out  (23.4.2018)

Newcomer CL-ljud – or Claudio Zomparelli – makes his debut on the Lucidflow imprint with the ‘Even In The Afternoon’ release. Originally from Italy, he has worked the DJ circuit in order to gather experience – stopping off at London and San Antonio as part of his circuit. So while new to the production game, his experience is proven on the battlefield.
This is evident in the title track – a slick and rolling groover, where he knows exactly what flairs and flourishes to garnish the percussion with in order to tantalise eardrums. Following this ‘Keep Calm’ is almost a taunt, a dare – as if it knows full well that you won’t be able to stop your limbs going into spasm.
‘Until 12 AM’ has a few tricks up its sleeve. There is a chord sequence that sounds like it was lifted out of a New York house track before being shunted into a bamboozling environment of discordant samples and razor sharp percussion. Then the release is rounded off with ‘Pass On’, which uses a gentle and fresh pad to cut the tension, like splashing cold water from pure mountain spring on your face.
CL-ljud ‘Even In The Afternoon’ (LF155) releases on 23.4.2018 and will be available from the usual digital stockists.