London based DJ and producer Justin Berkovi is becoming a regular favourite on Lucidflow. Having been one of the lucky few to grace the vinyl series, Justin also had the honour of gracing the 100th Lucidflow release remix project. This latest release sees another landmark, the birth of his fresh and darker Sevington alias with the ‘Dark Soul’ EP.
Atmosphere and context is key, especially in the opening duo of ‘Berlin’ and ‘Epilogue’. On the former, peer past the succinct clicky percussion and through the curtain of plucked string melodies, and you will find yourself in rapture to undulating waves of grey mist. This overcast texture varies from light to dark, creating colour from none, but always consistent in melancholy.
‘Berlin’ then hands over the baton to ‘Epilogue’, which continues the theme, if not more resolute. Its harmonic stabs and key changes offer progressive momentum, as if you are no longer gazing through a window but stepping through it and feeling the caress of precipitation on your face.
As one foot follows the other, euphoria seeps in with ‘Relude’. Widescreen Detroit pads are pierced by a synth that suddenly flares in prominence. Driving to the core, your heartbeat increases. Finally, the mist peels back and you are left with clarity.
Closing track ‘The Creator’ features reflective phrases (“Who are you? I am the creator.”) and a much cleaner experience, switching the velveting pads that form the motif of the release for rippling melodies and wistful leads.

mastered by Agile-Mastering

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Other Feedback

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Zamali (Timewarp Music – Kraaks records): “Nice ep. The Creator & Relude are the ones for me. Big up !” (will play)

Marshall White (Asia Music, 220V Recordings): “Great EP! All tracks are quality here. Thanks! 8) ” (will play)

Gez Varley / G-Man (gmr records ,ostgut records): “nice tunes..” (will play)

Danny Tenaglia (): “Thanks!!!” (will play)

Mauro Picotto (Alchemy): “Thanks for the vibes” (will play)

Mixside: “Great stuff !!!! Thanks !!!!!” (will chart) (will play)

Klartraum (Lucidflow, Soma, Darkroom Dubs): “I am big fan of The Creator! Just played it in different clubs and venues <3 the melody always get's stuck in my head :)" (will chart) (will play) johnny mack (Deep House Radio): "Dark Soul Indeed! Lovely tunes and great vibe. Like them all but especially fond of "The Creator". Nice rhythm, with infectious beat." (will play) Eddy Romero (Expmental/ Little Helpers / Lucidflow / Deeperfect): "Berlin is an amazing trip ! Thanks for the promo !" (will chart) (will play) Francesco Tarallo (Lucidflow, Trapez, Trapez Ltd., Airmusiq): "Sweet music!" (will play) Scientific Funk (Wiggle, Cubism, Dark Rhythms): "Quality release as always" (will play) Tsugi (Tsugi): "Cool ep Tx" Mark J (ahoren music, radioactivity productions, progress recrods): "epilogue... all trax are coolio for me!" Michel De Hey: "thanks for this!" (will play) Marc Mac (Soundcollective/ It Runs Deep/ Frequency Radio Show): "Solidly Deep An Dark Vibes Along With The Usual Excellent Production Work Means Quality For Me Thanks Lucid.. " (will chart) (will play) Oscar Cornell (Lucidflow / Frucht / Born In Mexico [Sony Music]): "Very deep and good sounds! thx!" (will play) Marco Possum (Opossum Records): "Very nice package! The Creator is just lovely, will play this for sure whenever it fits the occasion. Thanks for sending! " (will play) Al Bradley (): "Wicked stuff from Justin - all four are solid but The Creator really got me moving! Wicked deepness, with a wicked punch :)" (will play) Joe Silva (Purespace): "Epilogue and The Creator are my favs. Thanks!" (will play) Chris Fortier (): "nice" Jason Ireland (): "another great ep thanks,will play these:)" (will play) Nick Clarke (Eggworm Tokyo): "the creator is just so cool." (will play) Lucas Hulan (Microna, Nightphunk): "Awesome EP!" (will play) Jay Hill (King Street Records, IRecords,3Bridge Records): "Very special release here! the Berlin is thought provoking and memorable looking forward to test driving !" (will chart) (will play) Mirko P. ( "super ep" (will chart) (will play) Deepinradio (): "Hot deep grooves." (will play) Teknobrat (Karma Loft, Karma Dance, Restructured Records, Sounds Of Juan, Kulture Room): "The Creator by Justin Berkovi aka Sevington Will play, support & test Thanks Teknobrat.." (will play) Hooll (Lucidflow, Krad recording, 324 recording and more): "full support , great ep " (will play) Stefan Weise (Wolf Trap, Lucidflow): "Epilogue and The Creator are my favourites here. Thank you!" (will play) Matthias Springer (Diametral / Turmfalke / zerO413): "beautiful release, Epiloge and Relude are my favs!" (will play) riccicomoto (LUCIDFLOW / Ibiza Global Radio / Retrospective Zoology / double7music): "thanx for sending...very nice grooves...will play some of dem in my radioshows & during my sessions here in ibiza..." (will play) Helmut Ebritsch (Many): "test" Different Grooves ( ""epilogue"" Radio show Soundtraffic - DJ RIM-K (): "Nice ep !!" (will play) Justin Berkovi (): "Loving this!" (will chart) (will play) Simon Whight (Inverted Audio): "" (will play) A-Kintero (intimate Project Music - ebb+flow - NYC ): "Great tracks by Justin, Berlin my Fav... Thanks...!!!!!" (will play) Silvio Hrabar (Family Grooves): "nice pack, Berlin is my fav. thanks :)" (will play) Manuell Maschinell (): "I like!" (will play) Hervé Dias (): "Great tunes! I'm feeling it! Thanks " (will chart) (will play) DJ MARY FLAVORS (Radioradio Canada): "Great release with a nice twist in sounds. " (will play) Sammy W and Alex E (): "Cool, many thanks!" (will play) Misk (): "playlist and support in altroverso" (will chart) (will play) Nunc (Sofa Sessions): "Nice! thanks" (will play) Patrick Abou Faysal (): "Great EP. Cheers!" (will play) Pele Corral (desperadoz): "great tunes, like always, thx" (will play)