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Craig Morrison – (Silicone Soul) – “Nadja sent me this over – beautiful productions with epic deepness fullest support!”

Carl Cox – “Thanks for these – not come across Nadja before but liking her sound big time.”

DJ Hell – “Very good!! Nice vibes! I will play Maturity.”

Chopstick – “What a deep and honest EP by Nadja! Already told her how ace maturity is.. thanks!!”

Lee Jones – (MyMy) – “Awesomely fat record!”< br/>< br/> Lee Jones – (MyMy) – “Awesomely fat record!”

Luciano – “Will try Maturity.”

Funk D’Void – “Very cool grooves here, wow! Soundspooning!”

Ivan Smagghe – “Soundspooning is the one for me.”

Liapin – (Afrilounge) – “Maturity is my fave here…”

Ewan Pearson – “Maturity and Saubille are great!”

Gregor Tresher – “Cool and deep sounding tracks. I like!”

Marko Nastic – “Really like Maturity! Nice work Nadja.”

Phonic Express – (RTE Ireland) – “Maturity is a great DJ tool. I can see myself putting this in longer sets for sure. Saubille is the winner though. I love the samples in between 3 and 6 mins. This will rock on a club soundsystem. Supporting.”

Riyaz Khan – (Diversions CHRY Toronto) – “I like the overall feel and vibe of these tracks, they are great listens. Lots of interesting ideas and sounds – Dub At Ease is my fave!”

Christian Smith – “Maturity has some serious low bass! I like  More afterhour music, but very good stuff.”

Smokin Jo – “Some excellent tracks here. Very cool.”

John Selway – “Maturity has, well, Maturity. Cool groove and some nice changes in the arrangement, definitely the most interesting and developed of all the tracks.’

Karlos Sense – (Sonica Radio Ibiza) – “Incredible sound dear Nadja… is very very nice, deep. I love it… rock up!!! Full support.”

Raveline Magazine Germany – “Reviewing.”

Tsugi Magazine France – “Maturity is nice.”

Till von Sein – “Dub At Ease is the pick in the pack for me..dig it a lot..”

Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Multivitamins, Dilek) – One of the BEST releases of this 2009. You will find here sexy tech house, deep structures, techno and much… MUCH groove. Full support!

Mark Henning – “Maturity is my fav :)”

Patrick Chardronnet – “V.MAN, i like!!”

Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Very smooth house – love this. Maturity stands out.”

Martin Eyerer – “Interesting stuff. Havent decided yet but I think I will at least play one in my radio show!”

Paco Osuna – “I like Soundspooning a lot ,very nice flow.”

Tedd Patterson – “Nice EP. Nice variety of grooves.”

Perc – “Dub At Ease is a great track, thanks :-)”

Hernan Cattaneo – “Excellent, really good stuff, all tracks are quality!”

Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “Wow! Half an albums worth of material! Maturity is the stand out will def play out and on radio show.”

Gruber & Nuernberg – “Maturity is a nice dub-house track for the early hours! Thanks…”

Terry Francis – “Maturity is the one for me, nice and deep and great cut up vocals. Cool!!”

Anderson Noise – “Big release!! Love it! Full support.”

Guy J – “Maturity for me thnx.”

Daniele Papini – “Love the mood on “Maturity “, support.”

John Digweed – “Saubille sounds really good.”

Stacey Pullen – “Groovy minimal soundscapes, will support.”

Davide Squillace – “Great one on Maturity!”

Joseph Capriati – “Nice sound! My favourite is Maturity.”

Secret Cinema – “Great tracks with an analogue feel…support!”

Misstress Barbara – “A bit to deep form my sets but love the tracks!”

Jimmy P – (Faith Fanzin/Radio) – “Really into Dub At Ease – strides the gap between pure techno ad the dancefloor nicely.”

Steve Parry – (Juice FM UK) – “Soundspooning for me.”

Across The Line – (BBC Ulster) – “Maturity is the stand out cut on this for me.”

Chris Colak – (Dinamo FM Istanbul) – “This DJane is really talented and has a freshly sound. I love this EP!”

Will Kinsella – (Ceoltronic/RTE Ireland) – “This EP is great. lots of different vibes in there but all tied together with the same stripped down funk. Really like it.”

Karlos Sense: “thanks for the new release. It’s a pleasure for me make support in IbizaSonica and my sets.”

The Messenger(Soul Industries/Night Drive Music/Plastic City…): “Very strong and dancable release. Tight production and cool grooves! Our favorite from this release is Maturity. Will play this one out :)
Our full support and thanx for sending!”

Jobe UK: “Wonderfully moody, with superb percussive textures and excellent composition”

Great review (GER)
Man scheut sich ja immer, von Frauentechno zu sprechen. Aber es gibt mitunter eben doch eine weibliche Note, die sich bei den wenigen Produzentinnen breitmacht und vollkommen positiv wirkt. Hier haben wir ein eben solches Beispiel für furztrockenen Sound und diesem gewissen Gefühl für kleine Feinheiten. Als würde hier eine Wohnung dekoriert werden, nebst dem ganzen kleinen Rumprobiere, bis alles am rechten Platz ist. Dazu sollte man sich unbedingt noch eine dämmrige Beleuchtung vorstellen und eine höhere Luftfeuchtigkeit, die dieser Musik unbedingt gerecht wird. Runde Sache, das!

quelle : www.oderaufbrot.de