who’s behind the MASKE? Find out by yourself while enjoying his baning deepness set for The Lucid Podcast…

1. Lucidflow: How does a creative day look/feel like for you?

Generally, I need to be alone. It all begins in the early morning with one smooth espresso followed by a running (If I am not lazy), a shower and a huge breakfast. Then my head is fresh and i am ready to rock.

2. Lucidflow: How do you hinder yourself in being creative?

By hanging out and dancing all night long with friends… Video games as well, too many distractions!

3. Lucidflow: how do you support yourself in being creative?

I get rid of all the menial tasks I have to do, then I lock myself in my studio to find peace and serenity. Then I am able to be proactive.

4. Lucidflow: How did you come across Lucidflow?

Helly Larson & Riccicomoto – Moving Dub (Deep Spelle Remix)

5. Lucidflow: Tell us one of your greatest wishes:

To play with my bro and friends all around the world.

6. Lucidflow: If you had an infinite amount of time and money what would you do:

Explore space and walk on the moon. (Why not?)

7. Lucidflow: Anything else you would spread to the Lucid world?

All that matters is that it beats.

Social network links:
1. facebook.com/djcaemes
2. soundcloud.com/maske_music
3. beatport.com


Audiofly, Uner – No More Philosophy
Manuel Moreno – Hello Bernhard (Normen Hood rmx)
Normen Hood – No Beat To Hide
Nicolas Masseyeff, Jr C – No More Time (Oxia rmx)
Nicolas Masseyeff – Mugen
Cesare vs Disorder – Chacha Malaga
Afrilounge – Lux Dementia
Ian Pooley – CompuRhytym (Baikal rmx)