lucidflow. <3" (will chart) (will play) Eddy Romero (Expmental/ Little Helpers / Lucidflow / Deeperfect): "First two tracks are great !! " (will chart) (will play) Marco Carola (): "downloading for marco carola, thanks " atish (): "Enjoying Tattare - deep, minimal, organic. Thanks!" (will play) Alex Boneti (): "Tattare for me" (will play) SIS (): "thx downloading for sis" Jay Hill (King Street Records, IRecords,3Bridge Records): "Solid! Dansa & Petrumode big favorites! can't wait to test drive vrroommm. " (will play) Stefan Weise (Wolf Trap, Lucidflow): "Dansa and Tattare are great. Thank you!!" (will play) malchevsky (): "Wow!!! Serious tunes, Dansa and Tattare are proper deep emotional killers. Love it!!!" (will play) Chris Fortier (): "sounds good" Radio show Soundtraffic - DJ RIM-K (): "Nice ep :)" (will play) Hooll (Lucidflow, Krad recording, 324 recording and more): "yea !! nice one , thx :) " (will play) Lee Guthrie ((Click Therapy/Wiggle/Cubism/SDA)): "Dansa is my pick but all are quality. Thanks :) " Joe Silva (Purespace): "Interesting tracks. Looking forward to playing these. Thanks!" (will play) Lucas Hulan (Microna, Nightphunk): "Dansa is awesome! Luvit <3" (will play) Deepinradio (): "Cool grooves." (will play) Ilias Katelanos (Lovezone ,200 Records , I Records Acryl ,Etoka,Pesto): "beautiful ep !" (will play) Hall North (Soma, Fade, Wiggle, Cubism, Tulipa): "Loving Brooklyn Swag! Danke schoen!" (will chart) (will play) DJ MARY FLAVORS (Radioradio Canada): "Great for late night vampires. Love the vibe!" (will play) Mark J (ahoren music, radioactivity productions, progress recrods): "tattare... nice deep package thanx!" (will play) Nick Clarke (Eggworm Tokyo): "dansa is just great!" (will play) Jason Ireland (): "nice ep thanks:)" (will play) Extra Music New (): "I will play and chart" (will chart) Lou Lamar (): "Dansa are the one for me, Thanks" (will play) Sammy W and Alex E (): "Nice work, thanks!" (will play) Teknobrat (Karma Loft, Karma Dance, Restructured Records, Sounds Of Juan, Kulture Room): "Will play, support & test Thanks Teknobrat.. " (will play) Mauro Picotto (Alchemy): "Nice and groovy, thanks for the tunes" (will play) Jamie Stevens (): "Interesting! Tattare works best for me." (will play) Misk (): "playlist and support in altroverso" (will chart) (will play) Patrick Abou Faysal (): "Tattare is so goood" (will play) Joanish (): "Love Dansa!" (will play) A-Kintero (intimate Project Music - ebb+flow - NYC ): "Dope tracks, Dansa is just so nice..!! " (will play) Al Bradley (): "Ooooh yes - a super-solid EP here; really saved the best for last with Tattare, what wicked percussive workout! Fantastische Musik! :)" (will play) Carlos Alfonsin (): "So good all ! Thanks" Meriem Medusaeus (): "" (will play) Francesco Tarallo (Lucidflow, Trapez, Trapez Ltd., Airmusiq): "Sweet one!" (will play) Nicke & R.MA (ACKT Imprint AMA Rec, Bla Bla, Baile Musik): "Dansa, Petrumode & Tattare Sounds BOMB!! " (will chart) Different Grooves ( ""dansa" has got a unique dancefloor flavor, thanks" Helmut Ebritsch (Many): "downloading" Simon Whight (Inverted Audio): "" (will play)