Alexi Delano (AD limited, Plus 8): “Wonderful tracks Nadja!” (will play)
Stacey Pullen: “cool thanks”
Andy Baxter (Pacha, Cafe Mambo/ Ibiza): “Always lovely music” (will play)
Hernan Cattaneo (): “will play” (will chart) (will play)
Warren Fellow (Circle, Ec Records, Wolfskuil): “Loving the sound of Nadja ! full support . ” (will play)
Carlos Sanchez (Supernature / 8bit) (DJ Carlos Sanchez): “full support! ” (will play)
Apricot Thing (Apricot Blog): “All really strong, especially loving Beirut and Goa, and the intro of Berlin!” (will chart)
Elias Merheb (): “Stunning Ep as usual Specially Beirut Deep Night ;)” (will play)
Gez Varley / G-Man (gmr records ,ostgut records): “nice …. full support ” (will play)
Lio’ – dubwiser – (Elie Aoun) (Hypnotic Instincts ): “this ep played with my heart! i love every track! Beirut Deep Night of course my fav! Thank you Nadja <3" (will play) Alex Kaddour (Lucidflow,Vicario Musique, Three Fingerz Musique): "Really like all tracks here! super ep! " (will play) Steve Sculpher ( "Beirut Deep Night for me thanks will feature on our live shows" (will play) Quintin Christian (): "Consistently smashing it, Love this EP, great dance and loving the dub stuff, MORE!!!!!!!!!! " (will chart) (will play) Corrie (Eat More Beef Music): "Lovely pack Nadja!! :) Special feelings from Beirut & Goa tracks" (will chart) (will play) riccicomoto (LUCIDFLOW, IRMA, Acryl Music, PDR, 5000 records): "thanx for sending...very nice stuff... absolute fav are "beirut deep night" & "goa dawn" excellent moods & atmospheres..." (will play) Como Las Grecas ( "Sydney, Beirut & Goa my favs.... magic sound" (will play) Mirko P. ( "Nice ep!" (will play) Cotn Radio (Cotn Radio): "" (will play) Niko / Partygroove ( "great !" (will chart) Stefan Preuhs (URBNZ): "again: LUV IT <3" (will play) Hervé Dias (): "Nadja Lind never stops to surprise :) always well crafted tracks! I just love her musical touch! Love u sista ;-)" (will chart) (will play) Jay Hill (Quantized music ): "Just when I thought Nadja couldn't get any better! Berlin All Day Long - exceptional opener! Clap clap clap <3" (will chart) (will play) Master Helmut (Many): "i loooooooove the berlin track… it's so funky and groovy....but all tracks have their own emotional state that make this ep an outstanding expierence and as always nadja has an awesome subbass going in most of the tracks" (will chart) (will play) Simon Whight (Data Transmission / Inverted Audio / Ibiza Voice): "A worldwide tour of audio from Madam Lind. Got to be Berlin All Day Long for me." (will play) Nadja Lind / Klartraum (Lucidflow & many others): "here we go again… :) back with some fresh sounds on my little lucid brand <3 a trip through some places that touched my soul..." (will play) Terry Francis / Fabric nice!! Pig & Dan (Cocoon) really nice deep melodic grooves here thanxs for the cool music Dubfire Thank You!! Slam / Soma Records, Slam Radio cool EP- sounding good Werner Niedermeier / Broque Nice tracks. Goad Dawn is amazing! Danny Tenaglia thanks Someone Else / Foundsound kenya and beirut Bleed / De:Bug considering for review Benoît Carretier / Tsugi cool ep Jochen Ditschler / Groove Magazine Vielen Dank für diesen Trip um die Welt und Dubtechhouse ist doch immer wieder ein guter Reiseführer! MCD magazine / WTM radio show / MCD Magazine, Wreck This Mess Radio Show another wtm's playlist is coming...;) Solenoid / Graphene / Belief System nice productions but too lightweight for my taste thanx RADIO CAMPUS BESANCON / THE VINYL GUERILLA nice ep! DJ Gaogao Jorge Savoretti / Esperanza goa dawn is awesome! Riyaz Khan / Diversions on chry105.5fm wonderful deep melodic sounds Mat / thanks! downloaded for The-Zone Fm Radio show Support! Fabian Birke / WOMR College Radio / BLN.FM For radio play, thanks. Misk / AltroVerso playlist in altroverso radio Martin Böttcher /, Deutschland Radio, Tagesspiegel Good Axel Bartsch (Sportclub Music) super! Expander (Soniculture) I like the ambient tracks Heike Reich / Zuendfunk nice, like the whole ep, specially beirut deep night! Noah Pred / Thoughtless Music Some nice deep ones in here - thanks. Richie Hawtin / Minus, Richie Hawtin downloaded for r hawtin Noice Podcast Series Kenya Nights is awesome... love the bassline... Lee Holman / [Kawl | Ferox] Goa Dawn for me. Thanks. Douglas Fugazi / Medellinstyle this release is top notch.. full support! Ignacio Cantisano Great album. thanks Gabriele Gilleri / supported by different Raphael Dincsoy / H-Productions, MB Elektronics, Abstract, Lehmann Club beirut deep night for me! Anton Pieete good stuff! thanx Riva Starr Tnx for the music ! Nacho / Great stuff !!!! Thanks !!! DJ Felipe (Flex Vienna) Nice but not for me. Sorry Jamie Stevens / (Bedrock/Chameleon Recordings) Beirut Deep Night rocks my proverbial socks! so good! Some gorgeously creative moments here! Jasper Gape / Nerdy Frames love Nori / Extra Music New On promo chart Laurent N. / Atavisme, House Nation Radio Superb release & stuff by Nadja Lind. Will play & TOTAL SUPPORT !!! Anton Banks / 88.1FM WESU The Vault Radio Show Nice feel to these. Will try. Manchester Global Radio Creative production. Great percs through out. Well done. Osciliator Radio Show First track is for me. DJ Javimar / DJ Mag Spain cool ep. all tracks 10 Signal Deluxe (Blaq Records) nice and deep! Davide Siri / iyezine good EP, classy and dreamy tech-house (with also more ambient style electronic) from Nadja Lind...and a good concept too, with the fil rouge of travels, Calin / Tunnel FM / Tunnel Fm Cool package. Thanks for sending. Rick Maia / Ministry Of Sound Radio Kenya Nights is the one for me. Thanks! HORATIO / Natural Rhythm cool ep Andrew Wowk / Pulse Radio, "Beirut Deep Night" is a great deep roller - will play on my radio show Niko Krist love all night long ... beautyful soundscapes :) George Apergis / Modular Expansion Quality! James Mile / Dirty Session Records nice Ep! DEAS / Secret Room Records/Deeperfect/Baroque Beirut Deep night is interesting Woo York Interesting rerelease, tnx Robert Grand / Additan Radio Sounds good! Thank you Hermanez nice music here, like it Gary Holldman / Rec Out Berlin All Day Long for me, thx. MUUI / Frisky Radio Sydney and Beirut are great will nice in next Morning After podcast!