Lucidflow co-owner Helmut Ebritsch takes to the controls for Lucidflow #154 with a first solo appearance since June 2017 on ‘Seven Circles’. Behind the scenes, he is part of Klartraum alongside fellow label owner Nadja Lind, and is the secret weapon who masters each and every Lucidflow release, like a master chef operating at the pass.
There is a playfulness in the title track in the way the kicks tug away from the beat, only to be whipped into line by rigid metronomic clap. The melodic elements also play off each other, the airy lead hook gently tip toes along while the tumbling bassline rugby tackles it along the earth.
Helmut then dons his Gold Monk alias for an ambient alternative. Lowering the intensity, it takes the opportunity to branch out, spreading like ripples on water being caused by drips from a cave ceiling. From unassuming beginnings, it takes opportunities to flourish in explosions of strings. Fans of Sasha’s Scene Delete could do no wrong in stopping by here.
Accompanying this pair of tracks is ‘Seven Mountains’. It straightens up the groove into a more driving experience, yet there is an easy going summery vibe about it. As we forge out of the darkness of winter, this may be one to drag out to heat things up.
‘Seven Circles’ will be available 9.4.2018 at the usual digital stockists.