Nadja Lind is once again catching the limelight with her latest track, “Echinopsis,” a sonic journey deep into the techno essence, imbued with immersive rhythms designed to captivate listeners.
The track receives a particularly notable rendition from esteemed H. Ebritsch, a longtime collaborator with whom Lind has jointly helmed the Klartraum project for a remarkable 17 years. Ebritsch, known for his trademark mastery of intricate chords, approaches “Echinopsis” with a transformative lens. His deft touch leads to the weaving of complex chords and arpeggios, painting an auditory tapestry of sublime beauty, akin to a remix but bearing the unmistakable signature of his craftsmanship.
Additionally, another distinct interpretation comes from Lucidflow’s regular and highly respected techno veteran D. Diggler. He adeptly morphs the track into a pulsating rave anthem, acting as a counterpoint to Ebritsch’s elaborate harmonies. Each version showcases the unique styles of these artists, setting “Echinopsis” as a highly anticipated favorite in the techno landscape.
release dates:
11.8 pre-order beatport,
18.8. beatport,
15.9. all shops
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