LF020 – Helmut Ebritsch – Drunken Divine by lucidflow

Lucidflow LF020 – Helmut Ebritsch – Drunken Divine (26.06.2011)
early feedbacks:

Nick Muir – (Bedrock) – “Definitely deep… and in just the way I like…. CDT mix my pick!”

Desyn Masiello (sos) – “CDT mix is a beauty, can listen to this anytime anywhere. Loraine +
Nadja very nice too.”

Dosem – “Nadja Lind’s remix is LOVELY! Definite plays from me.”

Seth Troxler – “Amazing EP. Full stop!! Will definitely be playing!”

John Selway – “Yet another great Lucidflow release. Paul Loraine remix will get most support
from me.”

Voitek – (Catz n Dogz) – “Cool… i was just looking for some club bombs J Drunken Divine is
really nice.”

King Unique – “Bold lush stabs in the dark on the original. Liking Nadja’s remix as well.”

Karlos Sense – (Ibiza Sonica) – “Full support on Ibiza Sonica like always.. Thanks guys!! Big
Hug for Nadja!!!”

Raúl – (Clubbingspain.com) – “Great release!! Soon in Clubbingspain.com”

De:Bug Magazine Germany – “Considering for review.”

Mihalis Safras – “Luvely smooth tunes from Helmut. Will support!”

Stephan Bodzin – “Deep invitation is just great!!!”

Lonya – “Deep Invitation is fantastic, very interesting ep overall!”

Anderson Noise – “Deep Invitation is very good. Will support!”

Dubfire – “Paul Loraine remix is good deep material. Support!”

The Timewriter – “Skipping through is not the way to go here. Can’t do that with Klartraum’s,
or in this case Helmut’s music otherwise you miss the magic of tracks like Drunken Devine
and Paul Loraine’s epic reconstruction. Both will be part of my sets for sure. Danke!!”

Pig – (Pig & Dan) – “I enjoyed Drunken Divine the most.. could be a hot summer track for

Hector Romero – “Very nice set starter groove on Orig mix – great for after hours as well.”

Ralf – “Paul Loraine remix is a really nice mix… will test it.”

Kasper Bjorke – “I’m diggin the Drunken Divine original here! Will try.”

Guy J – “CDT mix for me, all the way. Full support and good luck.”

Pole Folder – “Drunken Divine is a good track for me. Will play.”

Mauro Picotto – “Nice atmosphere and vibes on Deep Invitation. Very nice!”

King Roc – “The Originals from Helmut are really nice.”

Rocky – (X-Press 2) – “Nice Paul Loraine mix… good for me!”

Desyn Masiello – (sos) – “CDT mix is a beauty, can listen to this anytime anywhere. Loraine
+ Nadja very nice too. thanks!”

Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Both originals are heat! Love the deep,
atmospheric tech dub flavours – DEEP INVITATION especially sounds ace!!”

Chris Ç – (Dinamo.FM / Acik Radio Istanbui) – “Still one of my favorite labels. Always with a
concrete and consistant taste of groove. I continue keepiny this litttle and intimate label being
one of my favorites.”

Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Pulse, Dublin) – “Sounds great. Love all the Lucid Stuff. Will feature
on Ceoltronic Radio tonight.”

Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine Spain) – “Lovin’ the Lucidflow stuff!”

Frank MacCarthy – (I-DJ Magazine) – “Tasty deepnedd of renaissance-esque quality.”

Stefan Bauer – (Progressive-World.at) – “The Paul Loraine remix is so massive! Thanks for
this awesome piece of music!”

Angel Molina – (Sonar) – “Not for me, but cdt rmx sounds good.”

Club Madnezz Radio Holland – “Bit too underground for me.”

Jody Wisternoff – “Bit too deep for me really. Cool for radio mixes but not sure Id play this

stuff out. Loving Loraines tripped out style though, prob the pick of the bunch for me.”

Hall North: “Fantastic music!! I’m all over Lucidflow’s sound right now! Paul Loraine’s is a narrow favourite from what is a sterling release!” (will chart)

Herve Dias (): ” Long awaited release from the mastermind himself Helmut!!Massive!…love them all

Jose Maria Ramon (Monique Musique, tanzbar | kostbar, Khazuma, White Island): “really cool music! cant wait for play it at Ushuaia and at Ibiza Global Radio full support from Ibiza”

Silky: “Wow! Probably my fav release from Lucidflow!!! LOVE Deep Invitation! Can’t even decide on which mix I like best!!!!!! Drunken Divine is great also!! Can’t wait to play this!!! :-) Thank you so much! ” (will chart)

The Messenger (Soul Industries / i Records / Night Drive Music / Plastic City): “Originals are very nice.Great package!We’ll try them out.Thanx”

Andreas Barth (formResonance): “Again another great release on Lucidflow. I love Helmut’s productions – Drunken Divine is in my box! Deep Invitation also accepted – with compliments! Nadja Lind’s remix hits the spot fully – anything but…”

Marco Duranti (UGLH): “Good vibes. Like this ep. Thanks.”

Qmusse (Reisei Records, Loco records, Nightbird Music ): “Nadja remix is beatiful and dark, i love it ;)”

Evren Ulusoy (I Records,Plastic City,Loco): “nice flow here.cheers!”

BERNY (): “Love how Helmut arranges with soft synths all his tacks, respect and support to entire Release!”

Antonio Oliveri: “Very cool tunes. Also gorgeous set of rmxs!”

Sasch BBC (8 Bit, Brise, Plastic City): “really nice ep! all mixes are great! paul loraine mix goes straight to my playlist! thanx alot”

Carlos Sanchez (Supernature / 8bit) (DJ Carlos Sanchez): “whole ep is fantastic! nadja remix is my fav! thanks :-)”

Matt Gatt (): “Drunken Divine is a great piece of work. Demonstrates the brilliance of Lucidfow as a whole in how they bring the swing within a genre which can be generally conformed to productions which are too calculated and constrained. This track is deep and low slung. Perfect warm up material Deep Invitation using its off kilter percussive arrangement and melancholic chords provides a great ride throughout. Structure is fantastic,creating passages where you can mix and layer effortlessly which is essential quality I look for in all productions Paul Lorraine showcases an absolute corker of a remix. Low slung locked grooves marinated in bubbling fx and bass stabbs. Paul has been a great signing to the Lucidflow stable, and he certainly demonstrates why here Nadja’s remix definitely focuses on the marriage between dark and light passage of sounds. Crazy dark bongo styled rhythms begin this journey until the breakdown which opens up to blissful tones and great spoken word samples and carries on throughout the whole track CDT’s take on drunken divine would have to be the most stripped back affair out of the lot at first. Then out of nowhere he creates a broken beat masterpiece with juggling drum patterns and swirling melodies. Great work here. I think they are all equally great productions, but if I had to pick one track that would have to be Drunken Divine. Thanks again Lucidflow for consistently providing great music time and time again cheers Matt ” (will chart)

Chris Manura (Form Resonance): “Fresh, interesting, beautiful and club friendly music. I like !! thx! ”

Matthias Springer (Diametral Records / electrosound.tv): “druken divine and cdt rmx for me, thx :-D”

awesome Dom: “”Deep Invitation” original and PL remix for me…. feeling the vibe :)”

Paul Loraine (Lucidflow, Four:Twenty, Akbal): “Thanks ” (will chart)

Alex Kaddour (Lucidflow, Piekup, Idea, ): “Solid pack! Loving the originals! Remmixes are excellent too. thanks for sending over”

26.06.2011 beatport – 26.7.2011 all other shops

Whilst we usually find him releasing on Lucidflow as one of half of Klartraum, alongside fellow label head Nadja Lind, today Helmut Ebritsch takes centre stage himself, flying solo with his “Drunken Divine” Ep. Having produced electronic music since the mid ’90’s, Helmut has moved from one genre to another with an enviable ease, always keeping an air of elegant deepness to his music. Under his Hatikvah moniker, alongside Florian Schirmacher, he has released music with Morris Audio, Suol and at the back of end 2010, a debut artist album “Synchronicity” on Soma Recordings. Helmut’s “Drunken Divine” Ep is yet another example of the Lucidflow chief’s innate skill for creating beautifully melodic and impressively structured productions. The title track, built upon the weightiest of basslines, broken drum pattern and deeply penetrating synth stabs is impressive to say the least. “Deep Invitation” opens with a pounding kick drum, the backbone of the track. Throbbing synth chords are playfully teased by a rhodes melody and an elongated percussive break adds to the power of the track. “Deep Invitation” is the cut that finds itself at the mercy of the remixers and Lucidflow invite three to give present their vision. CDT are, at their own behest, illusive in character. Their remix adds, as if it were possible, an extra layer of bass and beats. New Lucidflow signing and Barcelona resident Paul Loraine injects some glitchy-edged house feeling, whilst Nadja Lind brings her bongos and creates a somewhat cinematic feel on her rework.