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💧💧💧💧💧 Klartraum Liquid Dreams I – Album Story 💧💧💧💧💧

“When the question hit my inbox ‘how to rewire Reason to Ableton Live’, I knew this woman was to be taken seriously.” – Helmut Ebritsch

In 2005 Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch met on an online forum for electronic music producers. “I chose to direct my technical question towards “Screech” (Helmut’s moniker) since his productions were always outstanding,” Nadja recalls. ¨From there our musical relationship took off,¨ adds Helmut. Nadja continues, ¨On my regular Berlin visits, I always stopped by Helmut’s roof studio in Neukölln to create music together. We just had a synergy that still remains in-tact today.¨ These collaborations became even more regular when Nadja moved to the German capital later that same year. In 2006 their first record Klartraum EP was released on vinyl and their Klartraum project was born.

Soon thereafter the producer duo started performing live in Berlin at places like the infamous Chaos Computer Camp. Through these live performances they had a breakthrough experience that transformed their productions from that point on. Instead of making music the traditional way, with everything premeditated, they took to heart the value of improvisation and changed to carrying out the entire process on the fly – from sound design to mixing.

Synchronized via two independent workstations plus hardware they create their music in one continuous flow from a blank canvas to the finished piece. ¨Afterall, improvisation is the original ‘Jamaican Dub’ way of arranging,¨ adds Helmut. More than 15 years later and praise from top artists such as John Digweed, Guy J, Peter Kruder, and Maceo Plex, the duo is ready to release their first ambient album, Liquid Dreams I.

¨This year in 2022, we’ve hit a milestone of releasing more than 250 EPs by a wide range of artists on our record label Lucidflow. We felt this special occasion was the perfect time to make a new album that is very distinct from our usual deep, dubby and club oriented sound. This time around we decided to turn our hands to chill and ambient strains, making ambient versions of some of our previous material. We call them ‘liquid’ versions as they are focused more on downtempo interpretations ranging from dub to lounge, ambient and binaural brain entrainment like alpha, theta and delta waves.¨

Klartraum (translation: lucid dream) embodies the finest multidimensional electronic music in the essence of a virtuoso session and live performance.
Liquid Dreams I :

💧1. Univers d’Amour (Liquid Version)
We felt like composing a special warm and soul-touching piece of music in order to radiate positivity into the world and hearts of our beloved listeners and longtime fans.
The title was inspired by a conversation we had with the GPT-3 OpenAI (artificial intelligence). It told us the universe is love.

💧2. Expect Me (Liquid Version)
The original deep Tech-House track was first released on vinyl many years ago with remixes from René Breitbarth and Monty Luke. With its catchy chord progression and jazzy undertone it is the perfect template for a soul-touching version to enjoy while watching the sunset somewhere on a Caribbean beach.

💧3. All That Is (Liquid Version)
A homage to everything that is. Including ambient sound recordings Nadja took during their Goa/India tour…

💧4. Attitude In G-minor (Liquid Version)
An epic 15 minute sound tunnel marking the beginning of our liquid journey.

💧5. Infinity Scale (Liquid Version)
Inspired by Helmut’s phenomenal chords and features a special recording of the neighbor’s tomcat, Micky. The title is inspired by Nassim Haramein’s Quantum Revolution series.

💧6. Esphedral (Liquid Version)
A sound journey through time and space. Inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza’s workshops and meditations.

💧7. Back in Time (Liquid Version)
The original version was released exclusively on Bandcamp.
A super deep melodic piece of music spiced with some retro fun elements.

💧8. Bells of Nowhere (Liquid Version)
In loving memory of Stephen Crowe, founder of the Celtic Chaos Club at the infamous Burning Man Festival. This piece captures the dusty and out of this world experience of Black Rock City.

💧💧💧💧💧Enjoy almost 2 hours of Klartraum live downtempo concert at Vernissage Steinen June 2022: bit.ly/3pNjrhY