As events around the world begin to plan their first steps in a post-pandemic world, record labels are beginning to thaw and re-introduce the steady pulse of the four on the floor. Joining these ranks is Lucidflow, back once again with their mission to continually discover fresh talent who can add to the deeply dubby manifesto.
The latest release is from Liuos, who delivers a two tracker ‘Naming Controversy’, which makes a convincing argument for each track being a swift one-two to warm up a crowd not quite ready to go full throttle after a year spent in solitary.
Indeed, the tracks are perfect to lead off your first post-lockdown mixtape, with ‘Electromotive Force’ starting with a wash of synths that feel like an electronic spin on the harmonic timbre of a dense chord played on an accordion. Breaking through this hazy atmosphere is hissing mid-range, just to remind you that this is warming up, not warming down.
Then we have ‘Resolving Power’, which keeps it simple but utterly effective. It is all about locking you into a groove with the interplay between the low slung kicks and the syncopated bass note, ever so slightly swung so that the groove hits you in the shoulders rather than the chest. It provides the perfect framework for ripples of chords to dance across your eardrums.
‘Naming Controversy’ will be available from all the usual stockists on
02-07-2021 RELEASE